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im havin a hard time destinguishing between if i am manifesting or receiving premonitions.  i have been seeing things a lot more than ever before they happen. it comes in a thought or feeling form sometimes picture form.  a lot of it is just almost like a knowing kinda thing and its mostly with small little everyday things like oh i know i have this parking space or when the light will change or when /who is calling or events that happen. 


it also feels now since this all started happening more and more frequently like i feel  mostly peace during the day and at times i feel like im on a different plain and feel different from others( at least different than how i s used to be. or act different as in a so called flakey/ slower way.  like ill ask people to repeat themselves.  kinda as if my mind is paying more attention to the spiritual world around me than actual reality on earth or something.  if this is the case...how can i maintain a perfect balance of alertness with in both worlds at the same time???  oh another strange thing that is happening are things like not remembering that i actually typed a word and type it more than once. this doesnt only happen w/ typing but other small things as well.  it happens rarely but more often enough for me to strat questioning it. 


could this be a major spiritual shift im experiencing? or should i be concerned?

anyone who has any ideas/knowledge on this please let me know! :)


thank you guys

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This is wonderful Lady Receiving,


The more time you spend hanging out in the higher vibrational frequencies, the more likely you are to start being aware of things when they are still in their higher energy vibrational state, before they become physical manifestations that we can observe and touch or listen to.


Funny, I have just written a reply to a post in which someone was talking about being confused when people say that in the moment of a desire, it is "already done"; this tends to happen to me a lot more these days - I'll end up reading and responding to posts that are all revolving around a similar theme.  :-)))


Anyway, the more time you spend raising your vibration, the more likely you are to sense energies that are at higher frequencies, which includes manifestations that are "on their way" so to speak. So you get a real time manifestation (premonition) of the energy of something before your physical experience catches up with it. That is what deja vu is all about. 


You are just getting vibrational deja vu, getting wind of the energy just before the manifestation is physical.




There is no past or future... ONLY THE NOW. So, when you have an energized belief sensation in the moment, then in a later moment it is manifested, then you literally made it true in "the now" by knowing....


It was never "not there", because the past does not exist............... This is why people tell you to "believe you already have the desire", because it has to be KNOWN from within "to be" for it to be.


The problem arises as we think of our ego-mind as the creater. The ego says, "Oh yah, I remember that! I thought of that! So I must have the power to see into the future!"

thank you guys :)
hope to hear more responses on this :) i like hearing different perspectives and thoughts :)


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