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So I met a group of people earlier this year around February, and we met at a bar through Meetup. These people were looking to form platonic relationships, and I felt a signal beam out from me into the universe right before they appeared the very next day. I had a blast with this group, it was 2 guys and 2 girls in their 20's, we were going to parties, events, laughing, and so forth. The summer we had was so much fun, and I still have memories of all the stuff we did.

*sigh* Now just recently, I've been seeing some red flags. The head guy that was running the circle got quiet and stopped texting us. I texted him back, and he said he met someone, but wasn't happy with her based on compatibility issues. He then said he just wasn't in the mood to do anything as of now, so I then started texting the others. The other guy has been going to places/concerts by himself, one girl is casually dating on OKC, and the other girl flew to California, because her husband got a job.

Since these people, I haven't had friends in 15 years, and I had to use LOA to create these guys. As of right now, I'm doing a script where a new social circle appears, and I'm just kicking back right now waiting since the script does say they show up in November. My LOA spiritualist in real life said scripting is based on my focus, and the accuracy of it matching to the words is based on the focus and emotion put into it as well. So as of right now, I have to accept this as a done deal, and it's time to move on. My inner self revealed these people have been through psychological issues in the past involving social relationships, which is why we all connected on the same spinning disc.

So is anyone else in here going through this as of now? What are your plans? When new years rolls around, I scripted that this new social circle and I do 10x more stuff than what happened this year. My last spiritualist told me to always trust in the universe, and never have doubt.

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Exactly, have no doubts, the Universe has a bigger plan than you can imagine so if things do not happen it's because something deeper or greater will happen. Go with the flow. Live naturally, act naturally, be spontaneous, be your authentic self 100%. If you try to force relationships or to not respect the right timing you can not have the natural fun & ease you're supposed to have in life. Maybe these relationships you manifested are not the perfect match to the best version of yourself that you are creating, maybe better people will appear, you manifested those people just to not feel alone in this process of transition to your true self and to your true life.
If you tell yourself that everything is unfolding perfectly and in perfect order and that all you have to do is to do what makes you happy in every single moment don't you feel already better, much more relaxed? AND, as a bonus, the Universe will fill your existence with everything you asked for. If you feel anxiety or fear of loneliness or fear of being bored and you keep analyzing the past and focusing on it, guess what, you will manifest it again. Enjoy the perfection of every day, even the bad days have some very special gifts inside. If you live this way for some time your vibration will naturally rise and all that you want will instantly manifest.

I just got done exchanging numbers with two co-workers, and one said I could go out with her this weekend. It looks like the script is working, it's just a process, meaning it takes time.

There you go, proof that what you're doing is working.  The present circumstances are the result of thoughts you have had in the past, but in doing this you are paying attention to what you are actually desiring, and reality is starting to change.  Keep on doing that.  You can create anything you can imagine, and your mind isn't limited to current circumstances.

I'm going to have to play around with the script some more since some people are dropping off, yet new people are coming in.

Reflecting the changes you are making, and the changes in your vibration.  Stick with the scripting, it's working.

It is. I had another vision/sign of a woman with black hair walking through fire, and another woman with blonde hair coming off as a sister. These are actually in the script, and as long as I'm vibrating on what I'm typing, it has to come true.


Yeah, you're right. I'm going to have to be patience and wait for the universe to bring someone to me.

Your script is definitely working and see you are getting results already! 

Yes, it is working! Come on universe, it's been 15 years now, give me a girlfriend!!!

Good point. With my scripting, I need to make sure I'm not rushing my manifestations, because I've put dates on them. Thanks.


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