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Hi, my little guy, Spanky, a cock-a-poo (part cocker spaniel, part poodle) has hot spots which basically means he's bitten himself raw in parts because of a skin allergy. He was at the vet yesterday and his health is in no danger but the poor little guy is very itchy. He has a specialized collar on that keeps him from scratching and is on antibiotics and an anti-itch medication so I'm sure this will ease up in a few days. Right now when he feels something itching or irritating he jumps up and  runs around the house. I feel so bad for him. I've been holding him and loving him up a lot and trying to keep him still.


So a couple prayers or good-health vibes for my itchy dog would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Judi, Poor little guy! Have you found the source of his irritation? Many times it is in the food, dogs don't tend to do well eating grains and so many dog foods contain it as fillers. I would look at Wellness brand or Canidae if you can, good quality ingredients and mostly without the grains that don't work for dogs. I have shelties, they are VERY sensitive to everything, so I am careful about the cleaning products I use in the house and especially for anything used on the floors. An example is that they were all waking up sneezing every morning, it wasn't normal so I started looking for the reason. The only thing different was a comforter that I bought and started using it without washing it first and whatever it was on that comforter was the problem as the sneezing went away immediately after washing the comforter.

I hope you get to the root of the problems and he heals up soon!
Try using callendula cream on the hot spots. I've used it before with great success. Good luck!
Sending love and prayer your way
Ohhhh!!!! Spanky!!!

I have two cockatiels, and one used to pluck his feathers a lot on his stomack and back, due to stress, and was almost naked, and was shaking of cold. As soon as I let it go, and stopped focussing on it, and stopped worrying about it, he stopped and got all his feathers back.

(Now, I have started working at 1 hour away from my home, and when I get back home in the evening, it's dark and they are asleep, and same thing when I leave in the morning. So now they get out of their cage only on weekends, and they spend ALL the other days inside their cage!! And so they get bored a lot, and so he has started to pluck his feathers a lot. :-( )

Just to tell you that I send lots of love to your lovely doggie Spanky, and I visualize him not itching anymore and having a healthy sking again!! :-D
And my birds send him love too! lol :-)

PS: post a photo of your sweetie here! :-D
Love it! I don't know how to post my own pics here yet. I don't even know if I have any of him on this computer.
Judi, honey. I am very happy that Spanky has been better. He is on his way to been completely done with this itching. :-D
You can post a picture here by clicking on the little camera button in thee reply window. And then you hoose "Upload an image", and you click on the button. Then you can choose a picture somewhere on your computr, and you click ok. Hope it was clear :-)
We'd love to see Spanky! :-)

Nicopower, awe, thanks!! :-D
I actually can't touch them yet, but Kikoo the female (the gray one) is very curious, veery close to me, and loves to be around me. She loves perching just beside me when I do the dishes or when I cook for instance, or sometimes flies to my bedroom and perches on my chair behind me to watch what I'm doing. And often we chat together lol. She loves chatting with me! She even randomly already landed on my back or on my head a few times, and stayed there during up to 1 minute! :-D
Thanks to all of you for blessing Spanky - and for your ideas. He's had a better day so far, than I expected. One med the dr gave makes him a little sleepy so he's been pretty still and not jumping around like he was yesterday so I don't think he is quite as miserable as he was. I want to let you know I appreciate each of you so much.
Don't know if this is a good idea or not -- but that hydrocortisone cream can help a bit with itching.

I had a cockapoo named Muffin many years ago and she was just a delight. It's so hard to see your pet go through that...so I will visualize healing for Spanky ASAP!


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