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Hi guys


Thought I'd create a thread for the new fabulous teleseminar!  I know a few of you have said you are signed up.  I just booked my place now - but I won't be 'live' on the call as it's the middle of the night for me and I shall be in the land of nod!  But I will be there in spirit and will be catching up as soon as I can get the mp3!  


For anyone who doesn't know about the teleseminar, here's a link http://www.caroledore.com/teleclass/adi_tw/mys_man/mm_x/mm_x.html


Looking forward to this new teleclass!





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Ok, I'm all caught up now...it took a couple of days because as I was listening to the first part of the recording, I found a baby swift (wild bird) that had found its way into my bedroom - that distracted me a LOT yesterday.  Thankfully (after doing a treatment and asking the power for help to find a place for the baby swift) I found a place this morning about 6 miles away that rescues animals.  They will take my baby swift to a specialist who will look after it til his/her wings are big enough to fly.


How weird is that?  It totally felt like 'here's a way for you to get into that energy of life - these beautiful birds who spend their life on the wing and seem to be flying so joyfully'...and finding the place today that would take care of him also put me totally into that energy of joy/love/life/gratitude/happiness.  Yay.


That was so much fun hearing what was going on around the book selling out and the audiobook!!  I found Carole after someone told me about that post on the Secret forum and I remember those posts about Carole being an ace marketer.  Hilarious. And Carole (I hope you're reading this) I laughed my head off at those rafting pictures - I remember that last twitter post.  SO fun!  


Here's to a week (lifetime) of high vibration!  





On the follow-up call tonight, I didn't get to mention what good things have been happening to me this week since I've been soaring even higher and keeping my energy light and happy, even moreso than usual. 


I've already got the job I want and money is flowing in all the time (see this post: http://www.powerfulintentions.org/group/emergencyhandbook/forum/top...)


What I've been working on now has been health and relationships. I've always been single. I've dated some nice guys, had a child with one of them, but never made it down the aisle. My focus now is on someone I can be myself with, and we can be co-creators of blissful lives together. You know, the basics. :)  


So anyway, I have a profile on an online dating site. A few months ago, an interesting man wrote to me and said he'd like to meet me and go out. We sent a message or two back and forth, and he sent me a link to his Facebook profile to see a photo of him. I got the bright idea of adding him as a Facebook friend. I figured he could really get to know me there, since I let my hair down and rarely censor myself. I figured he'd either like the real me or he'd run away fast! So I added, he accepted, and we've been communicating off and on since then. I lost two friends to heart attacks nearly immediately after he wrote to me. Then he lost his job. He got another job but by that time, my job had gotten super busy. So we've STILL not gotten to meet each other yet.


On Sunday he wrote to me on Facebook and told me he likes my Facebook posts and wants to take me to dinner one night soon. I'm still working 10 hour days and will be traveling to HQ for a week next week, so I asked if we could wait until after my trip. I figure I'll be more pleasant to be around then, less stressed, and can have more fun. That's the plan...a real date, when I get home from DC.


I thought about Carole's story about her dreaming about a type of guy she'd never dated before. This guy is like that for me. I've never dated anyone like him before. I'm looking forward to it! 


So there's FINALLY movement in the romance/relationships area. AND, I've lost close to 10 pounds this week, without even trying! 


I'll keep doing my homework daily. I have been in synchronicity since 2009 so I very rarely get knocked off balance. Work has been challenging lately but I've learned how to deal with it. The homework tasks help a lot, too, so I'll stick with it and remember how wonderful life is and how everything just seems to always fall into place for me, effortlessly.


Yay! Thanks again, Carole! Thanks to God and The Universe as well! :)


Laura, you are just doing Awesome! Loved both of your success stories. Just wonderful. I wish you had shared some of this in the Mystical Manifestation TeleClass last night. Looking forward to hearing more of your progress - and everyone else's. Life is definitely Magical and Abundant! xxx
Well, I wanted to, but the talk about the song derailed us. I didn't want that song to derail anyone else's progress so I deleted it from the other thread and posted the reason why. :)

Thank you so much for sharing.  It was great to hear Carole's stories, because it had you know what is possible.  By extension, as you share, it has us know it is repeatable............... so if we stick with it as we are getting use to this different way of doing things, it can be repeatable for us.  What a blessing her work is!

Carole's Mystical Manifestation image included in the Child's Grace video for Thanksgiving surprise to her family.
Ha! Awesome!
Hi guys, I just loved the bit of the follow-up call that I managed to catch. Unfortunately I was still in town (having just landed my great job ... YAY me!!) and my cell-phone started to play up which meant my phone ended up cutting out mid-call. I've listened back to the recorded call it was just brilliant to hear how everyone was doing.

Laura ... I just love your stories of success. You're doing such an amazing job at all this.

I look forward to hearing even more stories of amazing transformation from Carole's wonderful techniques.

Andrea x

Laura, I just love your stories!!!  I'm so happy for you, you deserve only the best!  Don't you just love exansion?


Today, I had the chance to put the Law of Polarity into action, and boy, does it create fast!!!!  I am leaving on Monday for two weeks to spend with Mom at her home in NY.  I had decided to do my "journey banking" on the way out of town, but circumstances came together that it was necessary to go today.  When I went to cash a check for some traveling money, the teller told me there wasn't enough in the account to cover it.  HUH?!?!?!!!!   According to my records, the account should have had nearly 4 times the amount I was trying to withdraw.  Of course, for the teller, the computer is the only authority, so I did an overdraft, got the computer print-out, and went on with my errands.  I started to freak out -- I am very careful with keeping my accounts current, and I couldn't see how I could have made such a major mistake.  Not to mention, checks were out there that would take me deeper into the hole.


But then I remembered that freaking out would only make things worse.  So I took a couple of deep breaths, and felt really thankful that I had found out today, instead on Monday morning on my way out of town!  (Boy, what a freak-out that would have been!)  I realized there was simply nothing I could do about it.  The bank was about to close until Monday, and I would be gone for 2 weeks.  Who knows what could happen in that time?  If it really was my fault, I would make it right when I got back.  If it wasn't, then maybe it would resolve itself without any input from me.  Either way, everything was fine.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, I had the money I needed for my trip, and the Universe had (as always) everything under control.  I went on to run my errands  (saved 25 cents/gallon on gas, thank you very much), had a lovely lunch out, and got lots of great bargains on beautiful things for my home (money problems?  what money problems?).


Not an hour after I got home, I get a call from Mom.  I explained the situation, told her I would fix things, but she took total responsibility.  It seems that she had written some checks while in Memphis and had forgotten to tell me.  She will be replacing the money immediately.  No muss, no fuss!!  Isn't that the coolest thing?  In my old life, this kind of thing would have totally ruined my weekend.  I would have ranted and raged about the unfairness of it all, and worried myself sick over it.  Now, I just shrug.  It's just the 3d dimension.  I am so much bigger than the picture!!!!


I can't wait to see what the next two weeks will bring.  I am armed with my high-vibrational materials, and plan on having a smashing time!  It will be great to see Mom and to give her this gift of time in NY.  It will be great spending time with good friends I see only rarely.  And I just know that my Beloved Power has something spectacular in store for me, 'cause that's the way we roll!


I'll be off-line for the duration, so my Beloved PowerVision Family, I'll check in next month.  I know there will be wonderful stories of expansion and bliss from you all. 


Love and much abundance to everyone,


Hello everyone,


I wanted to pass along my experience over the last 2 weeks or so, and hopefully be an inspiration to a few people who may not be experiencing optimum success (yet).


I was on the call a few weeks back with Carol and many of you. I have many of her programs and like many of you started with the entry level product, as when I got in the Emergency Handbook was selling for $1,250.00 and climbing (lol). So I've been lurking around here and the other forum for the last couple of years. I haven't participated much with less than 3 post. However, I just had to tell you what happened to me.


Many moons ago Toni (I believe it may have even been on the old forum) spoke about how she just "concentrated and loved the power" with no specific request or intention other than just being in love, admiration and gratitude towards the Power. I decided to take that tack and just do as Carole had instructed us in the seminar. I was going to prove, beyond any doubt (for myself of course) that I could manifest or not on a consist bases. I was committed to it, no matter the time cost. I'd sniffed money and done some of the other techniques with success but it was in and out, mostly due to my inconsistency.


Here's the situation so you'll know what was going on in my life:

1. House on market for 100 days. Price reduction twice

2. Internet business mildly successful (Great SEO wizard, inconsistent client acquisition)

3. Dwindling cash flow with support to two college tuitions

I think you get the point.


Here's what I did:


1. Morning was to listen to Money Contemplation cd, sometimes twice

2. Morning in addition to MC cd, I would do my own Power exercise

3. Afternoon was High Vibration Music, over and over and over again. Until I FELT it was a part of me. I'd become overwhelmed with heart emotion. Sometimes I would tear up, sometimes laugh, most of time just have HIGH energy

4. Evening before I go to sleep it was another listen to Money Contemplation tape, sometimes falling asleep to Carole's soothing voice


I may have put in about 3 to 3.5 hours per day on a consistent basis. And here are the results:


1. 3 Offers on home. Under a special program the bank is paying me low 5 figures to sell.

2. Daughter got financial aid (on her own) and no longer needs my support

3. Son, while working on an volunteer assignment at an Apple Convention for Educators (he attends Recording Arts and Science Conservatory in Az), got a job offer. He'll do his internship and get paid at same time. He's off my roles

4. Business associate offered a JV opportunity where I can leverage her 20 Million business database and her magazine platform to offer Social Media Marketing Management services. This could easily be worth over a $1M to both of us


I called Carole. I honestly was crying. There may not be no crying in baseball, but there sure is crying in manifesting, lol.


So that's my story (for now). My advice: Listen to the cds, commune with the Power and manifest your dreams.


Thanks Toni for the suggestion many many days ago through your writings. And thank you Carole for all you've done and continue to do for all of us.



Oh my gosh Curtis that is AWESOME!  I love it.  I'm a little like you had been -  a bit inconsistent.  This class and your story are great reminders of the consistency of high vibration!  Yah for you!  Doing a happy dance...



Curtiss ~ Congratulations! You are just Awesome! What profound wonderful results!! (And in only a week after the last class,) I LOVE how you followed the guidelines I gave in the TeleSeminar and you consistently tapped into the Bliss. It works! It works! It works!


The phone message you left for me was so great that I put the recording of it on my website with your testimony.  You (and everyone else) can hear it here: http://www.cdore.com/teleclass/adi_tw/mys_man/mm_res/mm_r.html (Scroll down and push on the button that says "Listen")


And this is only the beginning. Keep going and the Energy will continue to expand you to greater and greater plateaus!


Overflowing Love & Abundance, Carole Doré


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