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Hello everyone,

Since I'm having major AHA-moments the last couple of days I would like to share it with you guys. Partly because I think this is superimportant and I also would like to share it, because if I do it's a daily reminder for me to never forget this. 

I got to know the LOA 3 years ago. Since then I've always had great results when I was consistent with my gratitudes. But I always fell back into a routine of not being consistent which made my journey goi up and down again. 

Last year I felt amazing, I had a daily morning routine : I exercised, practised gratitude, self-love and just had fun. 

Until I started getting busy and thinking that I just didn't need to do those things anymore. I needed to focus on working I told myself and besides nobody of my friends did this, so why should I ? (I'm 23 years old.) I felt a bit weird for doing gratitudes and focusing on my mental health so much. 

It got so bad that I was doubting the universe, I was hating myself and I was questioning everything that made me happy. I felt this way until a week ago. 

I didn't know why I was interested in happiness first so much and if everyone was running around doing work work work work work, wasn't I crazy for wanting to believe different ? I also discovered last week that I'm a HSP. To me this is a huge explanation as why I'm having trouble with keeping myself positive without any mental health practices and why I also feel sometimes like it's selfish to do those things. I also want to satisfy other people so bad. So being selfish is the last thing on earth I've ever wanted to be. I realise now that I'm making a lot of people unhappy by not doing my self-care and I also put myself in unhappiness if I don't do it. Thanks to the lovely Sir Springtime and Brian's posts I've learned what coasting is and that self-care is crucial. 

Today I've looked into the self-care routines of a lot of succesfull people. From Beyoncé till Oprah and they all spend a lot of time on mental health and spiritual health. I realise now that no matter how busy you are : self-care and mindset should always come first, otherwise you lose on beautiful things happening in your life. I know that society might want you to believe other things : we should always be productive, busy, ready for others...I believed those things also for a long time. But the truth is : if you don't spend time to take care of you, you'll go down. I realise that now. 

I'm happy today to vow to myself that I'll love myself everyday, I will always put my self-care practices first and build a life around that. Because I'm the priority of my life. 

How do you take care of yourselve everyday ? Which morning routine or evening routine or daily practice do you have ? 

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Self care is number one, if your busy taking care of everyone and not yourself, you get old, you get tired, you fizzle out if you don't take care of yourself, you haven't got the energy to help anyone especially yourself. I have my own sugestions but probably not the healthiest to put on here, cupaccino gives me that BB bounce in the morning lol but on a day when I don't need to do things I relax and enjoy my day, like reading listening to music, being more positive makes me smile. Good energy in smiling seeing the funny side of life, being to serious and not alot of laughter or fun is tiring, wishing you a blessed day :D

I agree on self care. It's something I've never learned from my parents. I always needed to go go go, until I couldn't anymore. I know realise this does more damage than good. So I love to talk about it with people who have the same point of view. Thanks for sharing, it's always an inspiration to listen to other people :) 

Lots of gratitude :D 

(((hugs))) kindness to yourself goes along way and comparrison is a theif of joy not sure who wrote quote. All good :D don't give yourself a hard time, someone shared on the secret site A to Z which is easy, a fun tool and also fun to add more to it

You do it waiting in que for something when ever, no need, to write down stuck in a negative way of thoughts, your busy concentrating gets you unstuck

I am Abundant.. as many A< words to add
I am B..to Z

Just some more no particualar order

I am Generous, I am alive, I am caring, Joyous, Grateful, Unique, Energetic

I agree a lot with what you said.

I'm in a situation where I keep working literally 60 hours a day (including commutes usually) and get 3-4 hours to myself a day, including dinner and bath time.  But I get weekends free and I have school holidays off (which is great!)

So I'm keen to hear ways to baby step my self care, my mental health? Still do it and I also see it as very important and something for me I need to do, but I spend most of my life doing work work work???

I have a journal where I type things I DID do, any processes etc. that helps a bit and I do gaming while listening to subliminals! Sometimes I write or type something on the train, e.g. apprecations.  Keen for tips.  

Love your post, love hearing about your journey! 

Thanks for sharing!

For me right now it is writing three gratitudes everyday, taking a bath or making myself pretty and tell myself in the mirror that I love myself, self-love meditation, and I sing in the car : I use the music from the radio and sing on that beat that I love myself ;) 

The biggest challenge is to stay consistent. But right now I see this as the most important thing of my life so it's easy. But when things go very well, I tend to forget that these are the practices that make me feel good and help me attract the good situations. When I feel very good, I tend to go into a negative thought pattern: thinking I don't need this anymore, things are going great and who am I to make the situation even better ;) Now I know I deserve the best even when things are going great, I deserve to feel even more special. Everybody deserves the best life. 

Right now I see it as this : if I don't care for myself, I can't be productive, I won't see the solutions, I won't see the opportunities that make life easy and fun. Instead I think if I just go go go, I will attract more things that need me to go go go, instead of an easy and fun process. I've noticed that in a negative mood I can even make the most fun job the worst. So my mindset and self-worth will determine how I see things and how I deal with them. That's why it's necessary. If I don't practice this everyday I will go downhill again. 

The biggest challenge in this is the view of society on this, because if you work a lot : people think that's cool, that's awesome. But there's a difference in working a lot and enjoying it just because it's your purpose and working a lot and dreading it, because people expect you too. I'm lucky to say I have a job and a study that I really love, but when I doubt myself or don't care about myself I don't do my job well. (this counts for other areas in life as well, I think)

Enjoy your day :D 

For me it also started like this : I believe that all people in the world deserve a happy life...

Wait a minute I'm human, so that's means I deserve a happy life as well. Better start loving myself, if I deserve the love I give to others ;) In that case,  I even have a lot of catching up to do. And I'm also a better caregiver if I take care of myself. So it's a win-win situation. 

The self love discussions here have really opened my eyes to a lot of things! No matter what practices you do, how many happy thoughts you think, how much you meditate etc, it doesn't make any difference if you don't deeply love yourself. 

I have so many people in my life (me included from time to time!) that are so good and nice, selfless, kind etc but so many things seem to go wrong in their lives. But after reading these posts, it all clicks, they don't truly love themselves and it's so obvious once you realize it! I don't mean all this in a harsh way, but I'm happy I can now give some better advice to some close friends that really need it :)

It's a true thing and once you love yourself you don't care anymore about the approval of somebody else, about that job that might impress people, about having a hot body, about the money that you want to have to buy things that impress people, about anything you need just to feel good. Because you already do feel good and that's when the magic happens I guess ;) 

That describes me and my situation a lot. 

QueenieAthenie I was hands down a people pleaser. I did everything to please anyone. My greatest challenge is to love myself. 

I already did it once, but got overwhelmed by all the good that was coming my way. I forgot my practices. Now I'm down again. Because I didn't realise that loving myself and practicing gratitude was the reason why I got all those good things in my life. Now I'm practicing self-love and gratitude again and I hope to feel better soon. :) 

I realize that our society influenced by religion teaches us continually that we are only valuable or loveable is if we are altruistic and help others.

Yes me too, they focus way to much on the altruistic part but if you look closely at every religion, there's always a part in those religions that also  says love yourself. That's a part that's mostly overlooked by most people. 


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