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You will experience negative thoughts and emotions, but negative doesn’t have to be experienced in a negative way. Negative can be experienced in a positive, beneficial way when you understand it’s value. Seeing the advantage of unwanted transforms it to wanted because of the clarity it brings. Clarity of something bigger and greater that could only have come about because of it and your path of least resistance to allowing was to move through some resistance. Which means the resistance isn’t a hindrance, it’s a support system. It’s rocket fuel for launching your rockets of desire.

You can be satisfied having an unsatisfying experience. You can have fun with something that isn’t. You can enjoy being upset. It seems like a paradox . . . because it is. But it’s how you create the reality you want. Because you don’t just want a reality where, “I’m miserable, so let me get happy focusing only on experiences I fancy so I can manifest other happy experiences. But if anything goes wrong, if I feel overwhelmed, worried, stressed or depressed, there is no way I can enjoy that.” But that’s just not true. You can enjoy negative emotion.

People are afraid of being friends with it because they think it will perpetuate and they’ll be stuck. But the opposite is true. Building a rapport with negative emotions gives you complete control over how you feel. You’re no longer rejecting them. You’re acknowledging their assistance for a wonderful life.

In non-physical, you don’t have the luxury of negative emotion. That is a unique experience you get to have in the physical swimming through resistance. Negative thoughts and emotions are an interesting way of experiencing things. Look at a swimming pool. Without water and some resistance to move through, you would just be standing ten feet deep in a concrete hole. What fun is that? And if you only wanted to experience positive emotion you would’ve stayed in non-physical. So if you’re here, you want to be. You knew negative was a joyous part of the deal.

The only reason people don’t like negative thoughts and emotions is because it feels uncomfortable and they don’t know how to control it, so they feel powerless to it. But the more you understand the advantage of unwanted, you build a friendship with an important part of your life experience. Saying you’ll only feel satisfied with good-feeling emotion is depriving yourself of unconditional satisfaction. A good chunk of your life has some negative emotion. And when you focus on appreciating and exploring it in a curious, open way, of seeing how cute and adorable, and fun, and exciting, emotions such as sadness or frustration feels, you free yourself to see your life the way you intended. You get to live life to its fullest when you no longer hold yourself back for not feeling good. That no matter what emotion, no matter what thoughts you think, it no longer matters. You’re just along for the ride.

Joy is just as riveting as depression. Anxiety is just as interesting as empowerment. Fear is just as lovely as love. They’re all on an equal playing field. Positive isn’t greater than negative. They’re equals. And equally fascinating. When you no longer put positive on a pedestal, you can move through negative thoughts much more fluidly. Because when you feel negative emotion you’re not in a rush to get rid of it. Sure you want to refocus, but appreciating it helps you feel better because you’re including the fun and playfulness into everything you do which transforms a previously unsatisfying experience into a satisfying one. Not just your perception but the situation itself.

When you get rid of the notion that somehow negative is bad and positive is good, and view both of them as good, that you can feel comfortable and enjoy your time with negative emotion, then you become like water and effortlessly move through your life with more empowered flexibility than ever before.

This is what it means to be in what Abraham calls Step 5. You’re not mad about being mad. You’re not sad about feeling sad. You see the magnificent beauty of negative experiences which makes them positive because of their necessary part in the fulfillment of your ever-evolving and expanding desires.

People put positive emotions on the VIP list and treat negative emotions like chopped liver. It’s not just about observing and not judging negative emotions—it goes beyond that. You cherish them. You thank them. Inviting them to the party and they are a valued guest. Depression and anxiety are just as beloved, esteemed guests as enthusiasm and acceptance. And when you treat all emotions as VIPs they all feel included.

“Hey boredom, it was fun hanging out with you. I’m going to talk to passion, but I enjoyed our conversation.”

Negative emotions don’t feel like unworthy contributions to the party of your life, which is why they throw a fit and seem like they never leave you alone because they want to have fun, too. When you see the benefits of feeling bad, viewing them as just as valuable as better-feeing emotions, that helps release them with ease. A negative emotion is just like someone with a unique personality. Don’t need them to be different for you to enjoy them for who they are. And the negative aspects of your personality are just a unique expression of positivity from a different angle.

Negativity offers so much beauty and value in clarifying what you want. Without the negative, how would you even know what positive is? Without negative emotion, how would you know you’re out of alignment, offering resistance to your desires and attracting what you don’t want? So much worthy input. Negativity is your friend because it helps properly guide you in the direction you prefer, which is positivity.

Positive can’t be negative, but negative can be positive. Negative can take on a double role. It’s working double duty for half the pay (because people don’t appreciate it so it emotionally gets paid less than positive). Think of how much of a hard time people give to negativity. No wonder it’s so negative! Cut the negative some slack. It’s giving superb service and just doing it’s job, which you want it to do.

“How do you move from disappointment to manifesting your desire?”

By viewing disappointment as manifesting your desire. In a sense, view it not as a hindrance, but a prerequisite. Typically when you want something you’re not up to speed with it, and your work is closing the gap. So disappointment means you’re right on track to getting up to speed. You could only feel that bad because there’s so much momentum raring to go to see its fulfillment. You got your foot on the gas and break at the same time. Let go of the brake and that desire rushes out the gate. Seeing negative emotion as beneficial for the expansion of your ever-growing and expanding desires upgrades your perspective and thus point of attraction to allow all that you want.

It’s having a symbiotic and different relationship with all of your emotions, not just the good-feeling ones. They’re cool. They’re fun. Feeling depressed or frustrated is exciting when you understand how emotions work and what their purpose is. It’s reorienting your perspective that all emotions are worthy and have an honorary seat at the Council of Clarity (CoC for short) for your point of attraction. So you can say, “I have a beautiful and huge CoC!” Be proud of your glorious CoC and admire how much it grows and expands the pleasure in your life.

“I’m not feeling inspired to get out of bed. Good for me.”

Owning and embracing it releases your resistance which inspires you to want to do it. The power is in the paradox. You don’t say, “I know better than to think like that. I thought I was doing really good at feeling good, and then this happened and now I’m frustrated and disappointed with myself.”

That’s great! Terrific. That’s going to happen. And when you understand you messing up is going to happen, then when it does you’re way, way easier on yourself because it was expected. Deeming things only happening the way you think they should doesn’t emotionally prepare you for when they don’t. Viewing everything as perfect and stuff hits the fan sometimes as a part of the process, helps you maintain being relaxed and having fun because it’s all going according to plan.

You’re not powerless to feeling bad. You always have the ability to feel better. No matter what happens you feel more confident in your sustainable ability to feel better when you view negative as positive because then you see everything benefits you and can be experienced in a satisfying way.

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OMG this is beyond, this post is everything Brian!!!!!!!!!! This was EXACTLY what i needed to read! Thank you endlessly******

p.s. An Indian saying goes: Pain is barely an opinion.

L'immagine può contenere: testo

L'immagine può contenere: testo

Love this! :D  Also love your humour!

I love my CoC!!!! 


Haha obviously!!


But for real this was an incredibly timed 'missing piece' read for me. I think I have been wanting to know how to make Step 5 more...palatable? I'm getting better at not being mad at myself but I've still been thinking of negative emotion as messing up hard and I really needed the 'how' component - HOW do I not be mad at myself? How do I specifically think of this in a valuable way? This post covered all of that amazingly. Thank you! 


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