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I am stuck in negative energy all the time. My body is in a continual state of negativity. It makes me think only about things that make me angry or about people angry about me, etc...all my thoughts are negative and I can't do anything. 

How do you remove permenantly this negative energy from your body ? I did it once but dunno how I did it.

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Energy is simply energy neither positive or negative.  You choose how to spend your energy just as you choose to spend your money.  If you decide to spend it on positive things instead of negative things the energy will change accordingly.  It's really great like that.

Good luck with spending your energy more wisely.

Love and Light

Aravelle xxx

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It's not something you can destroy, anything you 'fight' against you are paying attention to and will just attract more of it. As long as you are focused on destroying it you are giving it energy and it will continue to grow. What you resist, persists and what you fear draws near. Try to 'switch' your focus gently to something positive every time you have a negative thought. If you feel anger towards someone, try switching to finding something good about that person. It's not easy and takes a lot of time and practice but it does work if you keep at it. Go for a walk around the block, do pushups anything to physically release the negative energy and emotional release will soon follow. Spend time doing things you enjoy, spend time with positive people, read things that uplift you. Try meditation to calm you down and help you to focus. Take a look at learning to forgive others and yourself, anger often comes from being unable to forgive something or someone. Quit talking, thinking and focusing on negative people, places and things. The more you do this the more of the negative you will attract. Take it one minute at a time, don't force it, be gentle on yourself and things will begin to slowly turn around. As it does you will begin to feel more positive and the law of attraction will bring more positive into your life.

By the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy can not be created nor destroyed. It can be transformed or moved into something else though.

But aside from that charming fact, here's what I have to say. I've gotten to a point in my life where I have accepted my thoughts and feelings are fluid. Nothing will stay the same inside me (well hardly anything. Love and things like that are cool to stay with me). This mentality helps me. I understand that my current emotions are not truth. Just because I'm angry at the world right now doesn't mean that I always will be, or that the world is a terrible place. It's just an emotion that is coloring my perspective. Therefore, after a while I can accept I was just having a moment and I don't need to listen to what I say, and then I can change my emotions. Allow yourself to let the emotions be fluid. Accept that you can let go of this negative energy, or change it, and then DO IT. You are completely capable. When you stray from positive thoughts, correct yourself. Do things that make you happy. Do something that will make a difference in the world. Do the things that make you feel happy and good about yourself and that will create and habit/cycle of POSITIVE energy.


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