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I sort of took a huge risk about an hour ago today. The next 12 hours will decide if it’s gonna bring me immense pleasure and boundless joy, or if this is gonna be the death of a major part of me (the romantic in me, the optimist in me).

Asking for all the positive vibes you can send my way. I’d absolutely love for this to go well. His name starts with ‘R’. And I’m waiting to hear back from him. We haven’t talked in 6 months. I’m hoping he’ll respond positively, and we’ll get to see each other soon. Alternatively, this could be the end of ‘us’, Forever. 

I just want what’s best to happen. Here’s hoping.


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Dear River, just remember YOU have the power. If you have so much doubt and fear in your vibration you can not easily manifest what you want. Whatever his reply is just promise yourself that you understand that it's all working out FOR you. So if the answer is not positive it may simply mean you are not ready or he is not ready or something even greater is waiting for you!

Happiness always*** Here are some lovely words or you:





Thanks Dorothy

Just trust everything is going to work out for you in all circumstances and they



Sending you positive vibes!

Good luck

Thank you so much Amritpal. He did respond

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Thanks Dorothy. I get this on paper. Long way to go until I actually am able to live it.. Reason I say that is I notice how I let him go over and over again and think I’m finally over him and then somehow reach out to him again and then it’s just... a mess. I don’t know why it’s like this with this one person. I’ve only had one other person in my life who I felt this way before. It’s like my soul is somehow attached to theirs and I just.. keep going back to that bond over and over again. I’ve had my share of relationships but this is.. something else ugghhh

Thanks so much guys for the support. Just to update you, he did respond. There was a brief text conversation. Looks like we might or might not see each other soon.

We both know that seeing each other probably isn’t such a good idea considering the complicated situations we’re both in, and also considering the fact that we literally live on opposite sides of the globe. But we both can’t help how strongly we feel about each other... We’ll probably never go too far with it. In fact we don’t talk for months and don’t see each other for years.. None of us comes out and asks to meet anymore (he did it once, went crazy to see me) even if we find out we’re in the same city. All because we know there’s probably only pain at the end of it, especially him causing me pain..

That’s why I was hesitant to reach out.. but I finally did it. I asked him if he thinks it’s a good idea if we meet. He took a bit of time and then said he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

I just felt... numb. Didn’t know what to say anymore.. I knew he was right. I expected him to be honest with his answer. And he was. And yet.. I was numb..

He took a bit more time.. and then said ‘let me know once you’re at xxx (his workplace, where I used to work too and have a few old friends there still). I was like, but you just said it’s not a good idea! He repeated the exact same words, asking me to let him know once i’m there.

I told him I wasn’t planning to see him there. It’s a public place with a ton of people who know us both and I wasn’t sure how emotional it would be for me to see him after almost 3 years and after all that we went through over the years.
He didn’t say anything to that. It’s pretty late where he lives and I hope he went to sleep. I kept him up pretty late. Not that he complained.

I didn’t tell him this but I feel like I might not be able to hold my tears when I see him, if I do. It’s been too long and so much has happened since. Personally I’m in a vulnerable state already, and with him I’m just way too vulnerable. It’s super scary, how much happiness & joy he can bring me, and the exact opposite too, with just some words. I know you spoke about the power being with me. I get that, in theory. But what do you do with this useless heart and this soul that seems to be all tangled up with this other person’a soul? I’m an almost middle aged woman who has seen a lot of life. I can’t explain what this is and I hate that so much! :’(

i get what you mean and i think you should focus more on your unconditional well-being and on the perfect kind of relationship you want to manifest. It's human and normal to be obsessed with another person but sometimes it's not that healthy. Start trying to acknowledge a feeling of unconditional love and magic in your daily life.

These are 2 short but truly powerful videos by a magical coach about feeling worthy of it all & about healing from disappointment in relationships so that you'll be able to welcome the perfect love for you, you will love it!:




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