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So some people I guess people are more attracted to then others. 

I guess a lot of lot of famous people get love, but there are several who come to mind who people have a natural affinity with, who they just love and adore just a bit more.

-George Clooney
-Fernando Torres
-Imran Khan (cricketer who was adorned by the British public in the 80s, courted and was popular all around the world especially in cricketing nations)

-Bill Clinton
-Oprah Winfrey
-Wesley Sneijder
-Cristiano Ronaldo
-Ryan Reynolds
-Brad Pitt
-Australian cricketer Brett Lee
-Australian cricketer Shane Warne 

So were these people kind, friendly, humble to people in previous lifetime? Imran Khan got more attention and love far, far more then his international and domestic cricket colleagues (played domestic cricket in England and played for Pakistan internationally). 

Astrologically, Imran Khan does have a stellium in Libra. So does Bill Clinton. And Shane Warne also has a stellium in Libra. A stellium is 3 or more planets in the same sign.

It's all energy and vibration. 

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I don't think its so much they have a natural affinity but more they are clear in what they desire, and know it is already out there and so they vibrate at that level and attract people at that vibrational level.  The thing is because they are celebs, they get photographed in their everyday lives and they probably aren't aware of it.  Its also not to say that they have plain sailing lives with no dramas or issues, they surely do.  Its just they have the tools and experience to deal with it.All of those people are very spiritual too and have studied spirituality in some shape or form (so there is a connection there too!).

Magical Love,

Thank you for your comments.

I've read a few biographies and it seemed as one sportsman had no resistance and sure enough made the national team. I guess high vibration attracts high vibration. 

Yes I agree, they still do have issues, drama's in their lives like normal people.

The only difference between them and you is your focus.  You can easily be a high vibration and attract other high vibration people if you choose to do so.  The trouble with most of us (and me included in that) is that we focus on what we want and then we allow our minds to tell us why we can't have that and focus on that and sure enough that puts a stop on that stuff showing up.  


They could all have high vibration however it's obvious some are more courted then others.

However some famous people are obviously more loved, adored and courted then others, Imran Khan comes to mind, Fernando Torres, George Clooney, Shane Warne also come to mind.

How much or how little they have courted - really doesn't matter.  Its as you say, the fact they are high vibration that is really working for them and creating those results.  

I'm not sure I follow what you mean by some people are "obviously" more loved, adored and courted.  However in essence, any love is well "love" in whatever way, shape and form you care to call it.  There is no difference between any of those that you name as being "obviously" and yourself except that choose not to be that way.  

Magical Love,

Thanks for your comments.

Yes as you've stated it's what they vibrate and they vibrate like people into their experience. 

They are focused and consistently are on high vibration I guess. We focus on what we want then a bit of negativity creeps in which stops us.

They are all loved, however some people I guess are could be seen as more celebrated, adorned, you could say Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds is more adorned, more celebrated then let's say Zac Efron.

For you that may be true, but for me I find I focus and don't allow negativity to stop me from creating anything I desire.  If I truly desire it, and am focused nothing will stop anything coming to fruition ever.  If you choose to focus on negativity or allow that to creep in and do nothing, then that will create a result of sorts which may not be what you desire.  Simply a choice.

Interesting your examples.  Brad Pitt has spoken widely at his surprise for how women are attracted to him, and he has actually said that he felt cursed at times by it and wondered why God did that to him.  Interesting isn't it that his take is different from everyone elses.


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