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Pollocks Toy Museum dolls house

This was at "Japan Arigato house" to say thank you to countries who helped with the Tsunami relief and on this screen it said "Thank you Spain" for e.g. and different countries with their flat & language. So here you have Lolitas and Komino! 

Neither me nor this guy wanted to be in the photograph!  But I think he kind of looks like

something out of anime so I wanted him in it!

I actually got to talk to these lovely girls on my way there

Cut from paper by one of 5 paper cutters in the world!

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I know this post was from years ago, but London still stays the same: it's a great place for a Staycation.  There is so much to do in London, and it's not what I call a 'jam doughnut city' (all the best bits are in the middle).  London has the most fascinating suburbia, and there are pockets of culture and places of interest right the way away from the centre. 

I live on the outskirts of London, and avoid the mentality that it's just a big smoky, neon disease.  I think that it's a wonderful, vibrant, abundant and world class entity which is constantly evolving.  (There is so much building and regeneration work going on at the moment, and newness is springing up all the time).  There is also a temptation to think of your own town or city as just the place you live, but you can be a tourist in your own town as well, and there's no better place to do it than in London. 

London Overground have posters up at the moment about 'tapping into the wonderful world of off-peak' and giving pictorial suggestions.  You have some time off, you're not going abroad, so where can you explore in London?  All sorts of places.  Transport is cheap, efficient and affordable and the networks are really comprehensive.  London is big, but you can be on the other side of it quite easily. Recently, I was off for two weeks, and although I went to Barcelona, I also went exploring in London to Kingston, the Thames path, Bushy Park, Hampton Court Palace and the Art Deco of Surbiton.  I love urban exploring, and have also been to places like Kew Gardens (I get in free) Wembley Stadium, the Olympic Park, Croydon's architecture, villagey Greenwich and Harrow on the Hill, Walthamstow market and Richmond Riverside.

London is also right up there with New York, Toronto and Paris as one of the most demographically diverse cities in the world, and it is actually possible to visit 'the world in one day' (I believe that London's Lonely Planet guide even suggests a walking tour for this). I did my own version of this years ago, and if you look at my appreciation thread entry for 7th June 2015, I describe it.

So if you have the money, the time and the weather, then London is the place to be for a Staycation. 

London is just so cool!!! i personally prefer LA and San Francisco but London has that classy glam electric vibe i adore! i think it's the best city in Europe with Rome! i do not think i would live there cause the sea is everything to me but i miss that city so much, can't wait to come back to that vibrant vibe!!


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