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I've been doing some clearing work with regard to my manifestation via a technique I read somewhere complete surrender to the higher power. On the first few days you're supposed to be sitting in a silent place take 5-6 deep breaths and then write down a few( 4-5) things or thoughts on a note pad,which are important to achieving your goal.

Well, my result has been that all the things I've written down appear in my dream but it still goes wrong...and horribly so! I was already waking up feeling low and now this. Ush. So it was making me feel bad and so I stopped but the dreams keep continuing.

Any ideas? Is this just my subcouscious trying to mess with my head again or how should I look at this?

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Hi Liina,

I think you are doing Great work ! You are clearing or cleaning out your mind of clutter, and all you have done is found some messy thoughts and fears hidden in a crevice of your mind which you are now seeing as "nightmares". But you are releasing them, or clearing them out ...carry on it is great work.

With Nightmares as with dreams, the visuals are just fantasy, but the 'feeling's and "emotions' are real, so try to analyse what you were 'feeling' in the dream and you will know that THAT is what you are now clearing out of your subconscious.

There are many places in our subconscious mind where we can literally sweep unwanted and messy feelings and thoughts and hide them, that is why meditation and hypnosis are so effective as they can uncover these hidden messes.

I know it is unpleasant to have nightmares, but you need to congratulate yourself that you no longer need to 'hide' these old fears (some of which may date back to childhood !). Just know that you are releasing them, and sit up after the dream and give yourself a pat on your back, or if necessary make a cup of tea and celebrate.

love and light Gen
Thanks Gen :)

I love this forum, it always puts me in better mood than I was! So many absolutely helpful and wonderful people here :)

I guess the common theme here is betrayal, not being good enough and fear of getting hurt and this manifests in my dreams over and over again. I can't tell you how terrible it is being dumped over and over again in your dream for instance, or receiving intentionally mean phone calls and emails...Coming face to face with your demons is not fun....Well, hopefully this head of mine will be straight in no time!

Oh, and hah, just realized. Sooooo related to childhood issues.
A feeling of betrayal is often associated with a change in beliefs. As a child we have many wonderful beliefs about fun and games and enjoyment and little by little we are betrayed by adults who 'teach us reality' and crush our dreams and so we suffer and feel betrayed and then find it difficult to believe in new things.

Now you are changing your beliefs, and are learning about LOA, and so your childhood fears of being hurt are resurfacing, you may be thinking, "I dont want to believe that I can have everything I want, only to be disappointed when I find this is not true". This is the cry of the little child in you who doesnt want to be hurt again "with being dumped or receiving mean phone calls etc". So it takes courage for you to change your beliefs now and accept that LOA can work and IS working.

I would use all the negative things that come up in your dreams and use them to help you to KNOW what it is you really really want. So for example you take the dont want to be hurt by intentionally mean emails and phone calls, and you start by saying I Dont want these things to keep happening and then you sit and think about what you DO want to happen and you write them down in a positive form. like, "I would like to receive phone calls from friends who love me and emails that are fun to read, and I want to find a friend who loves me and with whom I can form a longlasting friendship or relationship.

It may not happen immediately, and so you need to learn to ignore or let go of hurtful phonecalls, but the more you wish for good things, the more they will start to happen. It is hard to let go of alll the negative thought patterns that are stored in our subconscious mind, but practice does help and one day you will find that little or nothing hurts you anymore, you can laugh about it, and then as you become more happy, good things just happen.

So take heart in the great work you have started here because it will all get better and better !

love and light Gen
HI Liina, I went through a very similar experience using EFT. Not only did I have nightmares, but I woke up crying and very sad.I became very clumsy and couldn't concentrate! I actually would not drive one day because I was unsteady. I was told that it was a positive change as the negativity was all stirred up and that things would get worse before they get better. Remember what Louise Hay says aboutthe trukey pan? After a turkey dinner the pan is all stuck with loads oa gunk, but if you keep soaking and scraping, little by little it is all gone.

You are in the process of moving through and beyond your buried pain.

One thing Ialso did was that I had to stand straight and (this sounds weird) but I had to shake my legs, quickly in order to become grounded again. It worked!

Keep going, you will see light soon.

Love, Flowerpatch xoxox
Heck, know what my mom does with the gunk in the turkey pan? She makes gravy!

I was thinking the same thing as you gals -- this process of clearing one's thoughts and psyche often lead to the "dredging up" of the stuff beneath it, and that is a good thing. It can feel bad, but it's really not.

So...embrace it all.
Thanks for the input you all.

I decided to put radical forgiveness to work for the residue that is building up and it's worked before to some extent so it should do now too. The problem with the radical forgiveness technique is that I can't seem to get the results last. Something always comes up that screws up the progress I've made. But slowly, slowly I guess.

I'm starting to think my unemployment (or being in between jobs, as I prefer to call it) has been one of those blessings in disguise. I finally have time to concentrate on me and how I feel and what to focus on. Altho, now its been about 2 months and I'm starting to get bored :) So, that dream job, come to mee, cooommmee. Maybe it will once I get my gunk sorted out and don't need time excessively to dwell on improving myself. :)
Liina, think of it as a break in life where tijme stops and you "catch up". Take this time to really do some work. Haveyou seen Louise Hay's movie, You Can Heal Your Life. It is an at thome psuchotherapy seesion without the dr bill!
I highly recommend it. Keep up the positive thinking!!!

Love, Flowerpatch
Holmes mentions a joke in one of his books, where this person was having a nightmare about being chased by a monster. the nightmare continued for many nights, until the guy was cornered by the monster and decided to face him. "What are you going to do to me?" the guy asked. And the monster replied. "How should I know? It's YOUR dream!"

This hints at a process to deal with it. I have used this myself. Before I went to bed, I said to myself...if I have a dream of something unpleasant, I will face it with my head held up, knowing that I am in charge of my dreams and what they say about me, just as I am in charge of my thoughts when I'm awake.

I've even changed the way a dream unfolds. At times, I've become aware...in the midst of a dream...that this was just a dream, and it's time for me to take charge of how this plays out. I've actually changed the dream from within the dream...and you can too.

So affirm before going to sleep: I alone control my dreams. This is my head and no one has any influence here but me.

We can also use our dreams to acknowledge good things about ourselves. Affirm: I will learn something good about myself tonight. This works, too.

Sweet dreams...
Seamus you are so right!! I have also done this! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.......Liina, sleep tight, we are right beside you!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....
I gotta try this tonight! Dreams seem to have weakened some, which is a good thing. And the thought that its good clearing helped some too.

Somethings tipped tho after this. I was feeling a bit low today and I ran into two friends, by chance, that don't even live in my city. The phone's been ringing off the hook today. Received the email Ive been waiting for (not quite the happy news I expected, i.e. the dream job I've wanted doesn't seem to be happening but not a complete disaster either as I was offered another option which is not quite as good but it's something). I'd hoped to run into these people and receive the email etc for quite some time now and no sign so far. Maybe a block of some sort has been removed? I'm quite good at accidental manifestation (kinda just think about it, and off it goes and poof its there, no sweat) but the serious ones, the ones I've stated out loud, have been rarely coming by.
Had to share this!! Last night, another being dumped dream, ugh. BUT this time, the me in the dream was cool and collected and the other person was struggling with the whole thing, apparently not really wanting to do this to me. Me in the dream spoke in peaceful tones and accepted the situation and held my ground. I woke up calm and serene :) Wohoo. Somethings working!!
You are taking authority of your mental state...that's what's working! ver' cool, ver' cool.


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