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im feeling really low, i know that it is not helping but i would jsut need some positive thoughts to help me over come this please x

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whatever negative experience you are having remember it is only your temporary state of being. I have been in situations where simply reminding myself of this has helped me get through whatever it was. You are power, you are love, you are perfect, you are harmonius, you are beautiful!

I send you my love and blessing,
Try spending one minute thinking only about things that you like about yourself or someone or something. Notice what happens in your body. Do this frequently for a while even if you are saying the same thing over and over. Out loud is stronger if your situation allows.


http://www.huna.org/html/positive.html - this is a useful article :)
thank you all so much for your responses. Yes i understand that its is a tempoary feeling and that i shouldnt have let this get to me, but the person who made a comment to me knows what his doing when he says these things. Its hard coz of my feeling for him , but i need to learn to think of my self and not let what he says to me get to me in anyway or at least not let him see it. I have been praticeing tecneques that i have been giving by people on this site and it has helped me greatly. I will continue you to do them and put myself in a better state of mind as i dont want to think the universe to think that i want bad tings to happen to me ...l.ol thanks again eveyone and i hope that you have a great and positive day xxxxx
I've thought a lot about this and am still working it out but here's my current take on it, based on my experience:

Sometimes it helps to talk and acknowledge the feelings -- if you really need to and if you believe it will help you. It can really help to know there are others going through the same things. I think that sometimes the reason we feel bad is because we're fighting the feelings, instead of seeing them for what they are -- as kind of like a clog in a water hose -- that as we acknowledge them they dislodge and move through and free up the flow. But that's the point -- to FEEL them, and let them move on. There's a difference between FEELING the feelings about a situation to let them "through," and talking ABOUT the feelings and the situation and trying to resist having the feelings or stewing in them and not letting them pass and being willing to let them go.

And once that's done -- sometimes it can take a bit of time -- then we're free to pivot to something better.

But I admit that there are many times when pivoting to a better thought, a more positive focus, and looking at what is good, is a great thing to do, too.

So the best thing to do is try out different things to see what works best. There is no one "right" way to do things.

I've dwelt on the negative in the past, but I'm no longer there, so even then, a person gets to a point where they realize that it's no fun anymore.

Meanwhile, here's something that will bring a smile to even the most discouraged person (give it time to load):

My friend Andy Andrews says often: "the seeds of depression and discouragement cannot take root in a grateful heart".

He's right. Five pure minutes of focusing ONLY on what you're grateful for in your life.....it's the best prescription I known for the doldrums.

Tony Rush

This is where comedy is your friend. Put on some comedy and get happy. Also, you're a beautiful woman. Smile and know gods beauty comes through you. You are here to brighten peoples day with your beauty. Go out and make people smile (give what you want to get).
ahhhh thank you all... the video was really funny i was laughing out loud, and comedy yes that another good thing. im feeling more and more positive. thank you all oncew again xx
You have to stop wanting to feel bad. That's it.


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