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"Abraham, how do I stop negative momentum?"

"You stop it before it starts."


I've posted about this topic before, but it appears as if Abraham is putting more and more emphasis on it lately, sometimes repeating it multiple times per gathering. Despite having read about and discussed it extensively, I have not yet integrated it with my understanding of the rest of Abe's teachings. While so many of Abraham's offerings deeply resonate with me, every time I hear this one my stomach clenches. I'm perplexed as to why, for me, this sticks out like a sore thumb amid a body of teachings that otherwise seems so consistent.

The old "stop it before it starts" line is almost always accompanied by instructions to start positive momentum in the morning, immediately after waking up. Although this piece of advice seems unhelpful to me, it is always communicated as if it were exceptionally profound.

Just to be clear, I get some of the reasoning behind this:

  • I understand that momentum stops when we sleep.
  • I understand that the morning is a good time to start positive momentum.
  • I understand that it's important to catch the beginning of negative momentum before it gets too strong (i.e.: "get out ahead of it").
  • I understand that struggling against negative momentum is pointless.
  • I understand that we can't jump from frustration straight to joy.

But what I cannot understand is why Abraham has been doggedly insisting that once we are experiencing negative momentum, it's basically too late to do anything. "Wait until tomorrow, wait until tomorrow, wait until tomorrow." I just listened to a recording in which Abraham explicitly told a hot seater "Once you're in a hole, you can't get out. Wait until tomorrow when you might be in the vortex for 10 minutes."

Gaaaaaaah! That feels so disempowering!

Once we're in a bad way, we just have to put up with it? We only have a few minutes every day to get aligned in the morning? If we get off on the wrong foot, then the day is lost? We just have to endure negative emotion until we get another shot at it tomorrow? I get that sometimes we have to wait for our manifestation but now we even have to wait to improve our mood?

At the heart of my issue with this teaching is that it contradicts the principle of emotional freedom. Abraham has spoken at length about how we are supposed to be able to choose how we feel. How we can steer our emotions towards better feelings and higher vibrations. We may not be able to go straight to unbridled joy, but we're supposed to always have access to some sort of relief, aren't we?

What confuses me even more is that Abraham is clearly wrong about this: we've all had days that started off badly but, somehow, eventually eased up and ended enjoyably.

Now, if Abraham's instructions went along the lines of: "It is preferable to prevent negative momentum in the early stages", then that would be fine. But it has now become their standard answer to the question: "What to do when we're already experiencing negative emotion?". So in other words... nothing? Suffer for now, and try to enjoy your 10 minutes of contentment tomorrow before it starts again? Seriously? Didn't Abraham used to say that we should not put up with negative emotion under any circumstance?

If anyone else has some alternative perspectives on this teaching, I'd love to hear them. As Abraham says, trying to wrestle our negative emotions certainly does make them worse, but that doesn't mean we can't have some sort of strategy or technique with dealing with them when they come up.

By the way, our forum friend Brian Freedman has written some great posts about dealing with negative emotions:

But, until Brian starts giving regular seminars, I would still like to be able to square this particular Abraham teaching with the rest of their work, given that they remain my main LOA teacher.



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This is how I understand this. Starting the day in a positive way, therefore building positive general momentum makes it more likely for you to stay in a positive state throughout the day. I dont think Abe means that if you get on a negative disc that you should just wait until tomorrow to do anything about it. You can always find relief during the day no matter what. Just do anything that makes you feel better.

I think what they mean with  "Once you're in a hole, you can't get out" is that if you get negative momentum started on a specific subject it is unlikely that you are easily going to start momentum in a positive way. And that it might be easier to wait until the next day to work on that specific topic. Why they encourage people to just wait until the following day might be that if someone accepts that they cant do anything about it in that moment, they might let go of some resistance.

I do understand the irritation with the whole "stop it before it starts" because I agree, in the middle of feeling bad that isnt really helpful. I would advice you to not read into this too much. Just work on feeling good. Start general and slowly become more specific. 

Thanks Evelina,

That's some really good advice. I'd like to think that you're right--that they really only mean specific subjects. That would certainly make sense. You can't just do a 180 degree turn on a topic if you're already feeling crummy about it.

I guess there's no point in getting frustrated with what Abraham presents as their current teachings. They HAVE put enough emphasis on "just feel good/better". Another interpretation is that they are simply not encouraging any "active" efforts when we're feeling negative momentum. Possibly just relaxing is the key?

Yes relaxing and just find relief in any way you can. Listen to music, go out in nature, watch a movie, take a nap. You know which things make you feel better. Just be easy with it and take it one step at the time :)


Haha that's my least fav Abe's teaching too!! You just need to go more general on subjects where you have a negative momentum going on and d better you feel the more specific you can/should be.

My least favourite was when someone wanted to be self employed and they seemed to be
saying stay where you are it's easier, you have the equipment there
One thing I reminded myself & I want to say to you is wonderful as Abe are - and IMHO they ARE - & so much
good I could say there ---- they are also responding to a question asked by one person
Maybe at times parts of the question apply just to that person?
Including your & my least favourite bits?

I think the vast majority of it can be helpful to all of us though perhaps
Hi W&F

I just did a post on this about Abraham and other teachers often don't make any sense, it nay help you.

This doesn't sound like a very good Abraham teaching, and sometimes, things which sound like profound spiritual wisdom can just be a load of rubbish. Which is why people feel disempowered by them.

A response to the stop-before-it-starts is usually something like " great! Now you tell me. Why couldn't you have told me this months ago? BEFORE I lost my job, and my car got stolen, and I ran up thousands in debts to loan sharks. " When you are quite deep into negative momentum, telling someone to stop before it starts isn't much help at all.

For starters, if you have negative momentum in your life, you certainly DON'T have to just put up with it. You can start reversing it in the present moment. That doesn't mean that it will go away in a puff of smoke, but you can INSTIGATE an LOA process which will help clear things up.

Don't deny or pretend that it isn't happening, because that can be like sticking a happy face sticker over an empty fuel gauge. If you have a problem, you have a problem and it needs to be solved. And at the same time, a wishy-washy answer like " just stroking your cat so that you feel better, " isn't going to do too much for you either.

What you need to do is to ask the Universe to help you.

Often when you have negative momentum, it is very hard to see a way out. It is very hard to comprehend that there may be an answer.....but the Universe has an answer. If your life is stuck, the Universe is fully willing and able to get you going again, and start reversing your negative momentum, but you have to give it permission first.

(Under spiritual law, it can't impinge upon your free will unless you give it permission to. When you do, it then moves to reverse the negative momentum in your life and provide you with solutions).

And you can do this at any time of the day as well. It's certainly not the case that you can only be in alignment for the first while of the day, or anything else you mention in the paragraph about improving your mood. I think what Abraham meant is that first thing in the morning is ONE OF THE BEST TIMES to do some positive work, because it then gets the day off to a good start, and good things can then follow from that (basic LOA). If have had that experience a good lot of times.

But you can also work on improving your mood, vibration or thoughts at ANY TIME OF THE DAY, because at any given time you can start thinking new thoughts, and then adding another, and another, and another etc until your feelings change. Doing this will also help reverse any negative momentum which may have been built up from previous negative thoughts.

So how does this relate to asking the Universe for help? If you are experiencing some bad momentum and can't see a way forward, call a halt in your mind, and begin reminding yourself to ask for help. Begin affirming something like THE UNIVERSE IS TAKING CARE OF IT ALL, or IT'S ALL TURNING OUT IN A GLORIOUS WAY and keep on thinking that. That way, you are calling on a Higher Power to help you with your current situation, and reverse the negative momentum. Even clear up the troubles which you are experiencing in your life.

Doing that, and CONTINUING TO DO SO, will remedy the negative things in your life to a point where you are then free of it, and are clear to start creating your own positive momentum. Then you can keep on creating that, and if you feel yourself slipping (that is, slipping back into the type of thoughts which create negative momentum and events) you can nip them in the bud, and stop them before they start.


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