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The story I am about to tell y'all just happened to me recently. I am still kind of in shock as to how in the world this happened, but learning LOA, you know not to worry about the hows. LOL. Let's start from the beginning. 

As some of you know, I'm still in school but I was coming into my final semester in the beginning of 2018. I was under the impression that everything was gonna be routine. However, 2018 began a little different for me. As a little shakeup, I got a voicemail from my school telling me that my financial aid was gone. Now any person who is school will tell you that is something no one wants to hear on the phone. Although I was in shock was a little frightened, the mental training I had from the past kicked in, forcing myself to believe that there has to be a logical explanation. 

Gonna skip the school details of how everything works. I basically maxed out of all my hours since I had accumulated so much from my previous major. I knew there was something I had to do. I wasn't gonna give up graduating. I had worked too hard to just give up. I asked what my options were and they gave me the option of filing an extension for my financial aid to go through. The next day I already had brought in the paperwork. Now the tricky part was about to begin. 

Manifestation-wise, this was probably one of the more challenging ones for me since I was attached to the outcome. You work towards something for years and then just to wait for the paperwork to go through? To be able to graduate was depending on paperwork? Yeah, I wasn't too keen on that but there wasn't much I could do. I did all that I could.  I was patient through the process, but I had my moments where I was wondering when it was gonna happen. During this time, I kept myself busy with school and work and making myself happy. (Believe me when I say keeping yourself busy really helps, especially to keep you trusting the power above that things are going to work out). 

I told myself that I was going to graduate in May. I held a firm belief that I was graduating with honors. 2018 is going to be the year I truly bloomed into the woman I saw I could be. My belief in me graduating truly cemented when another person I knew who goes to my school literally told me about another student who had the same situation as me at another college finally had her financial aid processed. (Everyone's financial aid was taking longer due to the holidays and the ice storms we had in my state). Then I got the call of my financial aid going through. I was through the roof. Like I was so literally happy I was gonna scream out of my car. I went to the school and see if I could add my classes because I wanted this to be as smooth sailing as possible. That's where the twist in the story goes. 

While I got my financial aid back, it was too late to get back into my classes. Believe me when I tell you this, that was a kick in the gut for me. 

Now the version of me that I am now vs. the one who began her degree then are majorly differently. The one who began her degree would have went into full panic and anxiety mode, wondering how could it go so wrong. The one who is finishing her degree just sat there in her car, knew that she had done all that she could do. She knew she had to process the emotions and that it was okay for her to be sad and cry. She wasn't blaming anyone. It was just an unfortunate situation. That night she decided if this semester wasn't the time to graduate, she could go another time. She could use the break from school towards other things. Work and working on herself. Besides she had a lot of things to look forward to in the upcoming months as well. 

Basically, I literally "let go" of any chance of graduating in May. Although it was important for me to graduate, it wasn't the end of the world if I didn't. I'm more than just a piece of paper. When I let go, I had no intention of trying to go after it again. It was like cutting the string of a balloon and just letting it go where it may. 

I went to financial aid two days later for my appointment to see if there was anyway I could use the financial for another semester. Being grateful is a mindset that truly serves you because a lot of people will go out of there way to help you. So after going between departments within the school, I went to my professor to see if there was any classes outside of school I can take to brush up on my skills. 

Now my professor is like a heaven-sent. He is pretty awesome. When I told him what happened, he was shocked and had wondered what happened to me. I said I was fine with graduating another time. And like literally out of a drop of a hat, after I had given up on the idea of graduating in May, he told me that he would accept me back in the program if I talked with the Dean of the school. I was in shock. 

Like a bullet out of a gun, I headed towards the other building on the school grounds. Running on the chance that I could get back in if I talked to the man who could make it happen. And now this is where it gets crazier. This is where I truly believe in the timing of the Universe (or God in my view). How crazy was it that the man I needed to talk to the most was literally right around the corner walking straight into me as I came into the building. 

It looked like he just came out of meeting or something and he had just a bit of spare moment for me to explain my case. After explaining everything, it was like magic. I just watched how the different departments and people came together to put me back into my classes, get my financial aid back, and giving me a chance to graduate again. Like I was literally in shock of seeing it all come to pass. I only have to graduate with two classes for the semester. I am graduating before I turn 24 this year (amazing birthday present). And I AM GETTING $1500 BACK IN MY REFUND IN MARCH! 

I wanted to tell y'all this story because I can tell you from experience. I used to be one of the ones that used to worry about money all the time. I used to think about not having it all the time, just focusing on the lack all the time. Trust me, changing myself into the mindset I have now and believing that things are working out in your favor is a process. Taking your time with it is the best route. When it comes to financial abundance, my relationship with money is that it is a tool to help you. I always believe that I have more than enough to pay what I need to get paid (like my car note, bills, etc). And I have more than enough to pay for whatever I want. 

Either way, I wanted to show y'all that financial abundance is possible. :) Anyway, y'all have a good day. 

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Thank you for such an amazing story! I wish you the best of luck and abundance of success and happiness for the graduation :)


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