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I have recently been very passionately and dedicatedly praying and focusing on the return of my love to my life.  I have been, to my best ability, staying positive about the outcome, trying to keep mental set-backs at bay.  Aside from the power of positive thought, I always have believed in the power of prayer and meditation.  I am sure that a lot of you believe this as well.  As much as I have tried to let go and move on based on the present circumstances, something deep resides in me that will not let it go.  Like an inspiration from something or somewhere that I know not where it is coming from.  My mother also has the same feeling.  I always have had the greatest faith in a mother's intuition.  It's always been right about my trials and tribulations in my life.  These feelings that we have, we have no idea where they came from and they certainly were not influenced by conversations, etc.  We actually woke up one morning with those feelings at the same time.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would share with me your thoughts and prayers on how you used these techniques to best serve the reconciliation of your situation.

Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart!

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve!" - W. Clemment Stone.

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You are in my thoughts and prayers
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today Ryan
Letting go sometimes just comes with time. In my case it certainly did. I spent months doing RS, visualizations, prayer, meditation, vision boards and affirmations to bring an ex back. It worked twice. My inability to let go was what stopped it from happening at first, but with time I finally let go of the attachment I had to the outcome. I focused on my intention to have him back for about 3 months, and in total it took 8 months for him to come back. Same with the 2nd time (same guy) but the difference between the first and 2nd time is that the 2nd time I asked for someone better if he was not the right one. Well I got my someone better, and the ex is still trying. Goes to show how powerful LOA really is. Really believe that it will happen and it will. Good luck! :)
Hi Ryan,

I know exactly how you feel and the best advice that I can give you is that you need to trust that if this is meant to be it will happen no matter what. Trust me, it has taken me a long time to get to this point (other people on this thread can attest to that) but I now know that there is nothing I can do to affect the other person in my situation. Things between us have got to a point where a reconciliation seems completely impossible but if it is meant to be it will be, no matter what the obstacles are.

I'm starting to see it like this: Imagine that you are stood right in front a beautiful painting, but you are so close all you can see is a mass of brush strokes that do not look like anything special. Now imagine stepping back from that painting at a distance that you can see how beautiful the whole thing is. You can appreciate it by being a little bit further away from it. It may take some time to study the painting as a whole and look at all aspects of it and appreciate the beauty of them in turn. Then once that is done you want to step closer and examine all the aspects, brush strokes again that makes up this wonderful work of art, with a brand new appreciation of what really makes the whole so beautiful.

Sometimes people need some distance to see the real beauty of things. Being too close can mean you overlook the wonder before you. I think that is what has happened with my situation. It is hard to trust sometimes but my intuition tells me that this situation is not over yet. If you feel deep down that there is something left, then just try and see that this person needs some time to step back and see your whole picture and appreciate you. She can't do that if she is stood too close.

I hope this helps.

Much Love (please keep me posted)

Aravelle (Helen) xxx
Thank you for your words of wisdom and insight. Stepping back now I do see how wonderful it all was. Even in the midst of doubtful times from the dark one, I do have this feeling residing in me that it is not over, I can feel it if it is real, like the wind. I know patience is a virtue and I am going allow love's time to run its course of repair.

Try to remember that she might still not be stepping back to see the whole picture yet, let her have that time and wonderous things can happen! You sound like a great guy with a great intuition and I feel the same way about my relationship. I want him back but I don't want any of the situations of late back. If we are going to be together it is going to be on better terms than it was and that will take time. He needs to realise what he's lost, and I need to appreciate he lost something wonderful too.

Time will tell and if it's meant to be it will be. This time is for you and it is a gift.

Aravelle xxx
I totally agree and like the saying goes if you love somebody set them free. She will have the time to see what she has lost. I was a very positive influence in her life. Her life blossomed when she met me and a lot of the negativity and drama in her life slowly but surely started to disappear. I pray daily that her eyes are opened to what she is lacking without our love!
She will do, but it might take her some time so relax.

Think about you, not her. When she is more worthy of your time and thoughts she will be delivered back to you. Until then, think about yourself and anything that makes you smile. :D x
You couldn't be more right. It has become very aware to me after reading your insights. I am giving my 100% best to be positive and keep my mood up. So far it is very successful. As for thoughts of her I shall only remember the best times together, which I believe aligns the return of that same bliss as we once felt. Not tuning my attention to why we are not together. Thank you again for your advice and for taking the time to care. You are a blessing to life. PS: LOVE THE PINK HAIR!!!
all i d say is LET GO and LET THE UNIVERSE take charge....dont rack your brain with how or is it possible or not??.....so just chill...dont think about the HOW....just believe it will happen SOMEHOW.......and keep on believing.......soon it will be a REALITY...
Thank you for reminding me of that. The dark one likes to torment our mind with sad thoughts and tries to gauge our reactions to do something to manifest the wrong outcome. I will from this point on leave it to God and The Universe and I will believe with all my heart that it will manifest. Our relationship was filled with amazing passion and love, somehow I have this feeling that there is not an end for this one. I don't know where the feeling comes from, all I know is that it is there.
yes as they say...anything that has not ended sweetly.......has actually NOT ENDED YET :) and whenever your truly love someone..... ask them to part or separate willingly...( just to check, though it actually hurts )and see if he/ she returns...bcz i feel that if it is TRUE...he / she has to return to you and does so.....else he/ she was never YOURS.......maybe it s like a TEST for true Love..... i believe in it totally...a PERSON WHO KNOWS YOUR WORTH.......WILL ALWAYS COME TO YOU .......and who doesnt is a FOOL and you deserve so much better.............


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