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For a long time, I was stuck at Boredom on Abe's emotional guidance scale. I have now moved up to Contentment/Optimism.

I still have negative thoughts and doubts creeping in. When they do, I tell myself, "It'll be fine, don't worry" or "It's all good" or "Good lies ahead of me" or "God will look after me" or 'Keep faith in God". It has been helping.

I had one minor breakdown, but other than that, I have been consistent. In the past week, this is my makeup:

Boredom = 20%

Contentment/Optimism = 50%

Anger = 20%

Impatience = 10%

All comments/feedback is welcome.

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It's good to feel good and all, but it doesn't seem help attract things to you that you have limiting beliefs about.  For example, if you grew up with a belief in lack and that there is never enough money, that's what you're going to continue to attract even when you're feeling good because that's what you believe.  Unless you can change your belief. 

It seems like the only things you could manifest by feeling good would be things you don't have much resistance to.  In my case I seem to have a lot of resistance in the form of limiting beliefs to just about everything. 

Abraham has said that a belief is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking.  In other words, it takes a lot of repetition to reprogram the subconscious mind with a new belief.  It sounds easy, but it sure doesn't seem to be. 

I thought that when you feel good, you attract whatever is in your vortex. 

Abraham says you reactivate your beliefs by thinking about them. By feeling happy without the condition, you do not give power to your beliefs and they melt away.

What are your thoughts?

You don't have to think about your beliefs to activate them. In fact, we rarely think about our deepest beliefs. They're filed away and perceived as truth. How often do you think about gravity? Hardly ever. Consciously at least.

It's more like: when you feel good, you can attract things within the framework of your existing beliefs. However if you keep raising your vibration, you'll eventually shift your beliefs too.

So this means that even by not deliberately working on changing beliefs but by moving up the scale, one can attract all things in one’s vortex?

It seems to me that your vibration is a result of what you believe.  If you have a limiting belief then you're not going to feel as good on that topic as you could feel.  You can try to feel as good as you want consciously, but it's the subconscious that runs the show, and that's where the limiting belief is.  The resulting vibration will probably either prevent you from attracting the desire or make it difficult to hold on to the desire if you do manage to attract it.  Can you raise your vibration high enough that it would cause you to release your limiting belief?  Wouldn't such a raise in vibration have to be the result of letting go of the limiting belief?  The belief is the cause and the vibration is the effect.  I don't see how you can raise your vibration high enough to overcome a limiting belief.  Seems like the limiting belief would prevent you from feeling that good, until you managed to lose the limiting belief.  If it is possible, I sure would like to hear an explanation of how it could be possible. 


Here’s a perspective from Bashar. Please share your thoughts

I've looked in to psych-k a while back and I'm pretty sure it involves muscle testing to find out what you believe.  I tried the muscle testing with my mom and sister, but could not get it to work.  I don't know how it seems to work for them, but it didn't seem to work for me.

The method Bashar shared for letting go of beliefs is very similar to the Sedona Method.  The Sedona Method also talks about allowing the feeling to be there.  Just as Bashar said to feel it fully.  I feel the effects of my beliefs everyday and they don't seem to disappear.  So I'm baffled as to how people manage to release life long beliefs just by imagining that they're letting them go.  I know all of these methods seem to work for some people, I've just yet to get any of them to work for me.  I'm not giving up though - I've been applying like 3 different methods every day because I'm so sick of suffering from my limiting beliefs.

I agree with what Astro said, that you don't have to think about your beliefs to activate them.  If you have social phobia for example, you might find yourself feeling nervous and uncomfortable when you're around people whether you want to or not.  And it will control your behavior whether you want it to or not.  You have no control over it consciously because it's welling up from the subconscious mind from old memories (programs).  It just comes up and consumes you.  They say the subconscious is running the show 95% of time and I believe that because my beliefs do seem to control me.  I just don't see how you can change a belief by raising your vibration, because if you have a subconscious belief that is putting you in panic mode for example, how can you possibly feel good?  You can say whatever you want to yourself and imagine whatever you want, but the panic doesn't dissipate until the imagined threat is gone.  Or until you change your belief somehow. 

I think you have to find evidence in your life that counters your belief, and then look for more evidence. Basically form a new belief that counters your old belief. So that the new belief becomes active. 

Sometimes I feel my belief is no longer active, as I am vibrating at a higher frequency, which is dissolving the belief.

Have you tried not re-activating the belief by thinking about newer and happier thoughts? Maybe that will work for you?

If you like enjoy this really good video,

What boredom truly is - Teal Swan:



This is a new coach I came across. I watched a few of her videos yesterday. What is your opinion of her?
I like her alot. Many people think she is a narcissist and a cult leader but i think she is genuine and very generous. She can write very well i have read her blog for one year, awesome stuff, very helpful.
Okay. According to her we have one twin flame we will meet and eventually marry, if we believe the person is out there. It’s radically different from Hicks and LOA. What are your thoughts?


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