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Update January 3th

Ok guyz. I wanted to thanks all of you for you words and your time. I learned so much and met great people there.

1. EX BACK : This is my experience with LOA.

Basicaly, we learn that LOA is : attract what we are. To attract what we feel, and what we are aligned with.

More deeply, LOA is : beeing what we believe, so our subconscious mind communicate it with the energy shield around us to shift our personnal experience.

We then learn that our subconscious mind could be affected by blocks or resistance coming from different sources within us.

Most of people wants to attract money or love and we know for sure that some amazing things happened !

But My experience was different. I started learning about LOA 1 year ago, and when my ex broke up in August 2015, It was a good opportunity to use it.

I was really serious with it : reading ALL deep and complex books, asking questions to interesting people (superman wrote me a lot ! CG was amazing, Mallica talked little, and others wonderful people)

So I started with different tools : affirmations, gratitude book, visualisation, meditation.

Then I became more at ease, with day dream, with feeling awsome.

I discoverd other techniques with Nevill Godard and it was amazing.

  • Like all of us I started to see signs : her name everywhere, the letters BB, who was the name she gave me and I gave during our love relationship....The name of her mother a lot too....
  • In 1 month of no contact with her, her mother started to call me and texted me. THERE WAS MY SIGN wow ! It was strange but I thought that the universe was calling me there.
  • 2 months of no contact.....I saw nothing, except my mood increase and my positive energy being at the best.

  • 3 months, and BOOM my ex contacted me. Every PI person I told this about was amazed. I just used Mallicas subconcious mind technique and in 2 days, my ex contacted me......but for what ? She needed my mother to help her bank account (my mother was her old bank adviser)............OK

So I was confused......Is that a coincidence ? LOA is working the way I want ? Why everybody talks about the ex coming back with regrets or feelings and I have THIS ?

I waited a few days, and this morning, January 3th, I felt the intuition to text her. To wish her a happy new year, and invite her to meet me in january...

4 hours later, she texted me. Wishing me a happy new year but totally avoid the "meeting" question.

BAM.    I finally understood something : I was in DENIAL for 4 MONTHS. Living like she was still around. Moving on, but having faith that she will come back etc...

And why did I thought like that : because, like everyone here, I was seeing SIGNS. Signs (coincidences?) that aligned me with DENIAL.

She did not react like some one I was attracting at all....So everybody will say : it's because you are not consistent or well aligned with love...but guyz, i mean it when I say I did a great job with this. Studying hours for months all techniques, finding peace and balance, having total faith. I was great.

So why when things don't happen, everybody have to point figure on the person who want to manifest ?



So now Im really putting this away, because its not sain. The simple notion of denying reality is not healthy.


So let's talk about the power of truth.

For example 100 persons in a room. If 2 people say "the sky is blue" and the other 98 don't agree, they say "the sky is green", do we have to think that the majority is automotically right ? No

Same in LOA. If a lot people can't manifest things, we can't automically say that LOA does not work.

But what about experiences that includes 2 people ? One who wants the other one.

Can we say that, just because 10 persons on this forum attracted their exes, this is really working ?

How can we be so sure that non success is due to a lack of LOA mastery for the majority of people ?

How can we considere this truly ?

Original Post :

Hello PI family,

short story : I applies Mallica's teachings to test the return of an ex.

A few days after, my ex contacted me in a surprising way....like just to ask me a service, after 2 months of no contact from me...I was AMAZED !! But I have to admit that it was not what I was expecting for.

I wanted to discuss about this with Mallica.

I mean, because she always talks about the fact that the ex contacts us when our energy changes, but

what if he comes back this way...like non romantic one... from nowhere ?

I will not act on this, I will not change my energy or recontact her, but I really need advices and opinions about my situation.

I don't know how to join Mallica, neither on PI or her private forums...

Can anyone help ?

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Queenieee u totally gone awol on the chats..

Whats goin on with ya :)

Yes, of course you can attract a person in this given situation. The dynamics are a bit different however, esp. online and if you two have never met in person.

What you should do is - just stop contact and disappear from online contact for a couple of days - and check if he contacts you on his own initiative.

Thank you!  Yes, I'm taking at least a couple of weeks off, kinda want to any way cos a bit busy with work until after next Weds.  I MIGHT contact him after the two weeks - or a month - but either way, I'm doing a little non contact first.  Anyway THANK YOU for replying I really appreciate it!!

You are welcome, QA :)


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