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For a long time, I was stuck at Boredom on Abe's emotional guidance scale. I have now moved up to Contentment/Optimism.

I still have negative thoughts and doubts creeping in. When they do, I tell myself, "It'll be fine, don't worry" or "It's all good" or "Good lies ahead of me" or "God will look after me" or 'Keep faith in God". It has been helping.

I had one minor breakdown, but other than that, I have been consistent. In the past week, this is my makeup:

Boredom = 20%

Contentment/Optimism = 50%

Anger = 20%

Impatience = 10%

All comments/feedback is welcome.

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According to the books I've read where they put people under hypnosis and regressed them to past lives and life between lives, we do seem to have what they call a soul group on the other side.  Which is a group of souls that we tend to incarnate with over and over.  If you happen to run into someone in this life that is from your soul group you could both have the feeling that you've always known each other.  If your both attracted to each other it could become romantic and you could say you are soul mates which I guess is the same as a twin flame.  But, often we incarnate with more than one person from our soul group, and they don't have to be romantic.  One or more of your family members could even be in your soul group.  I have seen couples before that just look like they're perfect for each other - something is very similar about them.  Maybe they are soul mates (from the same soul group).  I have also heard people say things like, "I just knew the first time I saw her that she was the one".  Or "I knew I was going to marry him the first time I laid eyes on him".  How did they know?  The books I've read say that sometimes we do intend to meet one of these individuals in our lifetime for a romantic encounter, and that they program you ahead of time so when a certain thing happens it tips you off or triggers the memory to let you know they're the one.  Unfortunately I don't think we all get to have a romantic soul mate encounter in each lifetime.  Some do and some don't.  There doesn't have to be just one either, their could be more than one. 

Thanks for your input. It is consistent with what Teal Swan said in her video. She also said that if you feel you have a twin flame, then he/she is out there. Even if a question arises in our mind that there must be "someone" for us, then there is definitely a twin flame for us. 

This is also consistent with what I've read in Hindu texts about karma. 

Love this perspective about the twinflame and the soulmates. I think even here it's all about our beliefs: you can believe in a twinflame or in some soulmates or in a twinflame and some soulmates or you can not believe in this stuff and consider any person as a match to your vibration, it's up to you. Personally i like to think there's a twinflame and some soulmates, i see this as a very romantic idea.

Anyway here's a video about d differences between twinflames & soulmates:


L'immagine può contenere: 2 persone, sMS

Thank you for sharing. Have you met your twinflame yet?

Yes, but they also claim that if you are looking for your twin flame, then he/she must exist.

I have also heard the soul group theory that you mention, and I agree with it. I also think that some people just "know" who their twin flame is. 

This is all good, it shows that you are making progress, even if it may not always seem like it. Those numbers are better than being 90-100% fed up. Imagine being a team that always loses. And then they move up the scale and become a team who are inconsistent (win, lose, draw, win, win, lose, draw, draw, lose, win etc). That is better than losing all the time. The next upward move is going from inconsistent to really good, and then optimum, and if you stay consistent with this practice, then you will get there, and so will your reality too. One bit of advice though, always try and keep your thoughts in the present, even 'little' thoughts in your mental commentary. The subconscience and the universe takes your thoughts literally.

That’s true Sir Neil. I agree that even small steps are still progress. Your analogy about the team is very good. Though I’m not sure I follow what you mean by keeping thoughts in the present.

Using the present tense.  So God IS looking after me, rather than God will look after me.  I AM ??? rather than I will ???  Imagine that things are happening now and you get what you believe in.

Ok, I understand. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll use the present tense going forward when I talk to myself .


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