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I started keeping a log a while back because since integrating the LOA knowledge into my life there have been way to many things to count. I don't even remember to record it all of the time. All reconfirming to me that in fact, you create your reality. 

Before I even watched the Secret, and then watched it again. I was taking psychology, studying philosophy, trying to understand existence. My psychology background already had me understanding how our beliefs create our reality. I use to think that, though now I recognize how quite deliberately true that is. 

Anyway the biggest success for me, so far, has been a change in my mental health. I am 30 years old but up until even so closely as a year ago, I struggled. A lot with mental health issues. Anxiety, stress, not feeling good in general, and self injury was my reality. 

So the biggest change and success for me so far has been going from this terrible, constant, dreadful, fearful, anxiety ridden response to literally every stimulus in my environment. I no longer feel such depths of terribleness for no reason. I use to wonder if it was possible for me to not feel that way without help from drugs, etc. Now I know, it definitely is. Its possible to go from that to feeling good everyday, automatically.

I'm still training myself everyday to feel good, and i'm working on more "difficult" topics like family, etc. But even with them i've noticed a considerable improvement the more effort I put into to either ignoring the negative feelings. Or working to change them in that moment to more positive. Like instead of focusing on how frustrating my mother and sister are, I can either ignore it. Or I try to focus on the opposite. Which has resulted in less confrontations, less anger, less drama all together. 

Anyway here are a few other significant, "little" ways i've quite deliberately noticed creating my reality:

  • I caused the changing of the mail person. For the last few years the mail guy was this miserable man. I didn't dislike him, I could just feel his misery every time he dropped the mail off. One day I realized that he is a source of negative feelings because every time he'd drop the mail off i'd think about him and how miserable he is. It was making me miserable! So recently I said to myself. Lets get rid of that guy. I don't want to feel into that anymore, I want to feel good. The next week we had a new mail lady

  • A little while ago I got a ticket for speeding & having a expired license (I didn't know it was expired). I was having a lot of problems with money, and pride, so instead of asking for help. I drove around without updating my license because I had things to do but I didn't have the money yet to update it. So during that time, my mind was on police, worried about them. Literally I couldn't drive without seeing a police vehicle. I remember thinking one day trying to ease my anxiety, you never see them pull anyone over on the side streets in the city. Two seconds later, I come across a police vehicle with someone pulled over on the side street. One night thinking about the police sitting in my living room, I watched two police cars with flashing lights go by the front of my house. Now I just don't think about police at all when i'm driving. I don't see them!
  • I received EI (unemployment insurance) after I did a maternity leave cover off position (so they lay you off when you are done, the only way to receive EI). So I was on that for almost a year, and then I was off it for a month. I really didn't want to go back to work. I spend a good week focusing on feeling good everyday, every moment, about finances. I randomly received another year of EI
  • I receive free stuff all of the time, and I have consistently throughout my life. People are very generous to me, and I find the more I repeat that to myself, the more it happens. Like receiving a free slurpee, free donuts, i’m always in the lineup where someone ahead of me pays for me, even food wise I will receive extra servings. I’ve been given items in stores by owners or employees, like once I received a wooden decorative box, another time I was given a little tornado toy I was looking at. 
  • This happened before I knew of the LOA or was really practicing it. My sister and I were out having a good new years eve, a bit drunk. We stopped in a park to smoke and relax. We were having fun, and said to each other, wouldn't it be great if two police officers came up to us right now. Two sexy police officers universe! then 2 police officers pulled up on the side of the road, got out of their vehicle to check on us, and then left. Now looking back it was the power of our excellent, heightened mood, and our desire. 
  • I manifested my current bf. Literally just before I met him I did some work on myself and my relationship expectations. I had a bit of an epiphany moment where I recognized how I was closing myself off to what I really wanted. Not really expecting it, and then governing my life around that lack of expectation. Largely I didn’t think I would meet the kind of man I wanted to. I didn’t think it was possible to meet a man who wanted children, who had similar beliefs to me, etc. Then I made the list of what I really want, and I started to imagine what it would be like to be with that man. I decided I would start dating, just for fun, and let it happen to me. The first date I went on I met my bf and i’m constantly just so thankful and happy to have met someone who fits my list! He amazes me even!

There have been to many ways for me to count. I’ve had so many moments where I’ll recognize I was just thinking something, even as random as like, about dolphins. Then i’ll come across a photo of a dolphin or someone with that username. Its just little ways that you can see that your thoughts are literally drawing more of the same to you. Now my goal everyday is to just feel good and to sort every belief I have into the knowing that i’m eternal, life is amazing, life is good, there is no evil, and i’m here to just enjoy the heck out of it. 

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Yay! WTG Tanisha! "Just enjoying the heck out of it" You aced it in that last sentence! Woohoo! :)

great post! happy for you! some quotes about desires & alignment if you want:

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, meme e sMSL'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, con sorriso, primo pianoL'immagine può contenere: oceano, sMS e spazio all'aperto

I love them all! thank you! 

You're welcome honey!

Wow!  I have loved reading this!  I kind of stumbled upon LOA a few months back whilst researching ways to get back with my ex.  Since reading and watching The Secret I have manifested countless items/occasions etc even down to this evening at my daughters choir concert where I manifested front row seats :D.  The relationship I have with my ex is getting better, even though we're still not together, but the relationship I have with myself is the best!!!  Thank you for sharing your story as reading it does keep me on the right path. :D :D


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