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The LoA can provide you with your perfect job, I have read all the nice stories, by saying I am a lawyer, doctor or fill in. Simplefite ofcourse.
But I an 21 years old , no education and I dont know what I want to do,. And I was wondering how can I attract my perfect job if I dont know what is is. Or do I simply have to believe that I already got my perfect job,. Although I am trying to do that but I am struggling because I dont know what to dream of, so I dont really feel it.
Any tips, advise or suggestions how I dothat.
Thanks in advance!!!

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Oke thanks, I will try that!

Not knowing is one of the best ways to get it. By not ading too much detail, you don't hold resistance, because there are no expectations. The way that job is supposed to make you feel is all that matters.

Keep a positive atitude and trust it will present itself and it will. Micromanaging only gets in the way.

Sounds even better then I thought if would be, thanks for your help!

Who ever said you need a job ?  A "job" does not "make" you anything more than you already are, nor can no job make you anything less than you already are.

I, the I that I am and the I that you are, this One magnificent I , IS Self - Complete. I- Self .

Your only "purpose" is to revel in Being , Being Thy Self

Just  As  I  AM

Is there any-where I am not ?

Any-one I am not ?

Any-how I am not ?

Can I be EVER BE, and BE separated from MySelf ?

I am already there, already here, already MySelf , YourSelf, The Self, , I am the Way

   S E L F

I really appreciate this perspective you shared here. We tend to give excess importance or weird meanings to things or activities . Which in turn leads to stress and resistance . After all a job is just an activity we may do to enjoy this life. Enjoying this life or conscious living is our primary goal.

Yes, Roses always gives us incredibly deep insights

You may not know what the actual job is, but you probably have an idea of the characteristics it has.  State them in a list to the Universe: how much you want to earn, what days and hours, what are the people like, what you may be doing etc.  Include the crucial part of saying that the job is AVAILABLE NOW which is something a lot of people miss out.  

Another important thing is to state that IT IS RIGHT FOR YOU AS YOU ARE NOW.  You don't want to manifest something which will only be right for you in years to come, and be stuck in the present.  You want one which is right for you now at this stage of your life, and your development; and according to the person you are now.

Also say what skills and qualifications you have as these are the things you have to offer to employers.  Launch that to the Universe (tear into three and burn it, is a good way) and then start to work on your trust.  As Wonder says, trust that the job is presenting itself.  You could give thanks in advance, or you could affirm that the job is on it's way.  Get a thoughtform going which supports the manifestation of the job, rather than maintains the absence of it.


Okay at 21 years you are still young and developing, and no matter what your age that doesn’t stop, so my first bit of advice to you would be to ease up a bit on yourself.  Now with perfect job, look at what you actually enjoying doing first and foremost.  What do you find yourself doing that you lose sight of the time and actually enjoy doing – and start exploring that first and foremost.  Seriously – if you enjoy doing something, then you can often find you can make a career out of it and it won’t seem like hard work. 


Now dreams can be great to look at for ideas or inspirations but they can be tricky to remember or recall.  So unless you have a book side your bed that you can record your dreams into, it can be difficult to remember them precisely. 

Hi! I’m new here and I happen to pass by your post, but I want to share my thoughts with you :)) I think that you have to find out for yourself what you’re passionate about because if you have passion, that passion will attract jobs for you. If you have no idea what your passion is, explore until you like doing something and focus on it :)) hope this helps!


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