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Hi there , it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here but I’m hoping that you will all be able to help me .......

I’ve recently had a bit of drama at work and it’s made for some realisations about myself and about either I want to work for this company . I have decided not but it’s also raising issues as to my career ( I’m a pastry chef) .
I have no idea if this is what I want to do I’m conflicted on every issue I think about and I’m looking to find out how you know what you want . There’s so much out there I’m struggling to make a decision . How do you find out what is your true calling , and what will make you happiest in order to start working on manifesting this?

Thank you for your help!
Lauren x

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Here a long tailed fabled story ..... once upon a time. .....

A problem has problems .... it has "issues, dependencies" in order to feel good about being a problem, you know .... a purpose ... a mission .... life's work and such . So a problem goes looking for solutions, a mate,  a partner to hook up with. Now problem and solution are like 2 peas in a pod .... wedded bliss..... they are one, so to speak, 2 sides of the same coin... each side seemingly complete with the other. All seems well for a while but soon issues arise .... one side believes the other is not fulfilling the other .... not doing enough.... pulling their weight..... maybe 2 timing with an-other. A problem isn't enough of a problem for the solution  and a solution isn't enough of a solution for the problem.  It is an imppossible situtation. The demands of either one can not meet the expectations of the other..... they are headed for divorce court.... a court of arbritation to divide the assets... the merits or demerits of each. Soon it is decided to split clean .... problem takes all their problems with them.... solutions takes all their solutions with them.... all is well again. Uh ... not really .... as each is still incomplete with a partner.... yet paradoxically .... inompetent with a partner . So both end up alone .... and die from the wait/weight of themselves.  Both die from starvation and inability to digest even themselves. Their very existence was their death. 

The End

So Lauren .... Your BEING  IS  PERFECTION-BEING.... BEING-PERFECTION-SELF .  Simply and irrevocably the glorious TRUTH ITSELF ..... Existince Existing Exists ..... Infinitum .... Absolutely .... Positively ....and by Golly and oh so Wonderfully....  Beautifully . 

You'll always be one of my favorite people. :) First time I've heard you type out a story in such a manner, but really enjoyed reading it; nicely put. Also, not sure if you even remember me, but it's great to see you're still around. 

" I’m looking to find out how you know what you want . There’s so much out there I’m struggling to make a decision . How do you find out what is your true calling , and what will make you happiest in order to start working on manifesting this?"

How do you know what you want? My guess is when you're doing it, you enjoy doing it. If you hate it, then that's a good indicator that you don't want to do it. Now the funny thing is that life can make you believe that you're suppose to find ONE thing you're really good at and just focus on that until you die. That's far from the truth though and I recommend that you ALWAYS ENGAGE INTO ALL OF THE THINGS YOU ENJOY because that's why you're even here to begin with. For example, I'm a musician, artist, 3D modeler, animator, programmer, networker, engineer, hacker (ethical), chef (self-proclaimed ;) ), martial artist, automator, etc... etc... etc... The point I'm making is that if I ever had to force myself to figure out just one thing I enjoy and only focus on that, then I would be running around in circles and not know what to pick. There is so many amazing things we can do here, so why pick just one? Pick 'em all!

The beauty of the process is that you'll end up discovering so many things that you love doing and never knew it was something you'd find so amazing. That's why it's good to flow with life and make sure you check out the scenery on the way down stream! :)

So let me ask you this. What are the things that you enjoyed growing up and now? And I want you to really think about this. I don't care if it's stuff that no one would pick as a career, or doesn't make a lot of money, etc... If there was one thing you enjoyed in life that you could do because money didn't matter, what would it be?

For myself, as seen above, I engage into whatever holds interest to me in any given moment. As for my career, I always enjoyed playing video games, so I'm focused on creating them now. Growing up I was always told that I'm wasting my time or that I need to focus on something serious. Why? Because everyone is sold the same script on how you're suppose to live and progress your life before you lose all of it and die. lol Basically we're trained to create other people's dreams instead of focusing upon our own. 

So just ask yourself, if money isn't a factor or consideration, what's something I could do every day that would bring me joy and enjoyment? I don't even mean as a job or career, but just in general, what makes you feel good when you're doing it. 


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