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My husband is there, he works there a lot of the time and is Egyptian. They've just had MORE dramas not going into it of course, I don't follow the news but checked MSN hoping for some celeb gossip or something fluffy and unfortunately....ANYWAY, well, I sent hubby a couple of links about love and kindness and so on and have emailed him to please PLEASE send them to as many Egyptians as he can.  I KNOW HE will be OK and I am sure he IS OK because he keeps believing he will be and manifesting only good things for himself - and yes I just called him to check.

But I'm also asking you guys cos you are NOT as close to the situation as I am to just think really good thoughts for Egypt and imagine waves of peace and love and light there.

And I could do with a bit of cheering up, part of me feels kinda angry and upset right now, although I'm trying hard not to give in to it. (I'm also feeling pretty angry how hubby's work here dried up then he was given money to open a business there and it's going well because if he had work HERE in the UK he wouldn't even BE there!  Though he's actually enjoying his business and he's close to his family etc.  (I confess, I threw a thing of mascara at the wall though and said "I'm SICK of this S... happening with Egypt!") But I'm trying not to wallow and focus on what I WANT, which is mega peace and love and enlightenment there for f@#!!'s sake!  It's hard not to feel like Egypt is sinking and lowing itself into the pit of hell (no, I don't believe in hell) well, I want it transformed into a HAVEN, a place of peace and love. 

I'm not expecting EVERYONE there to be like that but I am asking for MORE of that.

And I am asking the Universe to show me more EVIDENCE of the people there who ARE like that.  There are so many people there who ARE peaceful and loving, I know, but I also want to see examples of those making a positive difference there.  

I put this video together a while ago by the way, on focusing on Egypt positively (It cut the t off on Egypt and it's very short but I kinda like it) 

And I watched the clip from my interview on changing the world, yes, ha ha I will take my own advice! 

But also, I ask you to please join me and focus on Egypt being a really happy predominantly peaceful place. I'd REALLY appreciate it! 

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Sending love and thoughts of peace to Egypt..and also to you. All is well!



Cyndi, thank you SO much I really appreciate this.  

Like the video too, Good work , Sending love and peace xox

Love you darling! You can always find me if you need an ear to bend :) sending good thoughts your way :)

Thank you!

I appreciate that hubby is safe and all the love and support here SO much! 

I'm sending out my love everywhere and especially to you athena.  Love and light!

Dear Hubby of Athena,

We love you as if you are part of the familly already, and we are all thinking of you out there.

Keep shining and smiling your beautiful light because we are right by your side ;-)

Come home soon and give that Lovely Lady of yours a great big hug because she means the world to us too!

Feel the love and know that all is well...

I do get that term and thanks!
Yep, last night I watched my own clip on changing the world & did find it helpful.
By the way, oddly enough, Hubby called today & said sorry, he was sleeping when I talked to him last night & initially thought he dreamed the conversation!
Caroline Jane Barnes, thanks for the lovely comment about the video.
And Layners, thanks to you & Caster Troy in the chat room, our fun chat cheered me up quite a bit too!
You're such a sweetie & I love seeing how much you're progressed!
Really appreciating everyone's comments, support, love, light etc.


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