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Not Wanting Other's Trying to Manifest in my life...(give unwanted advice)

So what's happened a LOT, I mean A L-O-T, is that when others have 1/2 or 1/4 of the story of my life....

even here, not just on other support like websites(ones that are not for cross talking either), is that FIXERS, super codependent ones, addicted to FIXING, controlling,c hanging, and managing others lives instead of their own..try to fix me, give me advice that is ALL ONE SIZE FITS ALL, and ha nothing to do with my particular situation or it's details.

For example, I say, I am miserable, no housing, bad area to live, no job, finishing college again...

I get. Quit school, get job(in terrible city with college I'm attending and ONLY living here for the SCHOOL), get stable housing, then reconsider school.

I want to get the F-K out of the town. I'd rather sleep on the streets to get done with school faster! Honestly, it's that BAD here, it's been so painful. How do I NOT manifest bad advice, or codependents up to wazoo trying to SAVE, FIX, HELP ME RECOVER from problems they don't understand that they are assuming as something other than my actual reality.

In essence THEY THINK THEY CAN CHANGE< CONTROL< FIX me, I do not want to attract these types into my life anymore, nor do I want to get unwanted advice. *Maybe there is an Abe vide for getting away from codependent controlling types?

I mean I get this advice from everyone, in most any situation. I have filed police or threatened to file complaints from these sorts who have tried to manifest in my life for me ---forceably in some manner.

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Hi!  I'm sorry you having such a rough time of things.  Having said that, when you focus on your problems you automatically attract others who want to focus on your problems.  By putting all  your problems out there, you are attracting these people to you.  Focus on the good in your life.  What are you passionate about?  That is where you want to focus your attention.  Then you will begin attract people who share those passions.  And since you are not waving the flag of I have problems you will see less 'fixers' coming your way.  

trying to SAVE, FIX, HELP ME RECOVER from problems they don't understand that they are assuming as something other than my actual reality

if this is what you think about other it is exactly what you going to get, people talk things, I say, so what.... ask yourself why this bothers you so much? What do you have to believe to choose this experience. The fact is whatever people say, however you call it positive or negative, , it is all just a vibration, neutral vibrations, than you give it a meaning and you bring the experience of that meaning on yourself. Change the meaning of their advice and your experience will change.

I graduated and left that very crime concentrated area. It is the second worse crime rate by city in Oregon. I did it my way. I think I just want general support, and I get too much control stuff from others. I just want , "I am sure you will get through it somehow." and similar. I get afraid I can't cope with the stress all the way through.
Anything below Salem is basically crime ridden. I was threatened yesterday. So glad to never, ever plan to go below Salem ever again


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