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ok so i want to manifest more money, loving relationships, more fun in life and cure my eXessive sweating...

but d*mn i have never felt rich or loved or never had a sweat-free day...

how am i supposed to visualise those desire when i have never felt anything near those feelings

I am all ears


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You already know how to feel like you think it is going to feel, otherwise you wouldn't "desire" anything....


You don't want a new car, a new mansion, millions of dollars-- you want the feeling YOU THINK you are going to get if you get those things or situations....


How can you "think" you will feel a certain way, if you cannot fantasize about the feeling? Everyone does it, including depressed people, it is just that they are unable to "hold those thoughts" long enough to believe them.


I was "poor" most of my life, but, as a teenager, with little income, when that car I wanted drove by me, while I was walking, I didn't muddy down thoughts with, "I cannot afford that", or "that is too expensive", or whatever....


You have to believe in possibility.


When I was working my a** off, trying to pay rent and feed myself it was simply NO PROBLEM AT ALL for me to KNOW that having money is better than not having it.


Never felt it before... hmmm! How dare you!? lol ;)


A great man on PI wants said, and I have stolen it, "Happiness is not an emotion, it is an attitude." You are manifesting everything that is around you now, and you never questioned how you could "attract" that, AND, you didn't sit around doing "I'm happy... I'm happy... I'm happy" exercises to get them.... You just never doubted you could get them.


lol :P  And don't give me that stuff about not being able to appreciate a junky used car, or an old refrigerator-- just about 4 generations ago they didn't have those things... then they did. There are many people alive today who couldn't imagine having a cell phone, yet they attracted one. :)


What you are really attracting is appreciation?.... But that "new car smell" is an awesome awesome helper of imagination of how it will "feel"/"appreciate" a new car.




ok what feeling i am craving ?


you MUST have felt happiness before,even for a second

so induce this feeling and then, start affirming that you have money or friends or love or whatever makes you happy

Allthethings, I don't think you made it past my first sentence.



Imagine all those things in your life and how you think it would make you feel... Spend more time imagining that than you do thinking about the present.

Remind yourself that the present is just a shadow of past thinking.  Now you're changing your thinking, looking for the good all the time, appreciating, letting go, and believing in the good :-)

Take it easy and make the most of everyday.


This is a good question because as physical humans it's easier for us to just observe things the way they are and have been and feel that instead of using our imagination to conjure the feeling. Like others said, you want to be happy, so do anything that makes you feel really good. It could be music, walking in nature, dance, anything that you like doing. Also, you could ask yourself how you would feel when you have the money, the car, etc. and speak the words that best describe those feelings. Be childlike and create fun games using your creativity to help you believe in the presence of your desire. Remember the most exciting and joyful moments of your life and revel in them. Use all of your senses when you imagine, for example, see the car in your garage, feel the smoothness of the steering wheel, feel the fresh scent of a new car. With your imagination, you will reach a point where you won't even feel like you need your desire anymore because you can already feel it. And just be easy about this, follow your own guidance and see what resonates with you. 

ok but what if you never smelled a new car's scent, what if you never touched a steering wheel before..

you can't imagine something you do not know...... you can't feel something you never felt before ....

There has to be a reason someone would want something they have never experienced.  So what is the reason?  The reason will tell you the feeling you are wanting, even if you've never had that particular item.  Lets say you want a new car... why?  Maybe to feel cool, maybe to feel successful, to feel respected, admired... whatever the reason, there is always a feeling associated with it.

Anyone can picture themselves driving a new car.  A little creativeness and they can experience something.  Its as simple as going to a car dealership and sitting in a brand new car. 

Believe in well-being, look for it, and tell yourself you're on the right path. 

There were and are tribal people who have never smelled a new car, or knew what a car was. So they manifest "joy" or "happiness" in different ways... but eventually, people did invent/manifest new cars as a source of joy. (It becomes part of YOUR belief system.)


It isn't that you are stumping us with some great philosophical conundrum; nor is it that you don't know how to figure this one out; it is just that you think you have figured out why it doesn't work; and you think you can stump the "grown ups".


I prefer the more practical approach to understanding LoA, but I cannot explain it if someone doesn't open their mind long enough to read what I am saying.


i will take a break and try to figure things out

Imagine how nice it might feel, that's all :-) 


hi! :)

Tell us how you chose your name here for pi?


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