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Hi Folks,

I have been thinking, analyzing, and have come to a conclusion about the entire manifesting, creating, deliberate creation and LOA subject. This, however, is in regards to the best way THAT I SHOULD approach LOA and deliberate creation, however, I think it may work for all of you so I wanted to share it with you, and maybe it may help.

I started reflecting back on my life a few days ago, and all the things and circumstances I created in it. Some went my way, some didn't. Then, I started to dissect my feelings in each scenario, why some things didn't go my way, and the things that went my way, some went my way slowly, some happened very quickly. Then I spent hours watching videos, reading articles and reading blogs on the subject.

Two things came to mind: I always tell the story on here how I met my true love. Long story short, I was in a bad relationship, spoke to my friend on the phone and said: “I will never do this again: the perfect guy will find me.” Literally less than a week later he did. It happened so fast. 6 years later, we are still together. Then there is my dream career that I decided last April is the career I wanted to do and low and behold, I took that opportunity 12 months later and am doing what I love to do!

Everything in my life isn't perfect, I still have more desires and goals, but why did the career take 12 months and a perfect mate take a week? Here is the conclusion I have reached:

LETTING GO! I know you have heard of it but seriously, I mean LET GO HARD and FAST- FORGET IT, if you may/can. It took only a week for the perfect mate, because I decided that I would say that (and I was very emotionally at the time: passion and emotion draws it FAST), and then I literally forgot what I said until my friend called me a month later and reminded me that.  Then she claimed how lucky I am. For the perfect career, however, it took longer because I was so into trying to get my foot in the door. A few months later I finally accepted a position as something totally different (that I didn't exactly love- a secretary) and started being the best secretary I can be.  In a few weeks, a job position opened up at that company for that career- not even knowing the company had positions like that! But it was finally when I forgot about trying so hard to be that thing, and let go and FORGOT, that I finally got the opportunity to become it.

I was on vacation and I needed an extra traveling bag. I went to a few stores, but they were all very expensive to me: $100 and upward for a bag I was planning to use seldom. I said to myself "I want a really cheap bag for about 5-10 dollars." As I left the last store, I said, "Well, I guess no bags were on sale." As I pulled out the parking space, I saw a "Sale” cart outside of the store. I pulled back in the spot to check it out. I picked up a traveling bag for 7 bucks. It was when I kind of gave up on finding the bag that I found it! It’s small victory, but proof that forgetting is the ultimate way of letting go.

Notice how a lot of people who win the lottery, it is not something that they visualized and meditated and held captive in their thoughts every waking moment. They desire it, yes, but playing and checking the numbers were just routine- until they win one day!

My boyfriend always loses things and he always says "I can't find it.  But I bet when I don't need it, I will find it." And it is so true when it comes to creation and LOA.

In conclusion, I wanted to give you a metaphor. You plant a seed in your lawn and walk away for 6 months. It will rain and sunshine and it will grow into whatever the seed is supposed to. Now, try to hold that seed in your hand and stand up outside for six months through rain and sunshine. It can grow, but that is a lot more work, isn’t it?  And the results may not be as nice as just planting it and leaving it. So it must be with your creation: Don't state your intentions and hold it hostage everyday with visualizations, feelings of want and desire for it, meditating on it, basically holding it captive in your mind. Release it. The faster you can detach from it, and not remember it, is the faster it will come to you.

Thanks for reading. I know it is one of my longer ones.  Remember, this is how I felt it works for me though.

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Thank you. You are so right.
Thanks. I use to try to meditate and always wondered "What the heck am I doing wrong?" But I think this constant fixation on it IS what I was doing wrong. A meditation guru stated "One thing can not exist in two planes." Basically, you can not try to create something in the physical realm (reality) and the mental realm (imagination) at the same time! It can only be created in one at a time! So create it in your mind and then release it to the universe so it can be created in your reality.
This was a Good One Nillie! Keep em' coming woman!
Thanks Awesome!
State it and stop the worry/worry .. let go of checking if its coming ...or there yet. I am wondering if this works for personal qualities your trying to build in yourself i want to trust myself to make good decisions, I trust myself in making clear decisions that are right for me (better statement) let it go... not think of it again... because I have put it out there ....and the universe will give me experiences where and how I can build that skill up. So its not just for tangible things I think. Thanks for explaining it out and sharing.
I LOVE the metaphor of planting a seed and walking away. It is so apt and simple, I will remember that one! Great post and happy manifesting
Wow, this was just on my mind today... I'm having such a hard time in my life right now. Feeling so stuck. I know, as Abraham would say, I just need to let go of the oars... but I'm finding that sooooo hard. That is a great metaphor. Thank you!!!
Excellent Nillie! I think you have it down. The Sedona Method teaches people how to let go consciously so they can clear the decks for things to happen in their lives. I'm not an affiliate - I am a student of the process.

I can remember times when I had high emotion and just let it go and the Universe provided. I like your stories - it'll help me remember to just do it next time.

I still have my problems of letting go, although I know it is what I must do to receive it. This Sedona Method, I have heard of (counting backwards from 100 to 1 or something like that, correct?). I will look into it more, though. Thanks Patricia!
So what do you think about Affirmations and saying them constantly? Do you do that at all?
I think when you first set the intentions, they can be helpful . . . however, I think constantly affirming something for months, even years, can be counter productive after awhile.

I know sometimes when I affirm things, and I have affirmed it everyday for a month, after awhile I say to myself "Geez, I have been affirming this forever now, and nothing seems to be happening." That couteracts what I am actually trying to do, as you are in the state of "it is not happening yet." You dont want to be in that state.

So I use to do, and sometimes to get clear, I do it, but not constantly. AFter you decide to release it, you don't need to remind the universe. It knows. Good question, Candy.
Can anyone remember a discussion started by No_bad_days about creating a list of things you want? I really feel it's a grear idea but I've been doing it for a while now and I am getting slightly fed up. Do you think I should also let go and stop reading that list? Or maybe I should continue reading it 3 tines a day, just as the book says? Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks


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