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So I am a psychic, I see visions, hear people's voices and have things said to me.

I keep having something said to me thousands of times a day with someone who I don't fancy, but that person fancies me in return for over 10 years and I think her family are trying to manipulate something.

Thousands of times a day for many days I keep hearing "I'm going to marry her" 

I'm "going to be with her"

"It's her".

What does this mean? Is there something negative going to happen to me? She does know law of attraction very well and dare I say hope she's not using black magic.

She's a bad person anyway. 

And anyway, she tried to bully me in the past where she knew I wouldn't fancy her.

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I would suggest seeking medical advice. You don't say how long you have been hearing voices, but that could be the onset of psychosis; a mental illness like schizophrenia, not being psychic. This could also be a mental breakdown from stress put on you by this other persons' family. See a doctor and a psychotherapist pronto.

Well we are all psychic to some degree, and so what you are sharing isn't by any means unusual.  Its learning how you use this skill personally that matters most.

Now first thing, you say you keep having something said.  I guess you are feeling this on a psychic level.  The easiest thing you can or should do whenever you hear things like this is ask openly "Who does this belong to".  Often times that simply question will unlock and identify it as an external energy and by cosmic law as soon as you are able to identify that this energy or thoughts or focus isn't yours you can then do further by either asking it to "return to sender with consciousness attached" (I tend to add with consciousness attached as it will help us all evolve but that's just my personal opinion).  

Now the thoughts "going to be with her" what is the language.  Do they say "You" are going to be with her ("you" is a big indicator that these thoughts are not yours - but someone or something elses). 

Now you say you hope she is not using "black magic".  Well that's just your fear talking (False Evidence Appearing Real.  Even if she is using black magic, it is no where near as powerful as you are, and you can easily overcome or deflect it if you were to recognise how powerful you are.

You say "she is a bad person" well that's a judgment and probably part of the reason you are attracting this energy.  The things we label bad are often powerful aspects of ourselves in the external world that we identify with and recognise yet are not willing to accept in ourselves. 

You say she tried to bully you in the past.  Well the sad fact you are still holding on and focusing onto the past is sad because you are letting what has happened create your future rather than thinking, interesting choice and recognising it for what it is and moving on.  Nothing is more powerful than you - ever unless you make it so.  Why give this person any more power?


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