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Praying today for peace and love to fill everyone's heart in the USA

This is OUR AMERICA! Latinos HEART Blacks HEART Gays HEART Straight HEART Queer HEART Trans HEART Handicapped HEART Strong Women.HEART All of us.HEART Stronger Together HEART WE ARE ONE!

PRAY for us please :)
(I had colorful hearts between the words but it wouldn't post so please imagine them there!

******EDIT: join me in prayer for ALL OF HUMANITY of course! :) thank you Stefania

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sorry flowerpatch....i won't pray for america....i will pray for humanity in general. some years ago i was in the usa (im from italy) and i knew some insane violent ignorant heartless racist people there. i hope americans will really open their heart and will understand one day that they're not better (nor worse) than any other people in d world.

Of course the USA is not better!!!!!!! Oh my I would not suggest that ever. I pray too foa ALL of humanity, but what happens today in the USA will effect all countries!

"but what happens today in the USA will effect all countries!" That's because americans think they rule the whole world, well that's not d case! each country has its intelligence & power and if americans will try to destroy some countries they will destroy themselves too. im not against the usa at all, im just against the arrogance of only a part of d population.

That's interesting. We're the arrogant and ignorant ones?  You've clearly done a great job of gathering your intelligence. 

Flower wasn't implying that we think we rule the world, but simply because we, as well as many other countries, are so involved/tied into the world, whatever choices we do or don't make will effect you guys as well. Sometimes we do things for our own interests, as most countries do, and sometimes we do things for the benefit of other countries. For example, if we went to war with Russia, what do you think will happen in Europe? If it turned into a nuclear war, what do you think happens to the entire world? Like it or not, most things are tied between most modern countries, and tilting the balance of one affects the others.

I know this much, if Italy was being invaded, we would be there to help without a second thought in the world and it wouldn't be so we could take Italy over. Maybe you don't know the history between America and Italy, but we support one another, and do what we can for one another in many regards; despite our brief disagreements in the now distant past. 

I don't feel we rule the world AT ALL! The arrogance of some Americans surely does not reflect the values of all Americans. I despise when I see anyone behaving superior or others. I am sorry for your pain and for the arrogance you have seen. Please don't judge me because I am simply asking for prayer for us specifically because of the trauma we are enduring being lead by a man with no principles. I do think this will surely effect all other countries absolutely because of his crazy mind. Yes I feel like he's crazy. I know that's not kind :(

lol... I can't tell if you just don't realize Flowerpatch is saying this because of the election, and is speaking about something respective to America today. Even further, she is saying it in a way that promotes unity among our people, and prevent such moments that you experienced from a few isolated individuals.

That's like if yall had an important event taking place in your country, you asking your peers for support, and me saying that I met a racist Italian once (as you know they're very abundant as well), and that all Italians need to open their heart and understand one day that they're not better than any other people. I'm not going to pray for you guys, even though you were asking me to send you prayers for this event that's taking place.

I'm sorry that you met some racist people, but that's hardly a representation of us as a whole, or even a majority of us. Even further, as a decent human, one should have discernment on when to hold their tongue or not. Was it really necessary, when someone simply asked nothing more than to send your prayers to them, to proceed with saying "No, I won't. This is my experience of "all" Americans and my opinion on what you guys need to do as a whole. Ya know, because you're all insane, violent, ignorant, heartless, racist people that think they're better than other people in the world." Is that itself not ignorant and heartless? Should one assume that all Italians are ignorant, heartless, and lack insight because of a very small percent exhibiting such behavior?

For being as insane and violent as I am, I hold no hard feelings toward you because of something petty like this. I just wanted to provide you with some insight into how that made me feel, as maybe you don't realize how insulting what you said was to me and possibly others that you threw into the same pile. There is one really amazing thing that I've learned from all of the time I've spent online and being able to interact with people from all over the world. There is the image that our governments give us of other people, the image that media gives us, and then there is reality. When you have limited knowledge on something, you rely upon what others inform you about it, and that becomes your reality of it. For example, if one hadn't ever interacted and had German friends, per history/media one could assume that they're all heartless Nazis. That's insanely far from the truth, and I've met many great Germans, whom of which I'm still close friends with. What happens if I had only met one German, and he was the stereotype that I was given prior to meeting him? I could assume such for their entire race/country. However, think about all of the Americans you meet on this website every day, are we really as horrible as you make us out to be? Maybe I am, but that's not fair to the others. lol 

Anyways, I hope you have a good day either way. I respect if you still feel whatever way you feel about our people/country, but just understand that it's misleading, and even further, that it lowers you to the level that you seem to be speaking out against. 


sorry but i think you have not understood my point at all or maybe i was not clear enough. from my perspective YOU are d one who is creating a petty discussion, i was just telling that we should pray for every person on d planet cause d whole planet deserves to be healed. moreover i have not told that all d americans are violent etc etc, i met some really amazing people there too. and i also know that some italians really really suck - as a matter of fact i don't want to live in my country, it's so medieval for many things.

i have a deep respect & admiration for the usa but sometimes i get d vibe from them that they think they are d center of d world and i don't like that.

p.s. and yes, many of d best people i have known are from Nazi Germany :D

i was just telling that we should pray for every person on d planet cause d whole planet deserves to be healed

^That's one thing, and what was said is another. 

I said it's petty because someone was simply asking for supporting prayers, and your response was to let them know about the horrible Americans you've met, and seemingly lumping all of us into that category by generalizing it as "us." Even afterward you replied again by putting words/ideas upon us that isn't true. Even if our goal is to take over the world, Italy is on our team with us. lol 

The problem is media, not us or our intentions. Historically speaking, we were perfectly fine with staying over here and focusing on our new country, but we already know how that story played out. I think where the confusion stems is that you're not clear on WHO you're talking about. You talking about Americans? (that's all of us) You talking about our government? (that's not many people) A particular leader? Particular people in the government? Particular group of citizens? Couple individuals you met? When you reference all of us, I assume you're talking about all of us, or at least an idea of what all of us is.

Again, I think the biggest problem is media and the expectations that other countries have of us. When shit goes down and people turn to us, we're shitheads if we don't help and we're shitheads if we do help. It's a weird situation that was created many decades ago, and since we have the capabilities to help others in many ways, we typically decide to help and build our relations with everyone than not. However, just as we both know, neither of us can speak for any hidden intentions that our governments have.

I have deep respect for you guys, and your country, as well. Again, no hard feelings between us, but I just needed to express where I was coming from when I read it. More importantly, I don't want you to think that we're some horrible people when we're just as human as the rest of yall. I'd much rather all of us be friends and work together than war with one another. 

again i feel you've missed my point again entirely but maybe it's my fault, i didn't explained what i really meant. for sure i did a mistake writing 'americans should really open their heart' cause in general i love americans, their attitude, mind & hearts so i was just referring to some of them.

for example d most loving giving person on this site is for me probably Brian, and he is american so you see, im not against America at all. i have also had one of d best times of my life in California. and moreover one of my fav people is Patch Adams - i knew him some weeks ago cause he came to my city and he really brought me to another dimension (p.s. anyway he said he is ashamed of being an american but this is another story).

so i have no hard feelings towards america, im so grateful to it you can not imagine, i think it's d most beautiful country in d world, im just talking about a general attitude of arrogance that after all many countries have (mine too for sure.) 

however, do you see it respectful that Flowerpatch says that what happens today in america will effect all countries?? im sure her intentions were good and there's also some truth in it but you americans think you will have an effect on d rest of the world and d other populations are not wise or strong enough to defend themselves?? im obviously speaking in general, im not speaking to you, that you're maybe one of d most open and humble person on d planet, i don't know you so don't take it so personal pls.

anyway we are on P.I., a site where people usually believe they create their own reality so from my perspective we're talking about nothing cause we have to pray for nothing, what will happen in d usa election will be just a reflection of our minds.

As Bentinho Massaro says: Stop voting, start creating. Here something very funny & wise i found:


lol That's a very funny picture! :D Good laugh to start the day.

There was certainly a misunderstanding of your intention, which is why I'm not fond of most stereotypical generalizations, since they're usually the cause of divide instead of unity among human individuals. As I mentioned before, I certainly don't hold it against you, and there are no hard feelings on my end, but it was something I felt needed to be said. I'm glad we were able to form a peaceful resolve to it and talk it out so we can find understanding in one another.

As for Flowerpatch, I think her intentions were also misunderstood. As for it affecting all countries, that is realistic and true, just as what goes on with other countries affects us as well. It certainly isn't a one-way street, and the same holds true for you guys as well. The only difference is that particular day our elections were taking place, rather than other country's elections/shift of leadership. Our country compared to the rest of you guys is extremely young; clearly the rest of yall are wise and strong enough to defend yourselves. More importantly, all of us are wise and strong enough to work together with each other, rather that operating through division of people. We don't help people because we think you're weak; we help people because we think that we make one hell of a team when working with the rest of you guys toward a common goal/interest. Equally so, we also think that you guys, as our allies, would go out of your way to equally help us when we need it. It's a mutual friendship between most of us that are working together.

Love what you wrote Darth Intentions!

(I'm reading down the row catching up and responding as I go) Stefania, There is no such thing as a petty discussion. Everyone has something to learn from every experience we have. For example, Darth was able to think about how your post "felt" personally to Darth and responded. I guess my question is how are you feeling (without focusing on what you feel someone did TO YOU)? What is your part in all of this? :) I ask you respectfully.


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