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Greetings readers worldwide...

I would like to give you a simple game you can play with your Imagination that may help open your mind, awaken to a higher consciousness, and get a look at how you can gain more control of your thoughts and emotions.

This is no ordinary mind game. It is powerful and you will quickly feel its effects.

First I will tell you how to play. Then I will tell you what will happen to you.

Here's how it works...

Every day each of us experiences negative thoughts and emotions due to the people, events, and actions we encounter and we usually react to them with negative energy.

Over the next few days, every time you feel anger, depression, frustration, guilt, anxiety, or any other emotion I would like you to catch yourself and play this game.

As negative or emotional things happen to you as you go about your daily routine IMAGINE that you were unable to get annoyed, unable to get stressed, unable to get anxious, unable to be dissatisfied, unable to be afraid, unable to be angry.

Whatever comes up, even if it's something small and annoying, IMMEDIATELY IMAGINE THAT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO STAY BEING ANNOYED BY IT.

(Remember, you're simply using your imagination and observing how this would feel. You're just looking at your reaction to the emotion, you're not judging.)

If a driver makes you mad and you begin swearing immediately begin to play the game and IMAGINE THAT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO STAY ANGRY ABOUT IT!

Say to yourself...”It's impossible for me to stay angry at that driver.”

(Observe your thoughts and feelings when you say this. You are not judging anything. You are simply LOOKING.)

If your partner or friend says someone that upsets you rather than retaliating immediately IMAGINE THAT IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO LET IT UPSET YOU!

Say to yourself...”It's impossible for me stay upset about what they said.”

(Observe your thoughts and feelings. No judgement made. Remember you're only LOOKING.)

If you are afraid of doing something or talking to someone at work or school immediately IMAGINE IN YOUR MIND THAT IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO STAY AFRAID!

Say to yourself...”It's impossible for me to stay afraid of doing this or talking to that person.”

(Again observe your thoughts about this. Observe your feelings. Do not judge anything. You are just looking.)

Make a game of this and look for opportunities to put this into practice.

The chaos of daily life will provide you many opportunities to try this out and work with it.

The results of using this technique may amaze you.

This mind exercise is effortless to do, but it is very powerful after you practice it a few times as you will see.

(And as with all these new concepts and techniques the more you use them the more powerful they become.)

When you play this mental game you will SEE and FEEL how much easier is it to let things go.

You may even find you chuckle at yourself often because you begin to notice how silly you act so many times throughout your day about such unimportant things.

What you will find when you use this technique is that it is so much easier to be happy, confident, content, and satisfied rather than expend the huge amount of negative emotional and physical energy it takes to react with wild emotions to silly unimportant and inconsequential things we normally let affect us.

Recognizing, observing, looking, not judging the way we normally react to life's daily chaotic events can result in a huge change in your thinking and behavior.

All the annoying events and negative energy-draining feelings that bombard your mind throughout each day will begin to feel like useless baggage you have been carrying around daily for years and years.

That nasty Ego of ours makes sure we carry huge amounts of heavy, energy-draining useless invisible baggage around with us on a daily basis.

Wouldn't you love to dump a huge chunk of that negative baggage out of your life? For good?

When you practice and use this simple and fun technique I've given you in this whisper it will allow you to dump huge amounts of the mental garbage we all deal with.

Remember...the techniques I give you are like tools in a tool belt. They only work if you use them. Used properly and often they can result in lasting changes in your life.

...Enjoy The Whisper

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Great one Coach! Thank you thank you thank you

L'immagine può contenere: sMS

Fantastic Coach Dough


As with a lot of LOA games, it may seem a bit far-fetched at first, but once you have had a few practices, it does actually make sense, and becomes fairly easy to do. Quite a lot of our reality is created by an accumulation of 'small' negative thoughts about things which are fairly inconsequential. The careless driver, the rude customer, the photocopier not working and so on.  Things which, when taken in the context of life, don't actually mean that much at all, yet we react to them and create our lives accordingly. Sometimes, the effect of such things can linger on for a few hours, using up energy which could have been used on happy thoughts; but by playing this game, we stop that momentum in its tracks, and pivot to better-feeling thoughts. 



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