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I am dedicating this post to Esther.

As I was writing a response to her comment, I realized how I was making a mistake in applying loa for a particular desire of mine and getting frustrated because of poor results. 

I learnt this part of the manifestation process from freeneville website, which explains the teachings of Neville Goddard. I highly recommend reading their free articles where they break down tiny details of the LOA application process as taught by Neville .

It was the day I was supposed to take a flight home from New York. I was already very stressed ( or I was focusing on things that did not make me feel good) with all the packing, storage, going to the airport, security clearance and basically the entire journey . When I tried checking in online in the afternoon, I found that they changed the departure time from 9:45pm to 8 pm. I had too many things to do and this just made it worse. ( basically the outside responded to my vibrations) 

Somehow I packed and took a cab. I was already running a bit late. I have a record of being at the gate at least two hours prior to the boarding, so this situation put me in panic mode. I am no frequent flyer or premium customer that they would make exceptions for. UBER app estimated that I would make it just in time. 

The cab driver was a super sweet gentleman from DR. I told him how I was running late . He looked at the GPS and said we would reach about 30 min after the luggage check-in closes. Because we were driving during the rush hours it could take even longer. Missing this flight could cost me a fortune. 

I distracted myself by revising my broken Spanish with him but it didn’t help much. Now all I could do was apply some LOA technique . I tried visualizing and feeling that despite the traffic I reached the airport just in time. This feeling was very hard to capture . I remembered this freeneville article and I tweaked my method. Now I started seeing myself in the flight and feeling relieved as I had made it . I still had this doubt - ‘ how would that be possible? There is no way it could happen unless I fly like Superman.’ So I tweaked it even more, just like Neville teaches, using my improvised version of the ‘I remember when...’ technique. 

I started feeling the relief of making it and telling myself -‘wow, this looked so impossible, I cannot believe this happened because I just couldn’t see a way out ‘

I felt much better. I tried my best to continue to be in this feeling place.

The driver managed to make it 10 min before the GPS ETA. God bless his soul.

But I was still 20 min late. 

I ran to the luggage check-in counter, they looked like they were open. When I walked up to the check-in personnel, she apologized to me as the flight was delayed . I had reached in time and I was there two hours before the gate opened- just how I always like it!

I felt the same feeling of relief and surprise that I had felt when I visualized and it felt so good !

Note to self- 

1)Always focus on the end, which is on the event that would imply that my wish has come true ( already flying peacefully) and not the scene where my wish is coming true ( me arriving at the airport in time)

2)If you cannot overcome your doubts, use the ‘I remember when...’ method. That way you don’t have to fight against your doubt . You acknowledge the situation but you simply take yourself out of it. 

This experience may not have earned me $$ But it saved me $$ .

Hope you guys find it helpful. 

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Good story!

:) thanks

Thank you ∞Infinity∞!

You are always so kind!!!

You let me know more the method!

I am glad it was helpful. You are always welcome!

Wow.  I am a big fan of Neville's teachings,  but I have never really been able to nail the remember when method. 

Honestly, this was the only time I used it because I really really wanted it to go my way. 

I must quit being lazy and use what I have learnt . 

Amazing story. I too felt the relief from reading this! Lol! I can imagine the peacefulnes you felt at that moment.

Thanks :) yes! So peaceful. But you know what.. by continuously focusing on that, on some level, I had started to expect it to happen. There was some fear obviously, a lot actually. I guess it is about your dominant vibration. So I was not as shocked as I should have been. 

If you love Neville you can not miss this (or probably you already know it), i have no words to describe how much i find this story helpful, i superLove it:


Beautiful story! I personally enjoy Neville a lot, easy to understand and apply. His books have amazing reality which many LOA beginners can learn from. Some of the teachings I apply everyday that have never failed me are:

  1. Living from the end result
  2. Act as if
  3. Persistent Assumption 
  4. I remember when
  5. Imagination fulfills its self
  6. By water and by blood
  7. Life is a dream
  8. Self talk creates reality 

I could just go on forever. 

Thank you so much for sharing your experience here while applying Neville’s teachings. 

Love & light 



Thanks for sharing your favorite Neville teachings. I am yet to explore a few of those topics. It sounds exciting! 


Could you please share the website that you are talking about here?

Thanks for sharing your story :)


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