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I made that mistake of engaging with the Universe it can be discouraging. I kept attracting really freaky things through the negative energy I was giving off and it gradually got worse to the point that I started attracting some freaky things. I don't think youtube self-help videos work at this point because I would have to be a higher vibrational match for what they are encouraging me to do. I have not gotten along with the source in a while, in fact I'm angry at it. Discovering and mastering this law after doing some irreparable damage is also hard. At the moment depression looms over me and I have convinced myself that I am evil because of what I have attracted in my life. This is why I joined these forums because I was having an emergency after attracting some really messed up stuff.

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Yeah I attracted some really freaky shit from my negativity. Some of which I wonder if it hurt any spirits or angels.

what makes you think you hurt spirits or angels?  They aren't in a human physical body but exist in spirit which is indestructible.  Seriously I'm curious as you have said this a number of times and I'm yet to hear why you think it so?

Cause of attracting really freaky synchronicity. 

After being negative enough to attract some of the worst crap imaginable I noticed some really messed up synchronicity, omens, coincidences that seemed to indicate that I was attracting really bad trouble. I know the Universe only responds to the orders you give it but its still a creepy scenario.

Well what if it wasn't messed up but showing you just how powerful you are, I mean if you can create that kind of stuff, then you can equally create something even more magically and fulfilling if you choose to do so.

I gotta be honest sometimes i feel the universe through meditation and deep thought and it gives me answers i dont want to hear.

Maybe its not the Universe you are hearing but something else perhaps?

Its not anything but a feeling. I seek answers from God not through direct communication but by meditating and getting answers from energy, feeling, sensations etc. And almost all of the time I walk away with answers that are completely bad, dissatisfying. God/Source/Universe is telling me i made my bed and now i gotta sleep in it. I go through hours of intense meditation to get the universe to give me answers but the answers  are usually the opposite of what I need. 

But that doesn't mean you can hurt spirit or angels - rather the opposite actually.  You cannot destroy angels or spirits - its impossible to do so.  Spirit is indestructible. 

Maybe your right. My fear of this issue naturally stems from the creepy synchronicity that re-enforced my fear.

What if it wasn't creepy but just your inner being showing you that your thoughts were off track.  You label these as creepy synchronicity but they are likely just a by product of your focus.  Have you heard the saying what you resist persists etc and what you focus on you get more of.  There's a reason these sayings are used so frequently.  Again, fear, is just a choice you are choosing to make and you can change your mind and thoughts and choice at any time you wish to do so. 


how about this..

Let’s not discuss why this belief of yours is false. Like Greysen suggested - what you resist persists . May be, at this moment, if you feel like it’s too much work to figure out the truth , then how about you let it be? 

The main question is what do you want your life to be like.. And what makes you happy..

as long as you focus on achieving your desires that bring you joy, this belief of yours shouldn’t bother you. 


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