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I've finally found the perfect house for me and my family.  

Can you please add me to your thoughts and help me get this house at the price I want?  Positive thoughts have always worked for me in the past but this particular one is a 'biggie' for me, so if you can, please think positive thoughts for me and I'm sure I'll get it.  If you can take the time to add a positive post for me that would be fantastic.

I know that the more positive thoughts that are generated for it, the stronger the positive vibrations will be and that house will soon be full of our family stuff and the noise of two little boys running around causing havoc!

Thanks so much in advance,


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Hi, Suz


Can I make a suggestion?  A friend of mine took his family to see the new house and took some photographs of them at the house, in the garden etc. and then used the photos to focus on the outcome.  Needless to say, he got the house he wanted.


Sending you loads of positive vibes and blessings for you and your family.


Sweet x

Sweet x , is it really that simple what he did?? and what did you mean by "used the photos to focus on the outcome"

Thanks :)

This guy is a master manifestor though.  He took all his kids to the house to visit a few times on the guise of checking it out properly.   He took pictures of them playing in the garden and pictures of them in the house.  Put the pictures up in the hallway of his house so they all saw them everyday. He talked about it regularly, told his friends and family and the children's school that he was moving soon, told people the new address but that he would let them know when they were moving in.  Started packing his old house up etc.

It wasn't a straight forward acquisition either because it was under a repossession order and EVERYONE wanted it and he got it for an unbelievable price too.


Sweet x





Hi Sweet Intentions and Donna Z,

I really appreciate your suggestions and positive thoughts.  I will definitely use the photo idea and hopefully I'll soon update this thread to say that it's not a house anymore but instead it's our home!

Thanks again

It's already yours!! Already. Done! :D

Hmm, like the photo idea!

It is no biggie to the Universe!
(Need to remind MYSELF that sometimes too!)

Yes, yes, imagining you getting this house and telling us all about it, can't wait!  

Thanks to everyone that has viewed/replied to this post.  I'm still going through the price negotiations but I'm sure that I will be successful at the price that I want and can afford to pay.  Thanks again for all your support and thoughts, it really has increased my positivity and made me more intent than ever to get this home for my family. 

Hi, well after much negotiations our offer on our dream house has finally been accepted.  We are really happy with the price and the house is fab.  

I'd like to thank everyone who read/replied and generated so many positive thoughts to help us reach this stage.  This proves that once again The Secret is working in my life.  We still have some work to do to actually get the keys but the fact that the offer has been accepted is amazing news.

Thanks so much,

Congratulations!!! I just found this post and was going to send you some positive thoughts but I guess you don't really need them! This is a great story for me to see because we have been looking for a new home for a while now....and the two that we put offers in on we lost....so I am hoping for a happy ending just like yours!!!


Enjoy the new home!

Peace & Love


Hi Lisa,

We have had numerous offers turned down and two offers accepted on various other houses but there were legal issues re ownership so we had to drop out.  We first seen this house over 3 years ago when the price was way out of our league and now yesterday our offer has been accepted.

I'm placing my trust in The Secret that we complete successfully on this house and am already visualizing us in our new house.  I did use Sweet Intentions idea of getting some pictures of the family in the house when we were viewing it.

Really, there is nothing that Powerful Intentions cannot achieve.  Positivity goes a long way in achieving our dreams.



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The keys are in your hand....



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