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All you wonderfull people out there, living up your dreams, or beginning to see them come alive. I am a newbie here. For the first time in my life, I have decided to seek the blessings and prayers of the universe to achieve my goals and fulfil my wishes.

I have had negative experiences all throughout my life, which could be blamed for my turning host to negativity!

I like and love this individual, a beautiful girl! She might have looked at me, but not direct, not when I saw her. We work at the same place, she appears to be just what I visualised. After going through the secret, I have reinforced my strong feelings for her and would like her as my life partner. Infact, she is the one!

I have affirmations set up and keep reading them, also before bed, however each morning when I wake up, I turn sad. I want her to be in my life, to be my wife, my lover, she is just wonderful. How to increase the pace and get her and me together as soon as possbile. Every morning, I start feeling negative, then go through the audio tape of 'The Secret' and start feeling better.

I want this to work for me, please help me and her get together!


Gods Child

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Action is required-ask her for a date!

Seems someone had to push me for it! You did it :)
Thinking on the same lines...
Any ways to gauge her feelings for me beforehand? Builds up confidence, though I kinda feel she really likes me!


Gods Child
Can you smile and say hello or good morning and see if she smiles back? If you don't do this usually then the first time might be surprising to her so she may look a little taken aback but don't let this dishearten you just try it again the next day!
Keep your smile brief and make eye contact as you do.
Who knows, it might open a natural conversation between you both either right away or later in the day. Just relax and allow conversation to happen. You'll find out more about her, maybe you will have an idea of a first date such as going for coffee or to see a movie!

I also wanted to know should I stick her pictures everywhere, in my closet, the washroom wall etc. So I keep seeing her and reaffirming?

Please respond as its going to help me plan better, this has to happen.


Gods Child

ASK HER OUT!   Can you imagine how silly you'd feel if she was using the Secret hoping that you'd ask her out??   

You want something -- GO FOR IT!   :D

I've made cutouts of her pics..where could I place them?
Where you'd see them on waking and before sleeping perhaps?

It seems like you've been doing a lot of affirming, visualizing, etc. But the point at which you begin to feel bad about something that you want to manifest could imply that you think you won't get it, or you're too attached to your intentions. Have you tried "letting go" for a bit? Have you tried focusing in on yourself, and sending love to yourself to build your confidence and make your energy and presence even more attractive to her? You may have been focusing on all of her great qualities, but have you taken the time to think about what yours are?

People can sense the energy or vibe of another person, whether they know they can or not. So think of your energy as clothing- what are you wearing? Does your "outfit" say, I am confident! I acknowledge all of my great qualities and accept all of my flaws with love. I love myself unconditionally and therefore I could love others the same. Or does it say, I'm afraid to speak to her, I'm afraid of being rejected but I need this to happen. This thinking would of course be completely understandable, but is it a good "outfit"? :) It's been said many times before that confidence is attractive.

I wssnt thinking negatively on this as much...and was about to ask her out. ..but reading the above makes me skeptical now..

Gods Child
I guess I'll go ahead and ask her out.
Am confident about myself, a slight anxiety is not a good cause to delay. There is a reason for the blocks to be falling in place. So bless me all and victorious I shall return :)
I can see you returning with wonderful news of a future date with this lady :)

Just ask her out. Be the gentleman ;-)


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