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I tend to get lost between distinguishing good feeling thoughts that come automatically and thinking about the things I want and obsessing over them.

What I mean is, when I let myself flow without trying to make anything happen, good feeling thoughts about my intentions come regularly and it feels amazing!! However, after continually milking those thoughts I no longer know if I am trying to make me feel good by conjuring them, or even when I'm faced with contrast, and before I know it I'm over thinking and feeling negative/needy/desperate for them. 

Should I completely distract myself from those topics and find other present things to focus upon? I always say, okay I will completely let them go this time, and I can do it for 3 days in a row (Which ALWAYS reveal exciting dreamy sneak peaks of my manifestations) but after that I try to take control again without even realizing it. How can I understand once and for all that the life I dream of with all the specifics is in my vortex and just let the universe do its thing ?

When letting it all go I guess I'm just afraid of ignoring chances of receiving good feeling thoughts about my manifestations to get even closer, but my obsession hasn't helped! (Imagine receiving a good feeling thought about something you want and ignoring it cause you know you'll start obsessing afer that.. gives me anxiety!)


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Let's say part of obsessing about it comes when I look at people that have similar things to the things I intend to manifest, and I go oooh that's it... like ASKING all over again .. and again... and again everytime I see someone, cause it's nothing new really. 

Or when deliberately thinking about being with a lover and how awesome the experience feels, but I don't know if I am obsessing over it like telling the universe again and again about the small details. 

I would suggest get busy in your day and enjoy it as much as you can. Your happiness in your current reality will automatically attract more positive events. 

You only need to intend once , sometimes you don’t even need to do that , the universe knows what makes you happy. So you needn’t be afraid of not giving enough signals to the universe. Obsession or desperation isn’t a very positive feeling. 

Whenever you think about your desires don’t do it with the intention of creating it in your life. It hasn’t worked for me at least. Rather do it with the feeling of ‘ oh it would be so awesome if this ( or something like this or something better than this) happened ‘ .

The deliberate thinking is clearly making you uncomfortable. I am not saying that this will completely negate your chances of manifestation . Because you only need to tip the scale. As long as you are mostly feeling good and focusing positively on your desires you will see it in your reality. But when you are easy about it the manifestation is easy too. 

I see you have used a few Abraham Hicks terms . I think you will find most answers if you look up their recordings on YouTube . 

Abraham Hicks is my daily bread, I looove their stuff.

You’re not letting go of your desire, you’re letting go of your resistance, which allows you to receive better-feeling thoughts.

Source knows what you want. You don’t need to keep asking, or reminding them. They heard you the first time. Your only work is to focus on any subject that you enjoy.


I know, but that constant asking is unconscious like when I'm faced with contrast, it's like I forget I had even asked for it in the first place. Also when trying to appreciate thlse desired things in others to feel good I usually end up comparing myself to them. That's why I think I should let the whole topic go and find joy in easy things.

Yes but you don't have/need to play small. You can find joy in easy things + develop the awareness that you have access in every moment to all the things that you desire. If you are not manifesting them it's just because you are not ready from an emotional point of view. So how do you get ready? By taking life in a less serious way, by understanding you have a purpose, by noticing the Amazing synchronicities the Universe is constantly offering you, by enjoy your life more and more, by doing only what you really want to do, by keeping idiots far from you. Trust the process & the Universe wisdom.

Yeah but what I mean is that being aware of what I desire doesn't always feel good cause those thoughts are loaded with resistance at times, so it's better to focus on something else. However there are timed when good feeling easy thoughts about my specific desires feel so good, but they always happen when I was already happy about other stuff. I guess even those thoughts are manifestations, just like the real things. Thoughts and manifestations come depending on your vibration :O


Just relax more cause...L'immagine può contenere: testo

Letting go of the topic is letting go of resistance.

Nice, thanks. I've noticed that the only thing I need to work on is my vibration, not my thoughts, and depending on my vibration the thoughts that come. And those positive thoughts may be related to my manifestations or not, either way I don't make them happen, right?

Yes. Focus on whatever helps you feel better, that improves your vibration, and allows better-feeling thoughts about everything, which includes your manifestations.


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