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today i intend to enjoy life and have pleasant encounters. i intend to attract and amass great financial abundance. i intend to feel good and look good .

Thank-you source energy. I AM in the flow of positive momentum.

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so thankful for this pleasant day.yes. now intending for a relaxing time before sleep. to sleep well and wake up refreshed, and happy to enjoy the new day.

basking in the flow of getting those things done as winter blows in. enjoying this time off to refresh,reset and unfold. feeling thankful. intending to feel good and look good and enjoy life.

i enjoyed today and thankful i was able to rest and stay in. i intend to have a soothing sleep and wake up ready to enjoy the day of going out. yes.

lovingly moving forward. delighted to allow the new good to unfold. ready to allow my dreams to come true. it's all good on the path of least resistance and most allowing

i'm so happy today unfolded in such a good way, everything flowed into the path of most allowing. i am thankful. now i intend to watch some fun tv and move into a restful momentum of sleep in pool of wellbeing to wake up and enjoy the day prepared just for me and what i want for the long term of my life. yes.

feeling thankful to see positive momentum at work. i intend to stay focused on what i want. i am looking forward to knowing about 40. yes.. now i intend to rest , get some deep good restful sleep and wake up to feeling good and enjoying the good unfolding day.

still enjoying the flow of my intentions, knowing it's all the path of most allowing. now i intend to enjoy the unfolding of waking up to the day of fun and errands and spa. 

basking in the funny, the fun of it all. it's so nice to mind my own business and still see things unfold better than i can imagine. my intentions are for things to continue to turn out better than i can imagine in all areas of my life and in the job arena. i look forward to enjoying more of this tomorrow. yes.

thank you God, i am in my right place doing my right thing this is always the path of most allowing. i am thankful for my beliefs and all the wisdom clarity that pops into my head and my heart. i am thankful to know when to stay quiet. i am thankful for happy news and joyful nows. i am thankful for turning away from anyone who just wants a pity party every time we see each other. i am thankful i recognize i don't owe them the crying towel or anything , they already know enough to make it just fine. i am thankful to be basking in my strength with this. i am thankful to feel so free. i am thankful to mind my own business. i am thankful to see things getting done at work as we all flow forward in this new positive ,happy momentum. i am thankful that my Mr. has found some new ways to feel better. i am thankful i am able to let him soothe himself. i am thankful to let jolly&lolly figure things out for themselves. i am thankful to no longer feel responsible for anyone's wellbeing. i intend to unfold with this clear path. now to relax and intend for another amazing and beautiful day.

i bask in the fun and excitement of the past cpl weeks and breathe a great sigh of letting go that segment. it was busy, it was fun, a lot got done. i now intend to focus on taking it easy and having fun along the way into the new year.

i bask in the interesting unfoldings. thankful to that person for stepping up. thankful we are all moving forward. intending to stay outta that ring of two now that i have found an easy path out. i intend to stay on this path becos i am sure it is the best path for me in the long run. 

right now i bask in the joy of the few days before now ; and today also. i was happy to get things done easliy and quickly today. my intentions now are to allow myself to enjoy my new work schedule. what must be for me, will be as the weeks of 2019 unfold. tho like Pi [ π], it is a never ending , it is also the tale i create and  only like math becos i create my own formula . i am ready for this segment to be fun and easy and to my liking. yes π


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