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My life isn't going anywhere, and this has been going on for 12+ years. I found a cure, but manifesting faster seems impossible.

     Ever since I was 18 I never had any friends, never hung out with anyone, did not date, had no family, and the list goes on. My entire life has been circulated behind a computer screen, and I'm going onto 33 years old at the moment. When I began studying spirituality this past 3 years, I finally found out what was causing it, and it was strong anti-social behaviors that were in the back of my head. I did not know about the law of attraction back in the day, and I would have stopped all this from happening before it was too late. What happened is that because I practiced these behaviors for so long, I ended up turning into a ghost where people just didn't notice me anymore. I could literally walk into any room, concert, or whatever, and this could go on for hours while people just laughed and talked in the background. To get a person to talk to me, or to go on a date was a miracle. I developed a ton of mental disorders including bi-polar and autism, and the reason why I was acting this way was due to a religious cult I was in.

     Basically, this is how it works. The positive and negative sides in the universe work much like a rabbit hole. The deeper you go into something negative, the longer it takes to climb out. It's like a staircase, and every category in the universe has this staircase whether it is relationships, money, health etc. If you've practiced avoiding people for years, you will lose touch with social reality. If you've had negative vibes about health for years, you will develop more illnesses which could take longer to cure. The simplest way I can explain how it works is imagine you walking into a castle, and there are two staircases. Taking the staircase that goes down will put you further and further into the dungeon, and the further you go, the worse it gets with rats, water, bones....then blood....then dead people....then monsters, etc. That's how the sliding scale works. You can't say "Oh, I'm going to avoid people for 5 years, and then make friends when I feel like it". No, once you make the verdict on anything, the door has been sealed. You wouldn't go to a judge and file divorce against someone you were in love with.

     The thing is that there's no way to manifest getting out of this hole faster. The creator has told me that I'm nearly there, and there is proof, because the ghosting thing has faded more and more over the past 2 years. Just recently, I had a group of people at a table talk to me, and ask me how I was doing. This has never happened before, and this is a very good sign I'm nearly out of the dungeon. I would say by the middle of 2019 is when this whole ghosting thing is going to end. How do I know this for sure? By seeing doppelgangers of people in my past whom I screwed over, turned down, etc.

     For countless years I've sat in my room staring out the window. I'm just tired of the suffering, and it needs to end. Is there anyway to manifest the curing process faster, or is this going to be my fate for the next year and a half? I just wish the law of attraction had like a band-aid someone could put on in times like this. Sadly, I don't think there's a way around this. It's like putting cookies into the oven and then trying to figure out how to bake them in a few seconds when that technology is impossible. Looks like I'm stuck here until I fully get out. This sucks.....

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"It's your mentality that is causing the misfires."

This was revealed to me this morning. So, all I have to do is make sure I have a positive mentality from now on where I'm not expecting any form of flaking. The non-stop flaking that was happening was due to deep rooted negative thoughts over the years. That article I posted a while back nailed the problem as to what really was going on. When Stephanie said that it was resistance that was causing it, it sort of rang a bell as well.

Being that I went on a date just recently and the last one I went on was years ago, this is a very good sign that the finish line is up ahead. The girl even bought me a drink, and brought a gift with her. The creator revealed that the constant flaking that was happening was due to strong negative guilt and thoughts related to the past.

As for the whole deal with making friends, I've noticed I've been slowly merging with the people in my Meetup group. The creator is moving really fast.

Please realise you are the CREATOR.  The creator isn't someone outside of you - but you are part of the Creator.  So he isn't moving fast - YOU ARE. 

You keep saying I am the creator, but then say ask/pray to the creator. Can you please explain this?

Yes. We were created in the image of creator is detailed in the bible. However we come from God or source or creator and were created in love but we are part of Creator in that we were created by god/source whatever label you want to give. For me when I learned to speak with God/source/creator the one thing that I have never forgotten was that it was being in the presence of pure love, joy and harmony. There was zero judgment just pure love and understanding. When I started communicating with creator it was always these emotions that confirmed that. God/source/creator never invalidated me nor told me no and never judged me or actions or goals. So the creator I speak to never uses terms like the one you have which is why I shared the theta healing link. Not all creators are identical so that’s what I was suggesting to you to just recheck your source is Yahweh or pure source because Yahweh wouldn’t judge you or your actions as you have stated.

Yahowah, creator of the heavens and universe...

I ask that you give me extremely positive beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and vibrations about women so I can successfully establish a connection. Remove any negativity in my mind that has been causing misfires. I ask that you give me confidence during interactions with them, and to let them know I am honest about my feelings as well. A relationship to me is having someone who is honest, caring, nice, and most importantly, Torah observant.

I also want to thank you for bringing me to all the great people at my Meetup, and I've noticed I'm slowly building connections with them. I ask that you give me extremely positive beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and vibrations about friendships so I can successfully establish a connection. Friendship to me means people who are close, share their thoughts, show interest, and invite me to places with them.

Lastly, I ask that you bring family to me. I'm not sure how you are going to do this, but it is not my job. Bring me a family that accepts me which will be kin of the woman that is coming. I ask that they treat me as one of them regardless what race or ethnicity these people are. I do not look at race, and I am not a racist.

When you revealed to me it was my mentality that was causing all the past negative encounters, this was the magic key I spent years looking for. I understand Yahowah, that you fully understand everything I am requesting, because it is my vibrations that give all this off. I have not lost faith in you.

Lastly, I ask for motivation back to the gym, and for my weight to be reduced 7 pounds.

This is what I ask and have manifested, and this will all take place the moment my eyes awakening in the morning. Amen.

"The woman you once loved left you long ago, and you will never have her back, ever. I am bringing someone new to you...someone you've never met before. Do not make this same mistake again."

The finish line is ahead!

Friends, family, and a relationship.

The time is here. The time is now.

This is nothing like the creator I talk to - mine never says anything like this. Creator is all about love and nothing is impossible. I think you really should speak to your Rabi about this and see what they say.

The puzzle has pretty much been resolved. My vibrations were not matching the desire of what I wanted.


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