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Hey guys!


   I've read so many articles on how beneficial having a positive attitude is and i know that your body and mind/well-being are connected and I really want to start making positve thinking a natural habit for me.  It used to be, but i've gotten into a bit of a phase of thinking of negative outcomes.  I'm trying to get out of that, but i've kind of trained myself to think of bad things a bit.  I'm wondering if anyone has tips of a way to ease myself into positive thinking and i know affirmations are a good idea, but other than that i'm not too sure.   It's really overwhelming to just say "ok, from now on i'm only going to think good things"  because i dont know if you can do a complete 180 like that.   let me know! thanks,



   ~Melissa~  :)

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Hello Melissa,

This is what I tell my healing clients when they run into this type of situation. The moment you realize you are having a negative thought or feeling, say to yourself: "I choose how I feel."

This immediately brings your conscious back into alignment with how you want to feel and doing so purposefully, instead of reacting to what is going on around you and feeling by default and reaction. It'll take a few times to remind yourself to say this, but the more you do, the more you will and the better you'll feel. Just by saying "I choose how I feel" you begin to not only feel better, but you begin to create your life the way you want it to be. =)

Deep Peace,

Ross - Tolemac
Think about how long you've thought otherwise and think about how productive the way you think has been for you. There is a very good reason why you WANT to do this, you've proven the results and have gotten really good.

So you know what, if you apply yourself, one thought at a time - YOU'LL BE A PRO AT PRODUCING POSITIVE OUTCOMES IN NO TIME!
It takes time and practice, but so what? :) Youll be movnig in a positive direction~~~

I am so conxcious of my thoughts now that I can practically see them LOL
It takes time. You're literally making new pathways in your brain, rerouting it to get used to choosing positive emotions as a norm. The more you do it, the easier it gets. But it's a process.

Perhaps you're trying to make too big a leap from a negative thought to a SUPER positive thought. If you cannot believe the postiive thought, then you'll revert back to the negative thought. Try thinking of just slightly better feeling thoughts that you can believe and work your way up in smaller steps.
thanks for your responses everyone... they all made sense, and it's true that your brain learns habits and you just have to slowly untrain certain habits and learn new positive ones. thanks again :)

Hi Melissa try the following right NOW....

Sit comfortably and switch off all the distractions like cell phones, TV and so on......and then close your eyes, and focus on your breathing take long breaths, and then breathe as if you were sleeping..... slowly and rhythmical.....and then just R E L A X...let go all the thoughts......and just remember...the more you are thoughtless the more you will regain your happiness and peace of mind that you are wanting right now ..Be in this state for at least 4 minutes and then slowly open your eyes and affirm this,

" I Sparkle and Shine with all the Vibrancy of Self-Confidence. My Positive Thoughts Invigorate me and others! My Radiantly Positive Thoughts impart Hope, Joy and Happiness, Always"


Melissa, please understand this that affirmations will work only if they are impressed on your subconscious mind...you got to feel them on a very emotional level...and yes you are absolutely right.....LoA works in our favour, when we make "positive thinking" and "positive feeling" a habit and not just a one time event......& reading your post i can make out that you already know this, which means that you are right on track my friend...what you need is a little push....
keep this in mind that the most Powerful weapon on earth is your mind on fire, and your thoughts fuel them so IGNITE your best thoughts and RECREATE a Powerful version of "YOU"

Wishing you the best of every good thing in Life...Sameer
Sameer, thanks very much for that beautiful affirmation... I will use that one. your comment was just what i needed to hear... very kind and inspiring. have a great day :)
Thank you, Melissa


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