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There are times that you can’t help but feel bad, right? First, I would like to remind you that feeling bad makes you powerless in attracting what you want. You’ll attract more bad things in your life simply by  not feeling good. So how do you remove these thoughts?


One of the best things that you can do is to take care of your body. Because when you are healthy and you are in good shape – when I say in good shape I mean you are free from the harmful things that are hazardous to your health, you tend to feel good as well.


Eat natural foods. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat things that are as close to nature as possible. Pick organic stuff instead of canned goods. Stay away from processed food that are oh so rich in monosodium glutamate and other harmful chemicals that are specifically made to reduce your focus and stop your brain from emitting vibrations. The healthier and natural your food is, the healthier you become.


Exercise. Take a walk. Feel the sun bathe you with energy. Another interesting fact I’ve learned is that when you feel depressed, the best way to cure it is to take a long walk. Look as far as you can. It cures depression better than prescription drugs or any other cure to it.


Eat good food. The more healthy your body is, the more powerful you become in attracting what you want. Just like a car, you tune it up and have the oil changed from time to time right? Your body needs that tune up too.


Stay healthy. This way, you’ll always feel good.

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wow i really do agree with all what u said

i remmebr once i tried and i changed my life style with healthy food and early bed time and i was feeling the best

i was happy and amazing but then stuff changed i start to eat unhealthy food and having a late sleep i get really so overwhelmed and very stressed and now am trying to go back to that pretty sweet place slowly thanks for shearing dear i really find it all true <3

First, I would like to remind you that feeling bad makes you powerless in attracting what you want. You’ll attract more bad things in your life simply by  not feeling good. So how do you remove these thoughts?


Not to pick, but I am going to disagree with this. For myself, a lot of what gets distorted in LoA is this idea here. While Abraham specifically talks about "feeling good", I put this down to this particular source's "agenda", per our request of course, to tackle this particular avenue of our awakening and put direction of our feelings, back in our hands.


However, for me the key to attraction has nothing to do with "feeling good", as much as it does with beliefs, such as this one right here.


Let me ask you this question, to kind of clarify this:


Do you like the idea that you cannot create/attract what you want, when you are feeling bad?


Do you really want this to be true?


I personally don't. Thus, this is a belief that I address to as well, realizing that this is not a necessity, but that in the scope of LoA/YCYOR, if I believe this is true, then any time I am feeling bad, I will hamper my ability to create and continue to draw to myself what I want.


Which is actually more likely to reinforce that feeling bad and cause me to struggle with trying to "get rid" of the feelings, rather than relaxing into them and releasing the sense of threat associated with them.


If bad feelings do not actually harm me, do not actually hamper or limit me beyond my own choice in this, then I am truly free to create whatever I want, regardless of what my current experience is. I don't have to feel bad about feeling bad. I don't have to fight, struggle with myself or believe I am not creating "good enough" already and reinforce the direction of this.


Just my own viewpoint of course, inspired by what you posted.


Thanks. :)



Great points Kevin. Thank you!!


If I may I will add to that that I find sometimes people mistake "feeling bad" with the discomfort we all feel when we come outside our comfort zone. For example, sometimes I like to feel "bad" but I don't interpret it as bad I interpret it as productive. For example, when doing weight training, it does feel "bad" or productive ( damn it just plum hurts sometimes lol) but that is the way the muscle grows by the tearing and adaptation response. So I like it to feel uncomfortable because I know it's worthwhile. That is just one example, but that ideology can encompass many things.

I think that the feeling good issue gets interpreted by people as an excuse to take no risks in life and well, frankly, get what we always got! :)


My 2 cents!



This has helped me a bit lately. Whenever I have a bad thought come into my head I picture I red X crossing that thought out. Then I usually think something like "screw that....there's no way that will happen! I won't allow it." Seems to work well so far :)


I think negative emotions are part of being human..but to dwell does rob one of the  time and energy to be positive and get what they want out of life.  It is basic common sense.


  I also agree with the poster,  that when you take care of yourself..it helps in two ways: You feel better and have more energy to enjoy life and obtain your goals.  It is also empowering.  Exercising, eating right..and being at your optimal weight takes a lot of effort.  It ain't easy.  Not too many people can do it... When you pull that off..you realize you can apply those goal achieving principles to other aspects of your life.   I notice this when I watch weight loss success stories ...that physical fitness success bleeds over to other aspects of the persons life...bringing overall well being.

I am a proponent of everything you just said. I live that way. I carefully consider what I welcome to my temple, be it food, thoughts, actions, people. And consciously eating definitely leads to a more satisfying life (for me). 80/20 rule of course!



These have nothing to do with controlling thoughts?

EFT only hurts my muscle problems.


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