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I am in need of help. I feel like negativity is everywhere. In work and in my personal life. I am on a "break" from my boyfriend and I texted him on Valentine's Day just to wish him a Happy Valentine's, but he didn't respond back. I then called his mother, then called him because I was nervous something was wrong. All he texted was "Working late" and that was all. I don't know if he is feeling like our relationship is done or what but we have had constant arguments from a few months after we started dating up until now which is about 10 months of us dating. The issue is he is a Sagittarius and he values his independence, and I'm a Cancer and I like being close. I also work two jobs and I can get really moody and take things out on him. However, he has done wrong in our relationship too. He has been mean toward me, Anyways, I'm not saying that I am perfect but, he was working at a job that he hated and he kept complaining about it to me. So I got tired of hearing his complaints and told him to send me his resume. His resume didn't look up to par so I just did it for him which took me a month. Then he got serious after a while and we worked on it together, but in the meantime I was pushing him and telling him that he has potential, and he ended up getting a good paying job. He is also an only child, and his parents are divorced. Point is, for his birthday I went out and bought him a birthday cake for him, and it was a rainy day when I did. He doesn't have much of a relationship with his father, so I tried to make his birthday good. His dad never called him for his birthday either. I don't feel as if he has really given me the thanks I deserve for doing those things for him. 

As far as work is concerned, there is negativity there too. To make a long story short, there is favoritism and unfairness. When I started my job in September 2015, it was great. I had a team of people who seemed like a family. My manager's boss was a little on the intimidating side. Anyways, I got trained by my manager who is in an office out of state, and I didn't get trained good for my job when I first started. My coworker in my office (who works in a different department but same company), I caught her having a conversation about me via instant messenger. She went to cover the reception desk and her music was a little loud and I had to make a phone call. I went to her computer to lower the volume and I saw that she was messaging the girl who quit and I took over for and the conversation was about me, basically saying that I did something that I shouldn't have done. I was upset and hurt. I ignored her instead of talking about it to her because I was new and I was scared that if I talked to her about it I can get in big trouble or fired since I was still in my probational period. Moving forward, a few months later, I decorated her desk for her birthday and made a gift basket. Then we were good. But, she had a habit (and still does) listen on my phone calls and chip in to my conversations while I'm on the phone. When she did, I would get upset and not talk to her. She sensed it until she went to my manager's boss (who's office I'm in), and he moved me into my own office, and never talked to us together, but took her side. Then a few months later, our office got made into a call center environment, and we sit across from each other diagonally. I have tried to talk to her, but I have a hard time trusting her because she told on me. And I have tried to talk to her and got her a gift for Christmas, but the trust is not there because I believe she has told on me again to my manager, who she is close with. My manager is very passive, and takes one side, and therefore I feel the tension and negativity. I now do not talk to anyone and I sit at my computer, do my work with my headphones on. Please help. I need this negativity at work and my personal life to go!!!

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Hanna, you get what you believe. Do you think you deserve mean people? I don't think so! Love yourself, respect yourself & watch what happens.

some quotes 4 ya:


As you imagine and visualize and verbalize your new story, in time you will believe the new story, and when that happens, the evidence will flow swiftly into your experience. A belief is only a thought you continue to think; and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality. Abraham

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Hello Hanna, sorry to hear about your negative situations, have you tried loa with your boyfreind maybe open his eyes to a new world veiw Im trying to with my girlfreind it can be hard but dont give up hopfuly they will see a change in you when you blossom into a positive person they will crave that for themselves...you will attract a positive lifestyle and people when you yourself become positive.Always start with the small positive things and blow them up to be huge in your life appreciate the hick out of them block out and ignore the negitive really try keep your mind on the small positive things on your daily life even if its something like you made it through a green light driving to work or someone held a door open for you...keep those things in mind as much as you can relive them over and over...dont over think what people or your boyfreind is doing thats out of your hands let it go concentrate on you and your positive hapenings...its you time no one eles...same way at work dont think about what your co workers are saying or doing its not gonna change a darn thing like I said its you time you have the right to be selfish with your thoughts and mind to better yourself.Dont sweat the small things in life unless its positive...dont worry we all struggle with loa nothing new just dont give up and stay focused...may many blessings and happiness come your way.


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