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i am normally such a positive person...and my bestest friend gives me such help.  i am struggling with everything at the moment. can u please help me get back to being positive and bring the law of attraction into my life.

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Hi Tracey...

You are the only one that controls how you are going to be positive. ONLY focus on what makes you happy. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate everything in your life that you feel good about... and then.... relax.

As a side note, there is so much information on this site and the internet about LOA, it's astonishing! Read, practice, relax.

Sending you positive ju-ju,
thank yuo so much for your response...i have a true true friend that sends me quotes and positive thinking notes...i am trying to turn this all around.
yes, i just need to relax and be grateful for all the people i have in my life xxxx thank you so very very much.
I too have struggled with panic/anxiety attacks. There is loads of help out here. I found whatever helped me relax was the key. I have some wonderful movies I love to watch that help. Sometimes I go out for a drive with a CD or ipod playing music that makes me feel good. A power walk or exercise can help get some of the excess nervous energy out. Once I can calm down and relax, then putting things in perspective seem achievable.

Meditation also helps. Putting yourself in a happy place is the point. I found Abraham/Hicks on utube also helped me to understand LOA, and her sense of humor helped to calm me.

I know you'll find the answer that's right for you. You've come to the right place. Everyone is extremely loving and helpful here.
thank you and yes i fully accept that relaxation and positive thinking is the key....but when one is gripped it is oh so hard.
i am normally a positive person....i will be again.....i am asking the law of attraction for help and my angels.

thank you i am going to keep on trying to put myself in a happy place xxxx
Though I've no experience of them myself I've heard of many people having good success with EFT to stop panic attacks
i do agree with Rob. when i feel that my mind is getting out of control and i feel the anxiety coming un, i use EFT and i feel calm right away.
thank you hummingirl i have just asked rob wot EFT is......once i know then i will certainly give it a try.....thank you xxxxx
click on this link.


and after you have read about it, go on youtube, on that link:


have fun! i really like doing this. it always works for me. you'll see, on the right side of the video on youtube, a lot more videos about different things!
just watched....and i will be using this technique...thank you so much for sending me the link xxxx
hi rob thank you so much for your message.....but can i ask what is EFT xxx thank you oh so much xxxx
Looks like hummingirl beat me to it,I learnt it a few years ago from a book called Adventures in EFT but you can get all the info for free on the net.
I later gave the book to someone who suffers from panic attacks though they unfortunately didnt do much more than glance through it and said maybe I'll try it sometime.
Hi Tracey,

I had one of those anxiety attacks myself yesterday. Those have been very rare of late, as I have become quite good at clearing negative thinking as it occurs.

I use switchwords. Instant, painless and effective. POSTPONE CANCEL has stopped many negative thoughts dead on their tracks.

Yesterday, really took me by surprise. I repeated TOGETHER time and time again for a while and the attack left as suddenly as it came......job done!

I also agree that EFT helps.



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