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Hi there

I felt like I really had to post this because I am at an empass.

The issue here is that after many years of practising the law of attraction, the overwhelming evidence for me is that there is no such thing, essentially, it's a hoax created by a few to make money off other peoples suffering.

I'm hoping I'm wrong so I will just explain why I am saying this.

I have been actively (attempting to) attracting wealth into my life. At first there was obvious resistance in my vibration but after a while I learned to focus on positive thoughts, use visualization and meditation to either feel appreciation or to stop thought during times of feeling out of alignment. The very fact that, according to 'The Secret' a positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful then a negative thought, this should have improved my situation. 

The end result, after EVERY attempt is that something negative would happen.

There are other things as well that I have followed every instruction but a negative would happen. If your an 'Abraham Hicks' fan then you should know that if your in alignment and visualize with enough feeling for at least 68 seconds a day then positive results should start showing. Sorry guys, it's a load of crap. I'm hear to tell you things get worse.

It's also amazing that when there is feedback that things don't work, these 'Teachers' change there minds on the whole teaching. For example, Abraham-Hicks started off teaching 'The Science of deliberate creation' and now she teaches conveniently that it's just a matter of feeling good and manifesting what you want is not important (hang on, the whole point of the teaching WAS to create what you want)

Also, one this site I have placed post after post after post requesting someone to help who has attracted large sums of money because I thought there was someone wrong.

Well, guess what? There were a few well meaning people that were willing to help but there is NO ONE on this site in my opinion who has attracted large sums of money. Very interesting that this site is mainly to do with Law of Attraction so if there is no one here to help with that, there must be something fundamentally wrong with the teachings or it's all crap.

Interestingly Ester Hicks does not respond to correspond any more and a while ago there was no one willing to help when I contacted The Secret website (They suggested this forum).

I am hoping that I am drastically wrong with this post and I hope at the end of it I would post something like "I can't believe I was that silly". So I will ask one more time before I begin my fight against those 'teachers' through the Australian media, because I liken my situation to totally believing in a religion for example and having someone provide physical proof that it's a lie. Stuff that you would end your physical existence with (gives you an idea of where I am at the moment).

Here are the questions.

Question 1. Is there anyone on this site who has attracted large sums of money ($1M plus)?

Question 2. I would like someone who has actually attracted large sums of money to advise exactly how they did it in details because the information I have been tought so far simply doesn't work. 

Now some of you might be tempted to say that I am not in alignment at the moment. I would agree completely  but when I have been in alignment I have ended up with negative results. Surely there is someone here who can really help with this because I would like to say at the end of this that I was wrong. Basically if there is no real satisfactory answer then I will be leaving this site for good.

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Question 1 - Yes, there is at least one person here, who attracted a million. Hope Steve can answer you :-)

Thanks Karolina. I really need some help on this one, I've just reached the end here

I think you are attracting what you want and that's a fight with E & J Hicks and R Byrne.

Hi, ok can i just put something out there, yes money is important but not more important than LIFE !!! What i guess i am trying to say is, if u go on and on just wanting money like a million dollars you are missing out on the adventure if thats all you are focused on, i am a bit useless at answering questions sometimes but 1 thing this forum has taught me is that life comes first not money.  There are times when we all struggle for cash and there are times when it flows like a tap that is life, i love abrahams work and rhondas but they are not the be all and end all, its how you as an individual perceive what they offer, if you choose to believe that loa is crap then its gunna be but if you have faith in it and yourself then things will be a whole lot better sending u love xxxxxxxxx

After years of even trying to attract happiness has ended in failure. So that doesn't work, for years I have been listening to people and followed everything they said with negative results, it's like the law off attraction works in negative for me.

To answer the comment honestly. I am not after a fight with these teachers, but with the lack of help from them over a while, I feel I have no choice. Therehave been some positive feedback on here as well as some useless crap posted but I'm hoping the answer I seem it's right here. But after years of trying in very disillusioned right now.

Hi Sammi

You would too after years of believing this and getting nothing

You want to know if I've attracted a million dollars. I have not, but I can see signs that things have been significantly changing in my life for the better. Does this mean that I'm unqualified to address your topic?

I'd like to point out that there is a tremendous consistency in your report. Every time you tried to attract wealth, presumably any amount, you report you had 100% failure. That's a very consistent result and worthy of attention. Not acquiring any wealth at all...that's remarkable, don't you think?

The first thought that comes to my mind is...when you put out the positive vibes, what action(s) do you follow up with? Mike Dooley (a presenter in The Secret, the one who talks about, "Thoughts Become Things" and wrapping your hands around the imaginary steering wheel of your brand new car), points out that you can visualize all you want to, watch The Secret over and over, etc. and still never attract money if you don't take action. He does this really funny riff where he impersonates someone discouraged because riches haven't appeared on the horizon, he hasn't met his soul mate, he's still overweight, etc. Then he finishes with, "I guess I'll just go and watch The Secret again!" and gets a huge laugh.

His point is that you have to take baby steps, too. You have to move toward the thing you're trying to attract. If you don't, it will never reach you.

I highly recommend his free daily emailed, "Notes From The Universe", by the way. You can sign up at www.tut.com.

P.S. My wife and I are starting a new online radio broadcast program tomorrow, Wednesday, September 26th. Our inaugural broadcast will be at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time U.S. (UTC-5) and you can listen in at www.loatoday.net.

There is no answer that will satisfy you...  my response to people who threaten to leave... is go ahead on your path.  Make it special, make it matter.  

It's very much like a person who is telling people they are going to commit suicide..... no one can feel any one elses' pain, no one has the perfect solution for any one elses' problems.  Do we clap for the suicide?  Do we reach out with  compassionate arms and soothing voices to say everything is going to be Ok?  Is there really any fucking thing anyone else can do, to "help" anyone else permanently?

But every story of attracting money, is the result of the Law of Attraction.  Everything connecting humans to dreams coming true (OR NOT), is the Law of Attraction.  

Just because you haven't been able to do what you hoped to, doesn't mean it can't exist. 

If you're a mountain climber, climbing Everest, 2 of your party fall and die... do you quit climbing?  Would you try it again? Or does that mean the mountain has ceased to exist?  And could you still be happy with life, if you had to abandon the dream of climbing that mountain?

If you don't know how to drive a car, do you tell the people around you that driving a car is a big fat lie?

Do you tell babies they'll never walk, because you don't have legs?

Do you tell someone with cancer, to roll over and croak?

Do you have any idea what bad things DIDN'T happen to you, while you were "trying" to believe in this shit?

When you choose to fight against what IS, the fight becomes long and dehumanizing.  It's very much like going to war with yourself, which is how you feel I imagine.  You're going to need to hate, to win this.  Your discussion here isn't about rationally proving or disproving anything.  It's a rant.  Now many good things come about because of rants.... 

But generally speaking, haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love.  

Which feels better to you?

Maybe you're just stuck in a tunnel, and the light is blocked off.  

and maybe... this law of Attraction stuff is 100% utter bullshit, and you're going to prove it.  In which case...  go for it man.  

but even if your prove or disprove this thing.... the anger you feel, and the proof you show... isn't going to change other people... unless they are perfectly ready to notice the spark you provide. 

My wife and I made a little over $200,000 in a few years.  It's all gone now.  Should we quit believing now?

If you don't have what you think t takes to WIN, with the Law of Attraction,

what makes you think you're going to WIN at trying to disprove it?


I will cheer you on, no matter which fork in the road you take.  I may also throw rotten tomatoes, when I myself am feeling shitty. 

"You just cannot struggle your way to what you want. It has got to be easy."


True, Not even 2 weeks ago I was at the stage of feeling relaxed and listening to a CD called 'Getting into your Vortex' by Abraham Hicks, with less resistance I was hoping to attract more positiveness into my life but instead I go further in debt (????.... Mobile phone failed so I had to break a contract that I have to pay for). This has always happened, I get into alignment and something bad ALWAYS happens, NO EXCEPTION. I am thinking there is something wrong with me where I attract negative thing as I am positive, a case of pole reversal or something

Hi Steve

I have just gotten to a point where I'm 'almost' at the point of giving up

It's not just the money its many other things that just wont happen

After years of practising this, even teaching this, I have not seen the results. Maybe I am missing something but there always seems to be one excuse as to why it won't happen. I'm more frustrated then anything else, and there is very few people who can do this, so I have asked the question because there would have to be at the very least Hundreds of Thousands of people who desire large amounts of money

I said it in my posts, I said it in my responses so far that I am hoping to look back on this post very soon and think of how stupid I was, but also that there is someone who can answer my question

you don't need help from anyone else, you have an awesome number of positive memories that you're simply choosing NOT to remember right now.  

and maybe when you look back on this post very soon, instead of thinking how stupid you were (which will likely create it's on attractions) maybe you could just realize, you were going through a tunnel, and you could have made a game out of holding your breath 'til you were through.  


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