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I have a dear friend who seriously wants to die.  He was diagnosed bipolar in his mid 20s (he's now 54).  In the past two years he was also diagnosed with MS and is now permanently in a wheelchair.  A recent MRI showed that he's has 26 minor strokes.

He has no family; he never married or had children.  He's in assisted living.  He cannot conceivably imagine living another 30 years like this.

Suicide is against his beliefs (we're Christian), so he wouldn't do it.  But he does want to die.

He's never been this bad or despondent.  He cries every day about being tired of living.    

Yesterday he was found unconscious; he was sitting outside (it's 100 degrees here in the LA area) and had heat stroke.  Later on he tells me that he died temporarily; he says he "knew" it but couldn't explain clearly.  I wasn't able to see him but he called and last night said his "final goodbyes".  He said he had a feeling that he would pass away in the night.  So did I....

As of this morning, he's still here, much to his sorrow.

Wonder if he can use LoA to attract death? 

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Of course he can. He already is, in fact. Once the part of him that is afraid to die becomes less than the part of him that wants to move on, he'll allow it to happen. The desire to live, no matter what is going on with us on any level, is typically much greater than the desire to leave this body. That said though, people allow themselves to exit all the time without a lot of thought and preparation. Their overall subconscious thought process and energy leads them to it without their conscious knowledge and understanding of what's going on. We humans call those "accidents". There's no such animal.

He has to allow himself to be ok with no longer beating himself up. That is a big part of why he's still here. Now here's the rub on that. In letting go of the fear and the need to beat himself up, he could actually heal from all of this that he's putting himself through. Either way he decides to go, it will be his decision and it will be the one he's most ok with.

I wish him and you deep peace. =)

Wow, interesting point, Tolemac -- I'll definitely discuss it with him!

My sister asked whether I gave him "permission" to die.  Sometimes that is the trigger.  I will speak to him about that later too...

Tolemac, what a wonderful answer! Your brilliance is always so appreciated.

When someone is ready to no longer be physically focused, all they have to do is simply lie down, close there eyes, and count to 10.

If they open their eyes after ten seconds, they are not ready to die. You, at at higher consciousness level, still want to be physically focused.

But, it sounds like he is not wanting to die so much as he wants to release resistance. And, he can do that while physically focused, he just does not know how.

Brian:  Interesting!  I'll ask him to try that too...

Love your responseRoss!

If he wants to be happy, he needs to start smiling a lot more.  I bet you he never smiles.  And if he does, he probably doesn't smile just because...

Wow -- old post coming up again!

Update:   About a year after this post (in November of 2015), he designated me as having Durable Power of Attorney, including all decisions regarding his health and the disposal of his body after his death.  He named me as beneficiary of his retirement account.  He signed DNR papers and a health care proxy.  He got all his affairs in order.  

He continued to decline, and in September of 2016 his care facility was given permission to put him in hospice.  We had several conversations about this.  He wanted it and apparently he was eligible for hospice.

On one of my visits to him, he says, "You know, I actually feel pretty good right now.  I wouldn't mind living.  I think I'd be ok if I don't die"  I looked at him and said, "You know they're giving you morphine, right?  And that's why you feel good?  If you don't want to be in hospice you'll feel like you did several months ago.  Would you want that?  It's up to you."  

We looked at each other for a few seconds, and then he said, "No, I want to continue hospice."

He passed away on November 22, 2016.  A year after getting his affairs in order.

Not sure if this was LoA or not.  Maybe?

Hello Dark Vorona,

Good to see you again, and thanks for the update. Indeed it is LoA as everything is LoA. Every moment of our lives is there because we are attracting each experience to ourselves. The point of every post on this, and all other LoA forums is, are you doing it consciously, or not. The more conscious you are of what you're creating, the better your life becomes. =)

Bright blessings,

Ross - Tolemac

Conscious Energy Healing

Conscious Energy Meditation

Thanks for letting us know.  


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