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There are items that are five digits and up and it can be, because there is a market for it
There are so many wealthy Americans and people all over this world.

So what is the difference between them and me?Not all of these people are in business, some are married to people who are
some inherited money

There is so much abundance and money in the world

Why can't I have hundreds and thousands of dollars pouring in on a monthly basis?

I get less than $16,000 a year, I choose to manifest $16,000 at least this month
to contribute to my nest egg.

Seriously, I have been intending to manifet so much money
I ask the universe for ideas, although I don't have too
I ask
and the years go by
life is happening now
I choose for so much abudance and money now, I would not buy a purse for that much, but to have that much, wow, to be able to spend it like that,

there is so much wealth out there...
I have several vision boards and lists of what I would do with the money
I started this years ago,
what is the deal?
How do I manifest at least $200,000 in the next month?

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Well, you have the first part of LOA down :). It sounds as though you're getting hung up on the part of letting it go to the Universe and moving on. For me, I manifest things when I focus hard on them, but know it's not something I absolutely need or look forward to. That's why I avoid time limits.

Here's an example: When I was on a plane that was running late, I decided to cheer myself up by saying, "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if I met my fiancee at this party?" At first, I laughed at the idea, but then I started imagining this guy and I standing around and talking. Then, I imagined us together in a white bedroom after a great night. It was pretty fun, and I was radiating some awesome vibes. I had also given up my seat to a guy and his kid that wanted to make it home to Germany for Christmas but needed one more seat. Well, I made it with only 15 minutes left for the party :(. However, within that 15 minutes not only did I meet one of my favorite actors, but I met this guy who looked similar to a guy in my imagination! We joked around about how he wanted to act in the US and I wanted to live in Canada. Then, he said, "You should marry a Canadian." I replied, "Better yet, we could marry one another and have dual citizenship!" He then says to me, "I'm all for it, but we will have to consumate it afterwards ;)." We met up again later that night where he wrapped an arm around my waist, pulled me in, and asked me if I was read to get married. Unfortunately, I had promised a friend of mine that I would split a cab with him, so I had to turn him down and I never saw that sweet guy again...yet ;).

The way I have found it to be more helpful is to say, "I would like to have $200,000," think about how awesome it would be, feel the feelings and send those vibrations outward, then I smile and move on with my life. I haven't tried it a whole lot with money, but I have manifested $100 within a week and had a few occasions where I would randomly stick my hand in my pocket and pull out as much as $50! Not once, but twice! I thank God/Universe and move on. Having a time limit for me makes me feel anxious. Therefore, you are less likely to let it go. It will come to you, and ideas will come to you in order to make money as well. Just make sure you manifest something you want but do not need. As in, something you can release to the Universe, think about on occasion (like once a day or once a week) to strengthen the vibes, and not worry about the rest.

I have yet to make more than $12,000 to be honest at a job since I recently started out in the working world, but I do have ideas and I am working on ways of manifesting jobs and other sources of income.
Hi Maya,

I see you buying a beautiful cardigan for about 100 dollars and lovingly sewing beads onto it following a guidance from the Universe and then selling the finished product as a unique hand embroidered and embellished work of art to a rich art lover and appreciator. Perhaps the emblem you sew onto this beautiful cardigan represents love or relationships or healing and the person who buys it will buy it for those qualities for 1,600 dollars and will then commission you to make works of art for her friends ....

hmmm might try this idea myself too ...

love and light Gen
Have you tried stopping everything you are doing and just BEING...?

I know this might sound really stange (or not), but you just need to let GO... This is what I am doing at this moment - I am writing my past beliefs about money... ALL OF THEM. I am taking the piece of paper, after pouring every single negative emotion into it, and I am taking a box of matches and I am BURNING that piece of myself. I am erasing it from my being. I am doing it with all the passion that I possess so that my ego can watch it disappearing...

Now that that is done I am going to take a new piece of paper and I am going to write what I believe regarding money right NOW! I am literally changing my belief about money consciously...

Why not give it a go? What have you got to loose?

This is a nice affirmation I am using now (It is working like a charm...)

God's wealth is circulating in my life. His wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs, desires and goals are met instantaneously because I am one with God, and God is everything.

Can you imagine what it feels like to be hit by an avalanche... Now feel his wealth flowing through you without any resistance... Picture the wealth flowing right through you... Really feel it!
Aw, thanks friends.

I spend so many hours a day on the computer for college
and it drives me crazzzy, so I know that does not help my vibration

I was just dancing, to take a break, and feel so much better
Genevieve, Love your idea 'girlfriend', you should go for it too!

I paint sometimes, I will think of an idea
and going to a fabric store is on my things to do this week, and yesterday I went to a bead shop,


I don't do the 9-5 job, five days a week job/career
it makes me cranky, so it is just about me, being in a place to quit and then doing difffent things
OMGoodness, just thinking about it makes me so happy and freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

thank you all, PI my safe place to fall and regroup
I feel so supported, thanks

Happy day, happy life!


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