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I went to the official website of the secret and theres a portion there about health and the specific line that struck me is "nothing is incurable" I really want to believe in that but it struck me a little and I just want a affirmation on that. SO you mean even if you have HIV or already AIDS you mean by applying the secret you can cure HIV as if you never had the virus? its not that I have one, I just suddenly thought of the most dreaded virus and thought of questioned wether by the law of attraction and by the statement that nothing is incurable one can actually cure HIV? thank you for the responce in advance.

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I guess it's possible but has it been done...?I don't think I've ever heard of that. That would be wonderful for those that are affected by it or other chronic life threatening illnesses.
Nothing is incurable.
In more positive terms - all challenges, health or otherwise, are curable.
Since there are individuals who have been completely healed of all dis-eases, then, anyone can heal of them.
Although spontaneous healings do occur, it's wise to take an active course and to become vegan - countless people have been healed of all sorts of ailments in all stages by using fresh juices exclusively for awhile, to cleanse the system, plus water, of course, and then adopting a vegan diet of veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds for life.
There are many delicious ways to eat vegan, and any recipe can be adapted - veganized - so I hope everyone understands that healing is always possible!

Also, see Healthize, Healize, and Veganize.

And visit Hallelujah Acres for many ways to heal.
Actually, there have already been a number of people that HAD HIV and no longer do, I have read many stories about that
in the past.

In addition there have been people married to others who have HIV and they had sex with them for years ( mostly unkowningly ) and never got it, so actually, this may be a perfect example.

But you have realize that people are hunting for a "cure" may not be a vibrational match for what
they desire.

Everything is about resistance or lack of it and being a vibrational match.
Hi Marcy,

It all started with you...starting this site....and me incidentally coming across this site...so in gratitude I posted a new title today, a short while ago...although I can say what I told there, I would be happy if you can visit that thread and see what I have to say..

Thank you again for your email the first day, when eveything began shaping up for me..Respectfully Sarah
Thank You AND I would say it all started with YOU for sure and than you began to attract! :-}
Hi Sanity Pen,

Nothing is Incurable. Every disease is caused by exactly that Dis ease. Years of thinking negatively, years of holding grudges, years of feeling angry or annoyed or frustrated, years of being a victim or suffering in any way.

There is really no such thing as a Named disease like HIV or Cancer, these are terms that a scientist uses to define and study similar patterns in the body that Dis Ease takes. But each individual who is suffering from a disease has caused it by sightly different paths. Each persons record of negative thinking will have slightly different symptoms.

But ALL diseases can be cured and then can be avoided in the future by living with happiness, forgiveness, compassion and love in your heart and knowing that NO disease or virus or bacteria can ever again develop in your body without you inviting it.

Our bodies do have a default system of care, we need tobreathe fresh air, feed it good food and keep using our muscles by keeping active. But it is mainly our thoughts and feelings that cause cascades of chemicals to flood every part of our body causing either decay or health. So healthy mind, healthy body. But eventually we can even override our default system and from then on we are immune to all diseases, even immune to falling and breaking bones. At a certain level of consciousness we do not even need to eat healthy foods, as we can "change" the very chemistry of foods by praying over them or just asking them to provide all the nutrients we need. There are Breathaireans who never eat at all, they breathe and get all the nutrients they need.

But for those of us at the beginning of the chain, desiring to be well, we may need to use good wholesome foods, exercise, and Anything, supplements, pampering treatments, healings, coaches, crystals whatever it takes to make us FEEL, happy and to pump up our "belief" system, so that we can stop feeling like a victim of circumstances, not feel at the mercy of bugs and viruses, or of drugs or medical experts and start to feel really powerful and in control of everything that we want to attract and create in our lives.

We are beings of LIGHT, we are made at a subatomic level of photons of light, so are the bugs, the viruses, the foods we eat and so are our THOUGHTS and FEELINGS. Our thoughts and feelings can override any illness, disease, prognosis, our thoughts and feelings can make us sick or well. But we need to choose wellness and we need to lose the belief that "things happen to us" and adopt the belief that "We create and are in control of everything that happens to us".

A disease even like AIDS, is a sign in our bodies that we have suffered TOO much in our thoughts and feelings about life and relationships with other people. When we suffer too much anguish, our body kindly takes over the messy tangle of thoughts and feelings and uses it metaphorically to match up bodily symptoms with those tangled thoughts. It is a sign to STOP the negative feelings and thoughts and start loving and looking after yoursel, Spiritually, Mentally and Physically. Unfortunately nowadays instead of doing all that loving and caring of ourselves, we rush to a doctor to get a diagnosis and from then on we forget what our body is trying to TELL us and we accept the Medical view that this "Happened" to us and so we never learn the valuable lessons. When you get sick, you need to take care of yourself, love yourself, look at what has been worrying you and CHANGE it. Then you can heal. And once you make the connections between, negative thoughts and feelings and disease, you can prevent disease from ever taking hold again.

love and light Gen
I just wanted to comment on Breatharian, because when I read your comments I had to google what a Breatharian actually is. I'm really shocked that people can actually exist and thrive without eating at all on this planet earth ?! It's just such a foreign, bizarre concept. I don't understand how these individuals would even survive, let alone be healthy. Wow I've just had the shock of the day reading about that....I wonder roughly how many Breatharians there are in our planet?
Something that makes you go hmmm....
if that person believes that they can be cured of AIDS then it's possible. but it all comes down to the person with whom the disease resides in.
Any illness is a pinching off from wellbeing and if the disconnection can be restored by changing the vibrations associated with the illness,using thoughts of wellness and then feeling your way to wholeness.... you can reverse the process
our cells know what to do if we let them
You get what you believe in. Most people in the world believe that AIDS is incurable, and that is their attracted reality. But if you get it and fully believe that it is curable, then you would have to get what you believe in - it's the law. That, combined with the power of forgiveness to release healing energy into the present moment would be tremendously powerful. It has only been incurable so far in our experience, but there is a first time for everything, and when the first AIDS diagnosee makes a full recovery, then many others will follow. This is because they will be inspired by the example they have set.

Natalie and everyone, Do give this a read.  It's not about more methods of changing, rather fully understanding what already is. 



I don't believe in no no cures, I believe in curing, mind spell. This is only one girls story but all adds up keep looking exploring well being, have you heared the study of Q10 vitamin, link healing https://www.lymedisease.org/how-she-healed-ericka-arens-2/


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