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Ok so I attract ot attract at least knowledge of things like injustices or crimminal activities that go on around me. I know after study of LOA intellectually that this is a vibrationsl issue. I had so much unhealthy behavior by my family that I came to realize as a child was abuse....but as a child also was frustrated over being unable to get away from. The actors in my unintended conflict/drams were my family of origin and it was a super powerless place.

I have grown up now to be a whistleblower frequently attracting these same sorts of actor characters around me then having power at times to stop their behavior by whistle blowing. But I am miserable at times and just don't want to be aware of crime or crimminals others are oblivious to. A psychologist even wrote in noted once 17 years ago that I look for whet I fear so it is a self fulfilling prophesy. I believe noe in my mid forties that rationally all people around crime to an extent and I play super hero and can get a positive feeling like I am preventing others from bring abused out of it. But going to authority figures for help only works a part of the time. I can feel like an exaggerator or be shamed by authority figures over this too. My mom literally gas lighted me as child like a narcissist does. Saying I didn't experience that or I made it up. And I can end up feeling like the world is full of criminals and those who look the other way deliberately are also allowing abuses and crimes so they are criminal's sort of too and not respect them.

I want a safe peaceful life but just do not know how to shift vibes so my life isn't this sort of roller coaster.

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Laura i have already told you a thousand time you can find the free help of incredible coaches on d internet for emotional abuse but you never replied to me. Anyway i understand it's not easy to change your vibe with a past of abuse but i know you can do it! Start forgetting your past, it doesn't even exist, try to do that and focus all your energies entirely on your present.

Here are some quotes 4 you:

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You’re not ever going to teach them how to vibrate, nor would you want to change them all to a place of vibrating just like you. Your work is not to fix them; they are not broken. Your work is to choose from among all of that which feels best to you, and fixate on it as long as it gives you pleasure and joy. And in doing so, you will align with the Energy of your Source, and you will live a magnificent experience. You just have to not let your joy depend upon what anybody else is living, cause that’ll get you every time.
Abraham-Hicks, Tarrytown, NY, 5.8.04

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Stephanie " I already told you" is shaming do please do not respond to my threads again.

i'll be incredibly happy to not respond to your threads again. totally ignoring all my attempts to help you just shows me how you don't care about others so why should people care about you? im seriously done!

and i think you need to go out of this forum cause it's called Powerful Intentions not Powerful Complaining so of course we can help each other sometimes but this is NOT a forum to ask help.

what i think about you is that you sure deserve to be happy and not abused but please remember that other people too need to be happy and not abused. you don't know how many of us have been abused but we try to stay positive so the last thing we need is being treated so bad here too.

very often people who have been abused become abuser and i hope you change your attitude cause ALL people need to be respected, hope you will understand that one day.


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Absolutely nothing will change (as you keep stating yourself) until you lose your intense love affair with your own sad story. You are absolutely in love with your story, it has your complete devotion. When you start getting bored with your story/identity, and stop kissing the past's nasty butt, you'll change, and then your experiences will change. End of story. 

Love your intelligence & wisdom TGP!!! You're such an independent person, I always enjoy reading your replies!!! You're SO great!!!

Obviously, this "story" has no remedy ..... it cannot be "made better, made well or made to be anything" .

It's like going to a movie and telling the characters on the screen how to be better characters !  .... dreaming and suggesting to the dream how to be a better dream !  ......ahahahaah  !  

I do NOT spend all my damn time beating the drum of my past. Things will be going fine and then BAM another crappy recycled issue comes up even when I am happy! My happiness is always interrupted by these sick things that keep showing up! I am basically resolved that this is just how it is going to be for the rest of my life based on 46 years ofcycles and 12years of trying to consistsntly put happy face sticker on my life in studying Abrahsm and other LOA materials too.

If there are Abe videos on resistent vibes or changing deeply engrained patterns....please put them up. Thx

what if the resistant vibes or the deeply engrained beliefs you have are just about not realizing that people love you, are here for you and that the bad experiences are useful to have hugely positive ones. i think sometimes we don't truly need another Abe video....the answer is already all around :))

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"How do I help negative people? If source can't bring them out of their funk, why do you think you should? Source doesn't judge them in their funk. Source holds the vision of who they really are, and that's how you help them, you don't torture them with your words"

ABraham Hicks

I want to say Don't poke the bear. We are all bears sometimes. I want to be in neutral as relief from frustration. People playing Miss Mary Sunshine are just upsetting and not being in any way very supportive or understanding.

i don't see anyone playing Miss Mary Sunshine here because most of us are coming from abuse so we truly know how terrible it is and how some people can be beyond cruel..we're just trying to say that there's a reason and a purpose for that abuse and in there you may find a solution. if what you're looking for for now is not the broader perspective but just relief (and you're very right, sometimes what we really need is just some comfort and relief after soo much emotional stress) here are 2 posts by the coach Melanie Tonia Evans who is one of d best for overcoming narcissistic abuse, please read the captions too cause i think they're truly perfect and they may be key to your freedom:




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