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Need help for me to get my old self back--dealing with anxiety/panic disorder

Im going to work on focusing on feeling better and getting back to my old self like as anxiety/panic disorder never was there. Anxiety keeps tricking my brian a lots and I had enough. Its too much. With intrusive thoughts, disturbing  scary thoughts, etc, 

Im thinking everyday I will pretend as I am better like back to my old self. Whenever thoughts come into my head that create anxiety, I just ignore and say never heard of it, Im back to my old self. 

Any tips on how to pretend/imagine as you are back to old self and happy. Could I just imagine myself singing like Glee, jumping up and down or picture me exciting when I say I am feeling better, I am feeling better (over and over) 

Any suggestions with affirmations? I will also use gratitude too. 

I just want to be back to my old self!

Your help is greatly appreciated. 

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as abraham hicks say you can easily transform your negative emotions with the right focus, so you can transform anxiety into eagerness for life :), excitement!

anyway if you want to investigate the root cause of it people say that this book is more than helpful:


L'immagine può contenere: testo

a warm hug

Hugs thank you! 

Absolutely you want to FEEL as GOOD (not BETER per se) as possible in any given moment.  Now you don’t want to necessarily go back to feeling your “OLD SELF”.  Your old self is who you were in the PAST based on your knowledge and vibration at that moment in time.  You are different now, and your experience and vibration has changed (usually often without us even realizing it) because you have grown and learned things.  So rather than go back, you want to embrace all you are right now in this present moment (even if that means embracing Anxiety).  I know that sounds trange, but Anxiety is actually a gift (and I say this from personal experience).  Mainstream society would have you believe Anxiety is bad, requires medical attention (and for some it does and that’s completely ok) but it is not a “curse” or anything near to it.  Often times people will tell you that its “tough” and “hard” and “difficult to deal with” and these are just their beliefs (and often times these are from people who don’t have it (just work with those that do). 

Now as mentioned previously, going back isn’t something that helps most people, because for most of us we have a lot of subconscious programming already in place that tells us that such things just AREN’T POSSIBLE (… YET I might add).  However FEELING HAPPY or GOOD is often something that no matter what is going on – we can reach for.  Just thinking about a moment when you were really happy, and life was good is as simple, and noticing that place in your body where that memory is stored and pricking it open and allowing it to flood your whole body is a really simple and easy technique that helps (still to this day) shift your vibration, emotions and general well being (and takes seconds to do\0. 

Gratitude is also great, as well as ACCEPTANCE. 

Back to my old self,I want to be back like 20-30 years old than around 32-33 years old I have anxiety---so I want to go back where I was happy. 

If the disturbing/harmful thought pops up, I tend to react as its panic way but i can just say, fuck it, then focus on being happy (stay happy for the moment that I was really happy)--but my concern is that it feels like you are forcing to be happy when you are scared of the image/thought. I can just picture myself laughing all the times (i love to laugh for no reason) so I can just focus/imagine myself laughing all the times, even in my head when i go everywhere. 

also do you have to do all the times today or just few times ?

If you believe you can go back to then, that is what you will create, but for most people they don't have that belief 100% and so they will often create circumstances which mirror some of those but not completely and then they get frustrated.  You can be happy at any age (and the idea you have to be 20-30 is just a belief) but if its working for you - GREAT.

If you want to do that, to any disturbing thoughts - sure do it.  I used to like the idea of hitting  "Delete" key when my thoughts popped up (as I just found that image had me feeling like I was actually doing something) but do whatever works for you.  Now you don't have to be laughing all the time to be happy.  That's not necessary.  Also your mind is already rejecting that idea, so you won't create it.  Happiness isn't always laughing (although its a great place to start from). 

For me, happiness is more of a feeling I have.  Its not always about laughing, and I'm not yet at it 24/7 but I do notice I spend more and more time there as days go by.  However you got to be practical.  LOA isn't about rainbows and unicorns because life is full of ups and downs - and that's the way it should be (it would be mega boring otherwise). 

Starting out a few times is sufficient and will create changes, but if you can do it all the time (and if it feels good) then do it!

I have a question, do I have to act like "I'm fine" as like anxiety/intrusive thoughts never came? If these harmful images pop up, I just can say like fuck it or delete or something and then act/pretend like Im fine--so I can act like this all day? Just be happy all day (event sometimes you don't feel like it depends on thoughts)

whenever bad images come, I just start into creative way like in musical broadway/producing movies. I notice the harmful images are decreased than before but it take time. 

I will take up more physical exercises to help. 

Okay I’m a little confused by your question?  Where do I say “Act like fine”?  or “like anxiety/intrusive thoughts never came?”. 

I know if I was having an anxiety attack and someone told me either of those things it would (a) anger me seriously and (b) I’d tell them where to go.  Far from it, I’m not suggesting that this isn’t happening or to ignore it (as ignoring it actually brings it on moreso if you understand LOA).

Rather acknowledge that you see anxious or intrusive thoughts and label them, and then move on to a better feeling thought.  So for example, where I had severely anxiety attacks (the ones where I break out into a sweat and my heart is pounding)…. saying “I’m fine” won’t have a positive result – in fact quite the reverse.  However recognising that “these are anxious thoughts” and my body is responding to those anxious thoughts” and “what could I feel that would help me feel better” often started to diminish all those “responses”.  In the very past, I used to take medication for it, which didn’t work and my doctors kept increasing the dosage but it had little to any effect because they were simply treating symptoms and not the cause. 

If more physical exercise helps you feel better – go for it.  It didn’t work for me when I tried it, I just felt more physically exhausted and the thoughts seemed to come on moreso – but we are all different and so if that works for you go for it.

Hi Chloe

There are many LOA techniques for this. You want to try and pick what suits you best. I personally think that any exercise that may help you with awareness will be the best.  

I had a similar desire to ‘go back to my old self’ . So I can relate to you. What helped me was finding out what I did differently back then that I don’t anymore. In my case, my life was much simpler, fewer possessions, fewer choices, no excessive gadget use , lots of physical activity, creative activities , less sugar/ caffeine etc You don’t have to do the same exact things you did back then, just choose what feels better to you now. 

In my case, what helped me most was fixing my nutritional deficiencies and poor lifestyle choices. You can check that post to see if there’s anything that resonates with you. 

Thank you!. I will get back to you on those. Im thinking to joining hip hop dance classes--watching glee shows over and over and dance classes will help 

I will get back to you on this 

it seems to be a great one!

hi Chloe,

something that really helps me.  5 steps to clear fear/anxiety.

1.  be aware of your fear/anxious thought.  notice it - you will be able to realize you are thinking those thoughts by the way you feel

2. ask if your thought is helpful.  99.99% of the time, the thought is NOT helpful at all

3.  make a conscious intention to let it go - once you've identified that the thought is not helpful, you are much more willing to let it go 

4.  let it go - take some deep breaths and do a mini meditation.  listen to the sounds around you and come into the present moment

5.  think of what you DO want.  you want to be happy, you want to be free.  go ahead and imagine yourself singing like glee or imagine yourself in a happy moment or feel gratitude.  whatever makes you feel good, do it.  

the point is to clear out that negative thought first so you create a space for the joy, gratitude and other visualizations.  if you are affirming things while you're feeling bad, they are just going to clash and it will make you feel worse because affirmations don't go anywhere if you have not created the space for it first.  this video i made will explain the process better.  namaste, love and light!

5 Simple Steps to Let Go Of Fear/Anxiety



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