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Hey People.... I wanna know about NLP.....watz it actually???? does it work??? I would really be thankful if someone who has applied this technique n really got helped by that share the tips n books with me...........

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I know only bits and pieces about it.  I have found some of the techniques helpful but I am going to bed soon!  So I will check back tomorrow my time & reply to this.

hey athena.... thanks a lot ...

 for taking the pain to reply...

 u tell me tmrw at wat tym u wil be online

Hi guarav,


I really enjoy Anthony Robbins work and he does quite a bout NLP. My understanding of it is has certain words trigger certain emotions. By changing the words we use will quite often change our emotion we attach to it.

For instance

"I have to" V's "I want to".

"Angry" V's "frustrated"


A classic example is that when my husband starts getting annoyed by our daughters, he says "Gee Whizz!" in a really cross voice. V's me, I used to say something like "You're being naughty!". I started using his "Gee Whizz!" and found that I instantly picked up his habit of forgetting the naughty behaviour quicker and responding to the good behaviour quicker...That is, I picked up his cheery disposition.


The more you pay attention to it, you more you notice different attitudes attached to different words.


Hope this helps!




hi jane

thanks a lot  advise and tips and insights  about nlp.

   can u advice me 1 nice book and some additional resources to give clear cut idea and mommentum in this topic

 and basic technique which will be vey effective.......

Anthony Robbins is VERY very good. He has several books, but personally I would invest in his 30 day program. But, only purchase the CD pack if you want to understand the mind and see great results quickly,

N.L.P. is a system co-founded by John Grinder and Richard Bandler for bringing about personal development in any individual and was developed in the early 1970s.  The acronym N.L.P. stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.   Linguistic refers to communication both verbal and non-verbal and programming refers to an individual’s beliefs, thoughts and habits.  

If one person can do something, anyone can learn to do it:

Basically, this means if one human has learned how to do something that this means other humans – anyone – can also learn to do the same thing.  An example that comes to mind is Roger Bannister breaking the four minute mile.  Until he achieved it, people believed to do so would be (a) impossible and (b) dangerous and doctors strongly cautioned him against attempting such a feat.    But once Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile, runners begin to understand that this was possible and to follow suit.  In NLP, one of the main ways this particular presupposition is used is to “model” the steps an expert takes to perform a skill that the observer also wants to learn.  

Our brains don’t work with negative language and when someone is told not to think about something (for example) they automatically start to think about it.  So it is important to use language that is focussed on the positive and on what is wanted.  For instance, I want to have a job I love rather than I hate this job.  I want to be healthy rather than I don’t want to be fat.  Affirmations use the words “I am” which the subconscious takes as a command, in the present tense (rather than for instance) I am going to and ideally should be short and specific.  Written goals and affirmations alike (written and oral language used in a specific, positive way) help a person to focus on the direction that they are heading in, what they are aiming for and can help re-enforce a positive self-belief that they are capable of achieving what they want.  This can also be motivating in times of set-backs and obstacles along the way.   Conversely, negative speech, talking about what is wrong (rather than for instance, focussing on the problem but then brainstorming and concentrating on possible solutions) blaming others and being non-specific can set people up to failure.

thanks a ton athena....

 for ur taking pain to answer me...

 i got a clear understanding about wat nlp is .. yhanks agai..

   please suggest me one nice book...

  which will clear my concepts more deeply and give me basic tips and techniques which is esy to use and effective...

 i will be really thankful for u for that suggestion.



People are all individuals and as such we all have different ways of seeing the world.


A goal should be one that the client can control and something that they want themselves, rather than something another person (however well-meaning!) is persuading them to achieve and one that is ecological, i.e. good for others and the world.


Chunking goals down into smaller steps can help them to feel less overwhelming and more achievable to the client, rather than burdensome.  According to Jack Canfield: “By chunking down your goals, and then taking daily action on them, you create momentum and build your confidence, both of which move you farther and faster toward the achievement of your goals.”  [Jack Canfield . (2006-2010). Chunk-Down that Goal and Get Out of Overwhelm. Available: http://www.dreammanifesto.com/chunkdown-goal-overwhelm.html. Last accessed 2 Jan 2011]   In the example above, the client has been encouraged to complete one chapter of their draft by the next coaching session rather than to have completed a whole book by a specific time.  


Sub-modalities are the smaller elements within a modality and can be used through visualisation to make a task a client wants to achieve seem more motivating.  For instance imagining an achievement visually as if it were moving, big, bright, in colour, clear, close up and that the person visualising this can hear what is being said (which of course is positive) is much more motivating than for them to imagine an achievement visually as if it were still, small, dull, black and white, fuzzy, far away and silent.  Part of the reason for this is that to visualize the achievement the first way feels more “real” and also more dynamic and exciting.  (For instance, colour is more appealing to the eye than black and white.)  And to imagine one can hear what is being said and any sounds that would go with the visualized successful outcome helps the mind to fill in more details of what is wanted and the person to be more inspired.  Sound can be inspiring, for instance, people who work out in a gym like to listen to listen to music when they do so.  For this reason, the client could also imagine hearing some inspiring music as they visualise the intended outcome or even have music on as they do so.  Other alternatives are to imagine the phone ringing with customer inquiries (for a person who wants to start up their own business for example) and positive words being spoken. 


That's enough for now. :-) 



I tried to find the vid & I can't but here's a real simple technique:

Tap on the back of your left hand while thinking of something bugging you.  (briefly!) then briefly tap on your right hand while remembering a great experience & really feel it!  Then tap on the left hand again and you may find that your negative feeling about it has lessoned a bit - but noticeably so.

I haven't watched this vid through but I have a basic understanding of 

picture-switching but felt this guy might explain it better:

Personally, I wouldn't go "digging around" for a negative memory! But if there was something bugging you THAT'S when I would use it.


Ooh I can suggest a few books that I have but I need to go have a look at the titles.  By the weekend I will tell you.

Someone mentioned Anthony Robbins, if you wanted to read more about him I know one of his books is called "Awaken The Giant Within" (I have that one too) it's a bit old now but it's a good book.

For me, Paul McKenna books and CDs are very helpful but that's a combo of hypnosis and NLP. 

I haven't listened to them a lot though.

Collins Gem - 5-Minute NLP by Carolyn Boyes 
Coaching with NLP: How to be a Master Coach by Joseph O'Connor and Andrea Lages
I think I have two others but I will let you know later.  One of them is the one of the books for my coaching course I am doing.  

thanks athena for guiding me all the way down ..

what coaching coarse u r doin?

  do u have these books in e book format..

 since it is difficult to get these books in india...

 if u have their ebooks can u please mail me ..

 thanks once again

Someone put some fabulous LOA books here on a post in pdf format, do you want me to find the link for you?

(I could try)

I bought my books through amazon.com or amazon.co.uk 

I suggest youtube!  

Do a search there on NLP.

I will add some that I have found to this post later.

And I will add some more general NLP knowledge (not that I know a LOT about it!) things that are not specific to a particular book.

IF I see any free NLP pdfs I will let you know.

How do you feel about mail ins?  Where you give people your email address and they give you downloads and things? I signed up for some a while ago - like with "Jamie Smart" and "Salad ltd" his company.  I haven't had a look at many of the tips but it looks really good.  I can give you the links for this if you like - it's free. And yes, NLP.

I am on it!  I will see what things I can find.  Just give me a wee bit of time. 



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