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I just wanted to share this miracle with you. I was experiencing immense hairfall for the last 5 months. I tried various remedies and even an allopathy doctor, but nothing worked. All this while, I kept saying to myself, it's not possible that someone like me who's has no hair issues all her life could go through something like this. Then last week I started visualizing that I will stumble upon a doctor who will have the perfect cure for me. That's what happened. I consulted this homeopathic doctor who asked me if there's any history of stress, and I discussed how I went through periods of immense stress, he heard me out for about 20 minutes, gave me some sugar pills and I left. To my surprise, the medicine worked starting day 1. I have no hairfall, and my existing hair feels so thick and healthy, as if there was no problem at all in the first place. I am so thankful to him. It's the same doctor who found a cure for my uncles lump. I cant stop dancing :).

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Very good story, and testimony to the power of your visualisation.  Keep it up now, and see if you can do things to keep yourself calm and as stress free as possible.  Stress and inner tension tighten up the hair shaft so one hair falls out and no new hair can come through.  Then you go grey and also bald.  Another thing to look at would be what your beliefs are around ageing. Do you believe that old age equals decline? If you do, change it.

Thank you Sir Neil. I had started to believe the age thing after one of my friends kept constantly talking about her aging. Also, I went through a lot of stress this year, which caused a few problems. But as I started keeping a gratitude journal which helped me change my thought patterns, everything began to change for the better.

Wow! Nice story . I know what it is like to deal with hairfall. 

I have also noticed that when I am too stressed it gets worse and once the trigger is gone the hairfall is gone too.

I will try looking for a homeopathy doctor too. May be this is a sign from the universe. 

Congratulations on your healthy hair!

Please do. And if you dont find one, I will PM you the name of the medicines. Thank you Inifinity . Much Love.

Incredidble! Such a relatable story, i also suffer from severe hair fall, i shed almost everyday. It was depressing for me that my hair was getting thinner and thinner by the day, lowered my self esteem where i pull up may hair back with a ponytail to hide how thin my hair was. And of course, my doctor said it's from stress and no proper sleeping pattern. So i looked up in the net for articles about overcoming my obsession of overthinking, basically an article about overcoming an addiction(different types of addiction), and i discovered from a website called Must Spark Joy, and it really helped me, it was a well detailed article and most of all an eye opener. check it out at http://www.mustsparkjoy.com/how-to-overcome-an-addiction/

Hey I absolutely loved this link. I will share it with my friends and family. Thanks :).

Hairfall = feeling powerless.

This is a good point. If you are feeling powerless then it can cause you stress, and cause your hair to fall out. A lot of the inner can be reflected in things like your skin, nails and hair, so a feeling of inner power will show up as healthy hair, but an inner feeling of powerlessness, brittle hair which falls out. Could it be that you need to believe that you are empowered?  Or that Life is supporting you in every way?

You are empowered & Life is supporting you in every way, perfect affirmations Sir Festive!


Yes, I agree. I was feeling powerless. But the rootcause of it all were my thought patterns, lack of gratitude, trying to be somewhere I was not, etc.. At first, keeping a journal seemed stupid. But I forced myself to pick a pen and paper and start writing down the things I felt grateful for. On day 1, I couldnt find anything to be thankful for. but then on day2, I found a couple of things, then some more and some more and some more.. and all the negativity just vanished. I didnt have to fix my negative thoughts, they got fixed on their own when I started focusing on the good things in life. Now this kind of focus took me about two weeks of writing journal twice a day, especially because I was in a not so good place to start with. But trust me, if it worked for me, considering how much negativity I had surrounded myself with, it can work out for anyone by using a few simple techniques.

I have found that this happens.  Negative thoughts produce negative realities and these then spawn for their negative thoughts.  But when you stop focusing upon the negatives the opposite happens: a boom time in your life builds upon itself. 


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