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Hey friends !!
wanted to share that the more TRUST ,PATIENCE , and LETGO
I am practising ,more I am finding GOD and universe with me
sending me all possible good signs and that too very quick for my better life .
though it is not a day's job but still changing only the way i THINK to POSITIVE
is helping me too much.
it is filling me with joy and happiness (i hvnt achieved anything yet) but simply FEELING TRUST towards HIM is giving me vibes of joy....( as if I would be the QUEEN of my world with a magic wand in my hand....:))
people , situations ,healings , are sent to me for me.....

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE guys have FAITH and PATIENCE and TRUST ..... we will get whatever we heartly desire.....:))

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Very helpful thanks!
U r welcm
i really wish all those who need this read this are able to understand and follow this.....:)

  I have the Patience and this words always means for me :  succes ..... but years shows me that Patience have to be done in the right way .....

I deeply feel yu are in the right way

I just want to add that Patience have to be well practiced   because for me it was just  sit and stay quite

 the tools are here  FAITH Patience and let go   so i will work from the begenning ......

Thanks for sharing

u r right Quamar
patience has to be followed in a correct way
it is wait ,sit quite nd all..... but then healing too is required
I am attuned to reiki also so that helps too
i keep healing too


Very inspiring message, thank you.  I have had this experience a number of times over the past four years, since I was forced to trust the Universe to sort out a very unappealing job, which I had been press-ganged into taking.  A different job came up, when there hadn't been any for a long time, and 22 long months of unemployment came to and end then.  The lesson wasn't lost on me, and ever since, if I have had a problem or awkward situation, I have trusted the Universe to take care of it, and it has.  Work routines, people, difficult managers, money, the prospect of unemployment again, and having to work Sundays.  When you trust, the Universe works everything out.

This is because trust is a belief that the Universe will work out everything for your good, and it along with anything else responds to your beliefs.  THE UNIVERSE WILL ACT ACCORDING TO WHAT YOU BELIEVE IT WILL DO.  So if you believe that it will take care of you, or provide for, or work something out when you can't, it will.  It isn't restricted by your limitations, your lacks, your circumstances, your physical body, or the state of the economy etc, it is INFINITELY BIGGER THAN ALL OF THOSE.  You supply the trust through your thoughts, and it will supply the answers.

You are right in that it isn't a day's work, but nor is it a long and arduous process either.  It is the process of getting a belief rooted in your mind, and that can start to happen within a matter of days if you are consistent with your belief and your conscious affirming of it.  When 51% of your thoughts are placed upon trusting the Universe, then it begins to work in your favour, and your thoughts take on a life of their own.  Solutions manifest, doors open, knowledge is provided, helpful people appear, and synchronicities point the way.  It is like 1000 unseen hands are helping you (not my quote, but I can't remember exactly who said it).  This is you feeling like the Queen of the world with a magic wand in your hand.  It is the Higher Power moving in your life.

So the next time you are stuck, over a barrel and don't know what to do, remind yourself that the Universe has perfect answers; and is taking care of everything when you start to focus upon that, rather than the problem.  And it can do this for both negative difficulties and positive desires.

Thank you!

This works! I'm just learning to remove my habitual behaviour of trying to do everything myself (practically impossible).

Trust, patience and letting go seems to work for me.


Perfect formula!


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