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I really want to learn Spanish.  I know some Spanish, but I've forgotten more and more of my Spanish because there is no one in Appalachia who speaks Spanish (at least not in this town).  I do try to read Spanish websites when possible, but I was wondering if the Rosetta Stone is worth the cost.  Does anyone have any experience with the program?  I am thinking about using it as a stepping stone so I can eventually go to Spanish-speaking forums and not feel completely lost.  My eventual goal is to learn enough Spanish to become fluent and even work in bilingual radio, bilingual voice commercials, etc.

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I've been trying for years to learn Spanish for free.  I went through Spanish 4 in school and knew enough to communicate while I was in Spain.  I can still read a newspaper and understand the gist of it, but I'm especially bad with listening and speaking Spanish off the top of my head.  Plus, I keep getting told many of the free sites are not accurate.  And many times I try to write to Spanish speakers, but they normally want to practice their English, which I completely understand.

I've tried Rosetta Stone to learn Italian, it seemed to be ok, but I only had one of the versions it was a lot of visual and i have already forgotten what I learned LOL!!!!

Good post though, I am sure you will get some feed back :)

I wish I knew the answer to this and I'm interested to see what people say!

I am currently trying to learn several languages, not like all the time but bits here and there.  One of them is Spanish, but I started that one last and all I know is the words for: brown, yellow, red, blue, yesterday etc. As well as some apps on my phone - but most don't talk except for one of the Japanese ones - I have some Berlitz CDs.  I was a bit disappointed though.  While the first one in the pack is cool, it has about 8 languages and games to teach you some vocab, questions, numbers, days of the week etc, the next CDS (which are in Arabic, that's the pack I bought) are only CDs you listen to and while the games for the 8 languages inc Arabic and Spanish are fun and yes you can hear them too, with the other CDs you only listen.  I WILL do more with it later!

I started to learn a bit of Spanish before we went to Barcelona recently, only to find out they speak Catalonian, quite different from the rest of Spain and perhaps Spanish speaking world but I could read a wee bit of both.  

So, I'm also interested to hear if anyone has experiences with it and how it was.  I got a free version of the Arabic Rosetta stone once, but it seemed quite fast.  THEN AGAIN, I think if I persevered I would have got used to it, the Japanese app seemed faster in the beginning and now I can hear it better than before.  

Another thing I did was yesterday, as I was in a restaurant that is Brazilian and Mexican, I tried to pronounce the words and what I didn't know, I asked, how do you say that sound? And, can you remind me how to say that, please?

I looked up meetup groups for you too, but nope, not in Appalachia, unless you wanted to start one! 

Modest, have you tried the libraries in your area.  Where I live, they do offer foreign language CD's and they also have some at the community college, which are all free.

Just my two cents worth.

  LMAO I just this week asked the universe for a free version of Rosetta Stone in Spanish. When I get mine and learn I will pass it to you!!!!!! Adios mi amiga!!!

LOL!  I live in Appalachia.  We do have a couple of libraries, but the public one doesn't really have much and the community college only has a sample of Rosetta Stone which wouldn't work on my computer b/c it was for Microsoft 2000 and under or something (it was a really old version).

I think my friend said she tried Rosetta Stone a few years ago and had some success. I"ve considered using it as well because around here, Portuguese is a huge language, and I know about two words of it!

I live in Athens, Ohio...there's a Spanish conversation night here at one of the bars. How far out in the boonies do you live? Can you get a library card in a different town that has more resources? I  have Rosetta Stone. It's good if you are someone who learns well using rote methods. I get bored with it and prefer to use cd's by Michel Thomas. P.S. I got Rosetta Stone and the cd's off the internet for free!

Please hare how you got it Tee Jay! :) :) :)


Here I'm "haring" how! haha


You can also voice chat on a website called LiveMocha. You basically talk to students and stuff from other countries. I did that at one point and my spanish skills greatly improved. Unfortunately I didn't keep up lol, but I made a great friend.

I think one of my friends might have mentioned Michael Thomas to me, it rings a bell.  I got to try that Live Mocha thing.

Not that I'll probably go back to Egypt for a while but it would be so cool if the next time I AM with hubby's family, we are not hanging out and they speak no English (as they live in an Arabic-speaking country and have no need to, unlike hubby who has me AND some of his clients speak English as well as Arabic) and I speak VERY LITTLE Arabic!

It sounds like a fun way to learn! 


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