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I notice that whenever I engage in negative thinking this has been happening for awhile I get negative signs, omens, synchronicities. It gets me uncomfortable because its as if the Universe is telling me something and I'm in defense mode constantly. Its hard to adapt to the Universe especially when I receive really negative signs, coincidences, and synchronicities. I even think some spirits are angrily engaged with me at this point. So it feels like a perilous situation with no escape in sight. Especially since it feels like I did irreversible damage so the Universe is reprimanding me. 

I guess the question in short is how does one deal with amazingly negative synchronicity since that is a part of using LOA properly. I only attract bad messages, signs, names, numbers things that feel almost unreal but are. I know it was caused by anger management, casual hatred, but I dont feel there is much of a way out. I have even incurred the wrath of spirits from what I'm putting out into the Universe. Its very unnerving. 

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Negative synchronicity isn't the Universe reprimanding you per se, it is YOU BELIEVING that it is. A belief which isn't serving you well at all. The Universe doesn't punish or reprimand, and doesn't send angry spirits;only if you believe it does. Then it will send all sorts of things to match your belief. There is no such thing as irreversible damage, since no situation or circumstance is permanent. It is only ever temporary, because situations are a form of energy, and energy can be changed. If there is a situation which you have created which you think you can't change, ask the Universe to change it for you. It can.

Negative synchronicities come from using LOA negatively; ie with negative thoughts and beliefs. The thinking of thoughts generates a psychic momentum, and synchronicities relating to this start happening incrementally. That is to say that the more you use a negative thought, the more you will see and experience things relating to it, until it actually happens......or you change it. A negative synchronicity is the Universe showing you what you are manifesting IF YOUR CURRENT ENERGIES STAY THE SAME. If you don't like the synchronicities, then change your thoughts. Focus on something much more positive and keep on doing that.

If you feel that you have done irreversible damage, then FORGIVE YOURSELF. That is the most powerful thing you can do. It will dissolve the guilt you feel, and move that energy into the present moment, to become positive solutions.

Irreversible damage is actually a really bad thing it means i cant manifest or create new things because of my past. Source/God insists that I cant create or manifest anything new due to my past conduct. Now anytime i attempt to manifest something new its canceled out by my past actions.


You get what you ask for. That is the essence of LOA. Think negative, get negative. Think positive, get positive. It really comes down to that simple tenet. 

The question is how reversible is the negativity so I can go back to manifesting normal things.Some of what I attracted is so messed up that I wonder if its to late.


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